View Full Version : Saenchai en kaoklai winnen op Ko in de USA

15-03-2010, 10:41
Saenchai en kaoklai vochten in de USA en wonnen beide op KO.

Opnamen van Saenchai Vs tetsuya Yamato


Saenchai has only stepped out of the ring about 20mins after his rd1 headkick KO of Tetsuya Yamato... I received a text from a mate that is there saying:

Saenchai came dancing out to the ring to "Ice Ice Baby" and from the start did his usual play around and then in the 3rd minute BANG! no step-up or switch, just a fast hard headkick and the lights were out!!!

apparently the doctors were still treating his opponent on the canvas 3mins after the fight had ended

well done Saenchai, awesome work my friend

message received 1:04pm - just received the latest update of Kaoklai's fight:

Kaoklai scored a knockdown in rd1 by punch, then a 2nd knockdown in rd2 with an elbow and KO'd his opponent in rd3 with a left uppercut elbow

15-03-2010, 11:51
Mooie show!

15-03-2010, 18:22
Hahaha, die Thais weten er wel altijd een mooie show van te maken.