View Full Version : 06.11.2010 Peter Aerts Workshop in Bern

01-11-2010, 12:11
Next saturday we hold our K-1 workshop with Peter Aerts in Bern/Switzerland.
Registrations and infos: Peter Aerts Workshop Schweiz 2010 (http://www.peter-aerts-workshops-schweiz.com/)
The workshop is nearly sold out. We only have a very few free places.
(similar as Ernesto Hoost in Wilhelmshaven at the same day)

At 22 o' clock there is an after seminar party in DU THEATRE IN BERN.

pics and report are coming up after the ws.

(Muay Thai, Kickboxen, MMA K-1 Workshops (http://www.K-1StarsLive.com))