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25-01-2010, 07:57
Op de site http://www.k-1fans.com komen, net als hier op mixfight.nl, vele bekende vechters om te lezen en ook te posten. Een van de trouwste posters hier is de bekende vechter John Wayne Parr. De laatste weken is John Wayne Parr bezig om zijn persoonlijke belevingen, en dan vooral in Thailand, te posten aangevuld met unieke foto’s van zijn memoires.



Deze verhalen van John Wayne Parr zijn nu ook hier op mixfight te lezen. Aangezien het persoonlijke verhalen en foto’s van John Wayne Parr zijn hebben we toestemming gevraagd aan hem om deze te mogen plaatsen. Niet alleen kregen wij deze, John vondt het schitterend dat wij hier in Nederland geintresseerd waren in zijn verhalen en foto’s. Dit met dank aan forumbroeder Onne Stockman die dit voor ons heeft geregeld.


John Wayne Parr is bij de liefhebbers geen onbekende. In zijn carrière vocht hij in de superleague, K-1 MAX, Shootboxing en vooral veel muaythai partijen. Veel hiervan waren in Thailand en ook in de grootste stadions. Ook vocht hij een aantal bokspartijen en een MMA partij. Hij vocht tegen de beste vechters in zijn gewicht en heeft overwinningen op zijn naam staan tegen vechters als:


Mike Zambidis, Cosmo Alexander, Dzabhar Askerov, Bruce Macfie, Kozo Takeda, Shane Chapman, Oomsin, Duane Ludwig, Fadi Merza, Nuengtrakern, Orono, JC Skarbowsky, Rodtung, Hanarong enz enz



Bijnaam: The Gunslinger
Geboortedatum: 25-05-1976
Nationaliteit: Australische
Burgerlijke status: getrouwd met Angie Parr
Lengte: 1.77 m
Gewicht: 72 kg
Team: Boonchu Gym


Muaythai / Kickboxing record

Aantal partijen: 103
Gewonnen: 74
Verloren: 29
Onbeslist: 0
KO’S: 36


Boxing record

Aantal partijen: 13
Gewonnen: 10
Verloren: 3
Onbeslist: 0
KO’S: 10


MMA record

Aantal partijen: 1
Gewonnen: 0
Verloren: 1
Onbeslist: 0
KO’s / Submissions: 0



2008 International Kickboxer Magazine World Champion Belt
2008 WKBA World Champion defence
2008 WMC Contender Asia Runner up
2007 WMC Middleweight World champion
2005 WKBA World Champion
2004 S-1 World Middleweight tournament champion
2002 K-1 Oceania MAX finalist
2001 Australian Boxing Middleweight Champion
2001 Kings Cup Champion
2000 IMF Kings Cup World Middleweight champion
2000 ISKA World Middleweight champion
1999 Winner Kings Cup
1999 WMC Australian Jr. Middleweight champion
1994 WKA South Pacific Super Lightweight champion
1992 WKA Australian Super Lightweight champion



2004 Fighter of the Year by IronLife Magazine
2004 Fighter of the year by International Kickboxer Magazine
1997 Best Farang Fighter in Thailand.


25-01-2010, 07:58
Deel 1:

Hey guys,

I put this little write up on the Aussie forum and thought I would put it up here to share as well. I am also packing getting ready to move so got some old photos to share as well.

After being lucky enough to gt sponsored when I was 19 to train in Thailand, I was sent to Sidyodtong for 3 months, was suppose to be there 6 months but there was no love for Farlung there and was lucky to be picked up by Loomingkwan gym after 3 months, who were friends with Richard Vell who owns Boonchu. Loomingkwan was the home of Thai super star Sangtien Noi, the Deadly Kisser and it was the first time the camp had ever had a Farlung train there. Richard Vell told the owner of the camp, he is yours, do want you want with him. So instead of paying gym fee's I was lucky enough to do Thai style, train and stay at the camp for free with all meals and so on paid for, but fight time hand over 50% of my purse. I was very lucky this way because the harder they trained me and more tricks they showed me, the better I become to make more money for the camp.



Let me explain about the owner of the camp. We all called him Por (Dad) and he and his wife looked after all us boxers as if we were family, very very hard man when training but after training very fair. Por was not only famous for having great fighters but he was the only trainer in the world to only have one leg (lost it through drinking and smoking). Por had great pad holders and would explain techniques with his hands (and swearing ha ha).


After a few small fights in the small stadiums that I won I started to make a name as a figher to look out for. On a huge show that Sangtien was fighting on Danny Bill never turned up, my trainer told Songchai (number one promoter in Thailand) that he had a farlung that could take his place. I didnt fight the guy that Danny was suppose to fight but still got a chance to fight on the show last minute, this was in front of a crowd of 40,000 people. We had a war, I got cut in the 5th but still won my fight. Songchai was very happy and I became his boxer after that up until this day.




All the stars were on that show, Namkabon, Orono, Sakmongkol, Pirote so it was a honor to be getting high fives from all the legends after the fight. Pretty much after that I spent 4 years on the circut fighting along side this guys every month and all started to become friends and hang out when we went on fight trips.
Here is the most crazy and lucky part of my stay in Thailand. We had about 8-10 fighters in the camp, one night one of the boys got in trouble because Por heard that he was going to throw a fight for money. That night he talked all the other younger fighters to run away with him. I had been in Pattaya for a weeks holiday after one of my early fights, when I got back all the fighters besides Sangtien had run away. This left just the owner Por, his wife, his two grown up sons who were the trainers, a pad holder and Sangtien. For the next four years I had to become Sangtiens sparring partner, grappling partner and pretty much his all round bit*h. The trainers only had two people two watch so I learnt on the job very fast. It was only Sangtien and I making a income for the camp so I got to fight plenty and make some not bad money for a Thai fighter (over there it was good money, cut that by 50% and its not much).
One of my scary fight was agianst Hanarong, not because he was a big name, but because at the time the bloke was a monster. I was lucky to win over five rounds and live to tell the story.


In the year 2000 after beating Scott Bannon for my first world title I travelled back to Thailand to fight on the Kings birthday. Masato was suppose to fight Orono but rumor had it that Orono had Hep B. Masato and his managment pulled out from fighting Orono wanting another opponent. I was suppose to fight another Thai but Songchai said I looked to big and decided then and there that tomorrow I would now fight Orono instead. I pooed my pants because Orono had already stopped me once before cutting me 21 stitches. This time however I was a little more experienced and managed to beat him over 5 round on points in front of 100,000 people, live on Thai tv for his world title. To win a world title in Thailand after all the years I had lived there was the ultimate experience I could have ever dreamed of.


Sorry many stories, could write all day as its so much fun thinking back to the madness. I hope you enjoyed the little trip down memory lane.


Wordt morgen vervolgd

25-01-2010, 08:18
Hehe kan me een docu van hem herinneren. Zijn vrouwtje doet ook aan kickboksen/Muay Thai. Leuke foto's.

25-01-2010, 08:43
Hehe kan me een docu van hem herinneren. Zijn vrouwtje doet ook aan kickboksen/Muay Thai. Leuke foto's.

Zijn vrouwtje was een hele goede vechtster (en nog steeds). Ze was jarenlang wellicht de nr.1 in haar gewicht wereldwijd. Germaine maakte haar internationale doorbraak door haar een aantal jaren geleden KO te trappen in Amerika. Verleden jaar vocht Angie Parr nog een hele harde partij uit met Julie Kitchen op Jamaica.

25-01-2010, 09:42
Geweldig Payap en Onne, goed geregeld! Ik heb hem nog eens zien vechten in Thailand.

25-01-2010, 12:06
Ik heb hem nog eens zien vechten in Thailand.

Lijk me mooi een partij van hem in Thailand. Hoe lang geleden justi?

trainer Bv S'burg
25-01-2010, 12:20
hele mooie foto's en een mooi verhaal!

thanks payap

25-01-2010, 12:27
Lijk me mooi een partij van hem in Thailand. Hoe lang geleden justi?
Dat is alweer lang geleden. Weet in ieder geval nog dat ik het bij m'n schoonfamilie heb gezien in Bangkok op tv ;)

25-01-2010, 15:12
Hoop hem hier in Nederland ook een keer aan het werk te kunnen zien. Liefs op de Thaise regels.

25-01-2010, 21:08
Had al een paar keer een idee een Thaise vechter te kennen op de foto's van John Wayne Parr. Die Hanarong (zie hieronder) is/was de hoofdtrainer op het WMC kamp op Koh Samui. Daar nog met diverse forumbroeders als Andre, Rising Sun getraind

One of my scary fight was agianst Hanarong, not because he was a big name, but because at the time the bloke was a monster. I was lucky to win over five rounds and live to tell the story.



Samen met forumbroeder Andre en Hanarong op WMC kamp, Koh Samui

25-01-2010, 21:16
Unieke vechter!! Die Hanarong ziet er ook bruut uit zeg!

25-01-2010, 22:10
Mooi hoor!

26-01-2010, 13:22

Just want thank everyone that enjoyed the first part of my history trip. Lots of people asked for a little more so I see if I can entertain you a little bit ore with a few more war stories.
When I was younger I fell in love with a man, not in a gay way but a a hero. His name was Van Damme and the movie Kickboxer just came out, this was one of the greatest movies ever produced in the eyes of a 13yo. I was already into martial arts training taekwondo but I was in between sports and just started Muay Thai. Here was a story of a farlung that went to Thailand, took on the best and won. Because of this movie I set my goals high, as a 13yo I wanted to be a world champion (like every other kid on the bloke, what made it a little harder was I wanted to win world title in Thailand to make it as real as possible (I ended up winning two in Thailand).


At the age of 14yo I had my first fight in Sydney, I fought a kid my age but the difference was he had a moustache, I pooed myself a little as he already had muscles on muscles. I had a good crack but lost of points. The crowd gave us a big round of applause as I made my way back to the change room and that was better then winning.


I started winning a few fights and won a few titles, I moved to Thailand aged 19 and started to train in Pattaya. After 2 months training I finally got my first fight, against a Thai, and with elbows for the very first time. This was a small outside promotion and I was the last fight of the night, a I was making my way on to the ring a Thai man whispered in my ear, if you knock him out with a elbow I will give you 1500 baht. I was quickly running out of money so this sounded like a fortune. As you could imagine I chased the Thai around the ring throwing nothing but elbows, round 4 I finally caught him as down he went. I ended up fight of the night, instead of a money bonus or a big trophy for best fight, I won a fan ha ha. Sounds funny but that fan was the best thing that could of happened as it kept me cool when I slept for 4 years.



The locals Thai’s were excited Songchai was having a big open air promotion that was free just down the road on the beach, all the best Thai’s first the best fighters in the world, Stan the man, Danny Bill, Ivan Hippolyte, Sangtieno Noi, Sakmongkol. We went three hours early just to get a good seat. When we got to the venue I met Songchai for the first time, who would of thought I would end up being his fighter. The show was amazing, at one of the clubs I met Stan for the first time and Danny Bill, I was guilty of being like a little kid being a fan but who cares, this men are living gods.




I moved to Sangtiens after 3 months to go train at loomingkwan, now I was in Bangkok, 3 people spoke English in the whole area, I couldn’t speak Thai so now I was in the deep end. I started to pick up the language and the Thai’s in the area started to get used to seeing a white guy in their area. I had 2 fights in Pattaya and had 2 for the new camp, one of the Thai’s in the crowd seen my last fight and was saying I was nothing, my Thai trainer herd this and said you want to fight him then, let’s put a 20,000 baht on each. I ended up stopping him in the 4th and the camp was happy because I made them some money, I got 10% tip of the fight money won an I felt I was finally one of the boys.



In 1997 is when I started fighting for Songchai. I fought a guy from Maungsarin camp and the trainer was pissed, he was yelling at his boy “why couldn’t you beat him, he is easy, I could even beat him”, Songchai over heard and said I can arrange it if you want? Next thing you knew i was booked to fight this great champion from the Maungsarin camp, he hadn’t fought in a few years but his fight name was “break hell with punches”. It was another open air event and I stopped him in the 3rd in front of 50,000 people and my first fight on Thai tv.



Few more fights and I had my first fight at Lumpinee stadium, the Mecca for any fighter. I was walking around 76 and had to fight 66kg. I was slow the first round but once the crowd started cheering I ended getting my second wind and stopped him in the 4th.



Next fight was my third fighter from Maungsarin camp, they really started to hate me now because I knocked out their next fighter in the 2nd. This was my 9th straight in in Thailand and my 4th time on Thai tv. I was now rated 4 at Lumpinee stadium at 147 and they put me on the front cover of Muay Siam magazine. My first cover was in Thailand and I went and bought 15 magazines. I would drive past book stores in the bus and see the magazine hanging up thinking “I am the luckiest fighter in the world”.



26-01-2010, 17:55
Morgen deel 3

26-01-2010, 19:37
Top Onne & Chris !

27-01-2010, 10:12
Deel 3 van de story of John Wayne Parr. later vandaag deel 4.

Few more fights for wins and losses, I started making waves around the world and Japan was calling the camp trying to get me over there. In 1998 I had my first fight against Kohi, K-1 max was around then and it was a pure Thai fight. I beat him up pretty bad but he was tough, now I was starting to fight in Japan plus Thailand, life was good.


1999 I was doing so many things for Australian Muay Thai, no one even knew we did Muay Thai in Australia so people would be shocked to hear that was where I was from. For Australia day that year I was invited to the Australian embassy by the ambassador, Sangtien, Shannon Forrester and myself got dressed up and went long, this was the most important event I had been too so was very flattered to be attending.



2001 I retired from the sport of Muay Thai and became a boxer, it was fun for a while and was lucky to be picked up by Bill Mordey straight away. Pretty much all my fights were on Foxsports and started to make a name pretty quickly. I was lucky to pick up a Australia title after 8 fights. My ninth fight I was suppose to fight a 6 rounder against a boxer, when I arrived they asked me if I wanted to fight Nader Hamden over 12 for IBF pan pac title for twice the money and if I won I would go straight ot number 5 in the world. We had a 12 round war, I lost in a very close fight that many people believe I won. I ended up having a record of 13fight, 10 wins, 10ko’s.



I came back to Muay Thai as boxing was starting to bore me, the training wasn’t as fun and I missed elbowing people in the face and kicking peoples insides in. I ended up moving to the States where I met my hugs and kisses Angie. I remember saying G’day to her then the next day she was pregnant ha ha, not really, but not far off either.


Hasn’t been all easy sailing though, out of my 103 fights I have managed to pick up 225 stitches in my travels from fighting with elbows. I have no idea if this is a record for a westerner fighter but I reckon it would have to be close (keep your hands up Wayne, i learn the hard way).



This is the awesomeness of my toilet & shower in Thailand. If you think it looks nasty it gets worse. For anyone thats been to Thailand you know whats going to happen here.

Ok, you see that little blue tub, now we all share that when its time to shower. You stand on the concrete and use that to rinse all your body to get wet, you get your soap and lather up then use the blue tub to get water and rinse. Now with that same tub, after you pass stool you fill that tub with water, while in the racing position, poor the water on your hand then try and use as much of the water in your hand to wash your butt as possible, there is a fair bit of hand contact with butt but you just pretend that didn't happen.

Now for the gross part, we all use that blue tub to get water and pour it on our tooth brush, after your teeth are clean, fill the blue tub with water, pour water into your hand so your lips dont come in contact with it and rinse your mouth out, perfect!
I have no idea why I never thought of buying my own tub for myself for hygiene reasons? I guess when in Rome...
Cant believe Angie kisses this mouth after that ha ha.


27-01-2010, 18:38
Deel 4

So happy everyone is enjoying this story time, I really think the photos help tell the story as well. I think that is where a book wouldn’t do it justice. Finally finished packing, I move tomorrow so I got to make this one my last one for a bit. I said that last time but I enjoy the feedback that people really want to hear about my crazy years when I fell off the face of the earth to learn to fight like a Thai. Its so funny looking back now, today we have mobile phones and the internet, when I was away it was very expensive to ring home. To keep in touch I would have to write a letter to my parents, I would wait two weeks and a letter would come back. I used to get so excited to hear back from home, and if it was a special occasion I would get a phone call. When I turned 21 I always thought I would have the biggest party and be legless for a week, ended up I had a fight a week after my birthday and had to train, my Mum rang to say happy birthday and the Thai’s bought me a cup cake and put a candle in it, oh yeah, living the dream.

This photo was after my 6th fight, I just won my first ever belt at 17 at super light weight. All I ever dreamed of was winning a belt and now I had one around my waist. I have no idea what is going on with my eyes, I think when you look scary and crazy it suppose to mean you’re happy ha ha.


When I first got to Thailand I stayed in a place called Pattaya, it is famous for their lady boys. I was very lucky I was told by Jelle de Boer also known as Rising Sun on mixfight.nl that you have to listen to a lady boy talk, then you know straight away if it’s a girl or a boy. Soon as this young lady started talking I knew straight away it wasn’t a lady.


Here is some of the cuisine that they have on offer in Thailand, the beauty about Thailand is everything comes to you, your groceries come in the back of a ute, snacks, flowers, everything. Every seller has a different noise or bell so you can tell who is who. Here are two of my favourites, first one was the lunch time special noodles, I would wake up in between training sessions and get one of these everyday to make sure I had enough energy for afternoon session. It was only 10 baht and sooo good. The next was a dessert, its a bread roll with sweet sticky rice in the middle with ice cream on top, I would never in my life would of thought this would taste good but I ended up addicted and would get one every morning after training.



Since we are on food, here is a little pic of the kitchen at Loomingkwan, all the food was made here with the ring becoming a bench top after we stopped sweating in it. Looks weird but in Thailand everything makes sense.


As I was saying Loomingkwan was such a small gym and we were so tight birthdays for everyone was a big deal. After spending day in and out together I really began to feel like family. Here is a pic of us with one of the kids getting ready to blow out his cake.


The early days fighting for the camp I had three fights in a stadium called Bungyai, there was no westerners there and just having a white guy there would have everyone stop and stare, when they knew you were fighting then it really become a big deal to see if you could hang with the Thai fighters or get knocked out in the first round. I ended up three from three there so happy I didn’t get laughed at by the locals. Check out the change room, concrete floor and sheets of iron to make a wall. Back then I didn’t care though, just to be fighting was all I cared about.


working with a legend like Sangtien was pretty amazing, I had heard of the stories of the Deadly kisser but to be training with him was crazy, when it was just us and the pad holders man did I have to lift my game everyday so I didn’t get rag dolled in the grapple and beat up play sparring. When we sparred boxing we would wear 18oz gloves, if I was only going 80% Sangtien would stop half way through a round and yell me “you either spar me 100% or don’t waste my time”. So much love in the camp back in them days ha ha.



When I was going to have my first fight at Lumpinee, me and my best mate Bik, who was Por’s youngest son and my age decided to make up a new ram muay. We were thinking of everything we could to try and come up with a cowboy ram muay, after joking around with stupid ideas for half a hour we finally thought about shooting the guns. When I pulled it off everyone at Lumpinee gave me a massive cheer, it was on Thai tv and it helped me stand out from the rest of the westerners that had fought in Thailand before. When I did it in front of my opponents the first few times they would look at me like WTF is he doing, then they would really want to beat me up after that.



Here is a bit of Thai culture for us that I had no idea about, ghost live in tree’s, when you cut a tree down and make a house out of it the ghost comes with it. Everyone in my camp believed the post in my room had a spirit in it and they would decorate it, add perfume to make it smell nice and bring flowers out of respect. My first night I got to the camp I had no idea, i picked my place on the wooden floor to sleep in front of the pole. At night we were having a chat with the boys and silly me put my feet on the pole, the whole room went silent, then one of the boys dived across the room and got my leg off the pole. They quickly went down stairs to get Por’s oldest son so he could explain in English about the ghost and that I never do that again. I won’t go into it too much but i seen lots of ghost in my dreams after that during my stay in that room and held down in my sleep 100’s of times, very scary but either that or sleep outside?


Another way of keeping the gods happy is offering food. When Sangtien opened his own camp we had a big day with monks blessing the ring and also food offering for the ghost house. Instead of buying whole pigs, the Thai’s buy the head, the hoofs, and the tail to represent the full body of the piggy. After the ceremony the Thai’s boil the head and make a soup. Think that sounds gross, yep it is!


Kings birthdays are the most crazy nights ever, not only are you fighting in front of 100,000 people in a park but the change room is complete chaos. There is a fighter’s tent you get ready in on a dirt floor, then there is a tiny piece of string going around the tent, this is to keep out the fans from coming in as you prepare. Now you have about 50 people in this tent, there in 10 to 15 people deep surrounding the tent at all times and its about 35 degree’s, with all those people standing there though it feels like 50 degrees. After you get your Thai oil massage you try and shadow box but the dirt sticks to you like glue and you have to practice your kicks in sandals. You are only about 5 meters away from your opponent in the same tent so little bit of tension before you walk out. All good but, wouldn’t be Kings Birthday if it wasn’t the craziest night of the year. I got a photo of me and Rexy in my pile of photos somewhere.




When I had time off between fights there was a good chance I was drunk somewhere. I think almost every Thai has a drinking problem and it didn’t take long to work out why. One day me and our mates went on a drinking adventure out in the country. One of our friends was a police officer, all Thai’s like to carry guns as well. We drank all night and into the day. Someone had a good idea we get the guns out and practice shooting targets, the policeman handed me my gun and said go for it, was so much fun but so wrong at the same time. Once again everything in Thailand made sense, it was best not to think about it and go with what everyone else was doing.


Thats another 5 minutes of your life I have wasted. Hope you enjoyed that as much as the other 2 threads and not getting bored with my "once upon a time" stories.

27-01-2010, 19:48
Heel erg leuk deze verhalen!

27-01-2010, 19:57
Leuk om te lezen! Dikke reps voor Onno & Payap.

27-01-2010, 20:01
Fantastisch om te lezen!

29-01-2010, 08:09
Hier (voorlopig?) het laatste deel van de memoires van John Wayne Parr

Since I am here, will throw a few photos up on how I got 225 stitches.
In Korea from headbutt


Bad night at the office, 5 cuts, 54 stitches.


Little something something fron England


Another paper cut in England


Bleeding on the job


It's not what you think, its my shin after I clashed shins with Preacher.


getting a free facelift.


29-01-2010, 10:32
Zooo vet, meeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

29-01-2010, 11:09
Echt mooie verhalen en foto's van JWP!!!

29-01-2010, 11:50
Dik die littekens gewoon diepe wonden van een paar centimeters. Mooi verhalen van John wayne parr hij geniet zelfs na z'n partijen als die helemaal aan gort geslagen met ellenbogen.

dikke respect voor deze man samen met Farid Villaume de 2 westerlingen die eind jaren 90 naam maakten in Thailand.

Pepe the Ice-Murderer
29-01-2010, 13:38
JWP is een klassebak en een levende legende! Mooi verhaal!

17-02-2010, 12:55
Geweldige vechter.. Hoop dat hij nog eens in NL komt vechten!

17-02-2010, 13:05
echt gaaf om te lezen en om de plaatjes te bekijken...dit smaakt naar meer!!

17-02-2010, 17:46
TOPPER!!!!!!!!! goed verhaal en mooie foto's

20-03-2010, 11:59

John Wayne Parr won onlangs zijn zesde wereldtitel en in de post van Richelieu over deze prestatie reageerde John Wayne Parr zelf ook hier op mixfight.nl

Daarom deze topic naar boven over John Wayne Parr naar boven gehaald voor degene die hem evt nog niet hadden gezien.

20-03-2010, 12:42
zie deze topic nu pas voor het eerst. mooie verhalen thanks payap!!

20-03-2010, 13:14
Vette topic, bedankt Payap.

JWP is een topper