View Full Version : Just 7 days for Remy in Dubai

27-01-2010, 17:47
It is just 7 days away that Remy gives 3 workshops in Dubai first ever.
The workshops will be held in the Emirates. All the infos are to be found here:
Remy Bonjasky Workshops Dubai 2010 (http://www.Remy-Bonjasky-Workshops-Dubai-2010.com)

There is a huge response regarding the workshops held by K-1StarsLive in cooperation with the local promoter KOPromotions, as it is announcend and prereported in the arabian newspapaers and media.

After this report will show pictures and impressions on our websites and the forums as well.

The next K-1 Workshop in Dubai is already planned for April/May 2010.

(Muay Thai K-1 (http://www.K-1StarsLive.com))