View Full Version : 27.03.2010 Don`t miss the Badr Hari K-1 Workshop

14-03-2010, 18:20
The Badr Hari workshop on 27.03.2010 in Dortmund/Germany will for sure be the next big success for K-1StarsLive. Registrations from all over Germany have been received. Even from Luxembourg people are coming to see Badr live.

On top the participants have the choice to win 6 x2 tickets for the Amsterdam Arena on 29.05.2010. A unique chance to see Badr fight live.

Watch out for Badr Hari Workshop Dortmund (http://www.Badr-Hari-Workshop.com)

(Muay Thai K-1 (http://www.K-1StarsLive.com))