View Full Version : Sasahara: "Fighters will be subjected to drug testing as per DREAM regulations"

Harrie Nak
12-03-2010, 21:38

In the press conference yesterday, Sasahara announced that Josh Barnett would be fighting at DREAM.13. However, when potential opponents were approached with fighting Josh, all declined with a similar response - "Not against Josh, no thanks."

Sasahara originally wanted to pit Barnett versus Overeem, but according to DREAM's event producer, "Tanikawa got Overeem before I could (laughter)." However, Sasahara plans to have Overeem fight for the DREAM heavyweight title and feels that there is no better opponent than Barnett.

Currently, the opponent for Barnett has been narrowed down to three non-Japanese fighters.

Sasahara envisions Barnett to continue fighting in DREAM after the March event. First real opponent would be Overeem and then there is Fedor waiting in the wings. Reporters asked if there are any concerns considering that Barnett tested positive in Affliction, which ended up leading to the cancellation of the fight against Fedor. Sasahara replied, "fighters will be subjected to drug testing as per DREAM regulations".Bron (http://sherdognet.craveonline.com/index.php#http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20100312-00000001-gbr-fight).