View Full Version : IMPORTANT! Regarding the BJJ Open in Germany and Seminar with Ollie Geddes

Bruno Yamashita
27-07-2010, 13:17
Important things prior to your arrival at the BJJ Open/Seminar with Ollie Geddes:

1) Seminar with Ollie Geddes:

It starts at 20:15. All other stuff remains unchanged.

There are just a few places left for registration.

2) arriving at the German Ground Fighting BJJ Open with public transportation:

a) If you are sleeping over at „Hotel Formule 1“ there is a bus leaving from bus stop Tenever on Saturday at 10:57 (Bus 730 Bus) towards Otterstedt.

b) If you are staying in Oyten, you will also take the same bus, but the stop is called (Oyten Busbahnhof). There are actually several stops along the way in Oyten. Anyhow, from the Busbahnhof it departures at 11:07 towards Otterstedt.

c) If you decide to sleep in downtown Bremen, you will take the same bus, which departures from the main station at 10:32 towards Otterstedt.

Whichever stop or station you use to take the bus, you will need to get off at “Bassen Ortsmitte”. From there it is less than a 5 minute walk to the venue.

You can sort out your own travel plan at either: www.bahn.de (http://www.bahn.de/) or VBN www.vbn.de (http://www.vbn.de/)

I personally recommend alternatives a) or b). Alternative c) takes a little bit longer to get to Bassen.

Last, but not least… Girls are welcome at the BJJ Open. So far 2 girls registered. Fee for girls is 15 EUR (20 EUR after August 10th).

3) Deadline fort he online registration is 10th of August: http://www.brasil-combat.de/de/events_ggfi_bjj_open.html (http://www.brasil-combat.de/de/events_ggfi_bjj_open.html)

Afterwards it costs 5 EUR extra (10 EUR for Gi and NoGi)

Looking forward to seeing you in Bremen!



Bruno Yamashita
31-07-2010, 13:51
There will be a place to sleep for free for those of you coming from abroad for the German Ground Fighting BJJ Open:

Wing Tzun Free Fight Schule Bremen-Hemelingen (http://www.wt-hemelingen.de/impress.html)

Maximum 15 people, so thos who are interested write me a personal message!

Bruno Yamashita
03-08-2010, 10:53
FYI: After being asked about the payment method, maybe it is not clear to everyone: the online-registration form is just a pre-registration, and it is a tool for controlling who will pay 5 EUR less than those that show up without having pre-registered. Payment (for all) will be made on the day of the tournament directly at the site of competition.