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11-06-2010, 02:16

Rashad Evans earned a return shot at UFC gold when he defeated Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 114 in Las Vegas last month. He’ll still get the shot, but just a little bit later than he might have anticipated.


UFC president Dana White on Thursday revealed that Evans’ next opponent, light heavyweight champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, had to undergo knee surgery following his win over Lyoto Machida at UFC 113.

“He had the surgery in L.A. He’s gonna do all his therapy in Vegas. So he’s gonna be in Vegas for the next five weeks,” White told MMAWeekly.com.

There was a question, however, as to when Shogun suffered the injury.

White said, “He needed (surgery) after the fight. He got hurt in the fight.”

It was brought up that “MMA Live’s” Franklin McNeil had reported on speculation prior to the Rua vs. Machida fight that Shogun had a knee injury entering the fight.

“He’s got a knee problem now, and he got it fixed,” White said, addressing the issue. He added, “He had a bad knee after the fight.”

Shogun will undergo the aforementioned five weeks of rehabilitation in Las Vegas, then start looking towards a date with Evans.

White told MMAWeekly.com that he was unsure when Shogun would be clear to return, but indicated that it wouldn’t take long, pointing out that Shogun had his appendix taken out four weeks prior to the Machida fight.

Until then, Rashad Evans will sit tight and enjoy a little extra time with his family

11-06-2010, 09:23
het is weer zo verrrrrrr

11-06-2010, 09:57

11-06-2010, 09:57
wel balen, hoop dat hij er vanaf komt en lang champ blijft.
Niet dat eeuwige gesukkel met bless.
Niks aan te doen verder.

11-06-2010, 10:56
Damn, leek erop alsof er niets aan de hand was na UFC 113.

11-06-2010, 11:09
Jammer weer zeg :(

11-06-2010, 11:33
damnn ey hij was net weer in top vorm na een aantal slechte partijen vanwege zijn knie blessures... en dan weer dit:twak: hopelijk is hij gauw weer 100%

11-06-2010, 11:35
Hmm erg jammer, niet eens een volle ronde gevochten :(

hopen dat hij sterker terug komt, wil niet zien dat Rashad wint.

11-06-2010, 11:53
Hij heeft toch tijd zat.
UFC 120 op zijn vroegst.
Maar zal wel 122 worden.

El Bambino
11-06-2010, 18:24
Hopelijk is het niks ernstigs. Het kom ook door zijn vechtsijl, veel schoppen en knietjes!
WAR Shogun!!

08-07-2010, 00:47
LAS VEGAS -- Rashad Evans won a light-heavyweight championship title opportunity when he beat Quinton "Rampage" Jackson in May, but he's going to have to wait a while to cash in his golden ticket.


UFC President Dana White confirmed Thursday that current champion Mauricio "Shogun" Rua won't be back in the octagon for another eight months, likely returning in March 2011.

Still, White took that as good news, saying that his surgically repaired knee is healing well since a recent surgery.

"Shogun's great, his knee's coming along great," White said just after the UFC 116 pre-fight press conference. "It's all good."

Rua (19-4) captured the title at UFC 113 in May, when he avenged an earlier controversy loss to Lyoto Machida by becoming the first man to defeat him. The Muay Thai stylist knocked out Machida in just 3:35 to take the belt.

Meanwhile in the division, a rumored matchup pitting the aformentioned Jackson against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira has not been put together by the company, as has been reported by some MMA news outlets.

"It's not true, we don't have anything set up yet," White said. "With that division right now, Little Nog could fight Rampage, Rampage could fight Machida. There's a lot of fights we could make and we haven't made any decisions on that fight."

Asked if Nogueira-Jackson is being seriously considered by the UFC, White held his cards to the vest.

"We're looking at all of them," he said. "Time-wise, Rampage is still promoting the [A-Team] movie overseas, so we're trying to figure out what the next fight will be."

08-07-2010, 01:13
OUCH!! dit is slecht nieuws, verschrikkelijk zelfs voor de LHW divison want nu moeten er van die redelijke potten gedraaid worden die er eigenlijk weinig tot doen, tot minimaal april/juni volgend jaar voor een titel shot.. als ze nu toch moeten wachten... waarom niet gelijk machida vs evans... kan evans voor een evt. revanche gaan en nogmaals bewijzen dat die title shot verdient en als machida wint laat die zien dat die terug is want het staat hoe je wendt of keert 1-1 tussen hem en shogun

08-07-2010, 10:46
Toch veel blessures bij mma. Precies de voetbal!
Waneer gaat Ninja rua naar de UFC?

08-07-2010, 14:26
Toch veel blessures bij mma. Precies de voetbal!
Waneer gaat Ninja rua naar de UFC?

'Shogun had said that I was close to signing with UFC in case I win some more fights.'

Bron: http://www.tatame.com/2010/06/25/Murilo-Ninja

12-07-2010, 02:48
"Off the top of my head, I think of the Superbowl card in February, but this is something that could change depending on his recovery schedule and the UFC’s business schedule. But the way things are going right now, I can tell you that he’ll be ready sooner than expected."


"Shogun is very happy, as he’s doing through a great moment in his life with (winning) the belt and the birth of his daughter. Mindset is very important for the recovery process, so we made sure he was comfortable. But he’s very anxious because he’s such an active guy. He has great genetics, so his recovery is going great. The challenge for us as a team has been to hold him back and make sure he takes his time."

03-08-2010, 04:12
Dana on MMA LIVE:

"This kid keeps pushing it to get out there faster and faster. I completely respect him for that. He's an animal. I love it. But there's no way he's going to be ready by December. People keep asking why he's had so many knee surgeries. That's exactly why he's had that many knee surgeries. I doubt [there will be an interim title]. When we did the belt for Brock Lesnar, we didn't know if Brock was ever going to come back or if he'd be out for a year or two. No interim title. We know this kid is coming back. He's already had the surgery. He knows exactly the date he can come back."
DW makes a valid point, and I applaud him for the decision. I'm sure protecting his investment may be on the fore-front of such decisions, but anything that ensures fighter's safety is a good thing in my eyes. It seems to be a pattern with Zuffa lately. This has happened as recently as the Alves v. Fitch II fight. It was originally rescheduled for, if I recall correctly, UFC 115? and they pushed it back to UFC 117 despite the doctor's clearing Alves just to be on the safe side.

Now we have Shogun saying he can be cleared to fight as early as December, and DW saying he might consider Spring instead, but most likely will wait until Summer to make sure everything heals properly. This is wonderful- Shogun needs to not just heal, but regain the strength in the ligaments and muscles in his knee.

This is a great contrast to the "gimme gimme money now" promotion that we are accustomed to

22-09-2010, 16:05
Shogun says his knee is 100%, no comeback date confirmed yet


Speaking via RedeTV.com (http://www.redetv.com/portal/Video.aspx?128,37,137604,Esportes,UFC-Sem-Limites,Cris-Lyra-entrevista-Mauricio-Shogun), “Shogun” said:
“No, nothing has been confirmed yet [regarding a fight with Rashad Evans]. I had a meeting with Lorenzo and Dana in the US last month. My goal is to come back fighting in February [2011], but there is no date defined yet, and much less an opponent. I’m going back to the US next month for a doctor’s appointment, my knee is 100% and with the doctor clearing me that’s when we’ll start planning our next fight.”

On Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen:
“I thought it was a great fight, Sonnen was able to neutralize Anderson’s game, and Anderson showed heart, showed [that he is] a warrior, and showed the spirit of a champion. It was really a tough fight, Sonnen is a great wrestler, he was a two time wrestling champion, so I think he’s one of the biggest representative of wrestling in MMA, and certainly Anderson has a lot of heart in not giving up earlier [in the fight].”