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08-12-2010, 12:21
A Romanian warrior slashing open a new era
Ghita appeared like a comet in 2009 and made himself known in a well-matched fight with Schilt in the Final 16. Since 2010, he has continuing advancing in his crushing victories over Sergei Kharitonov and Dzevad Poturak.

At the drawing he chose as his opponent Gokhan Saki and hopes to defeat him as he did Saki's teammate Zimmerman. Ghita is a samurai through and through. A lot of people are insisting he will be the champion. There's a good chance that at the 12/11 FieLDS K-1 WORLD GP 2010 FINAL, this young man will be enthroned.

You beat Zimmerman in the FINAL16 with an amazing KO.
Ghita: Ah, thanks. It's a good thing I won with a KO.

-- Usually you are known for your low kick, but this time you got a KO with your punches.
Ghita: That's true. I was thinking this time I'd win with a combination of kicks and punches, and that strategy went well.

-- The fans were really excited. Are you going to train in Holland until the FINAL in December?
Ghita: Once I go back to Romania, I'll spend about an hour relaxing and then I plan to train when I get to Holland.

-- In an interview before, you said you want to live like a samurai. Is there a reason for that?
Ghita: Last year, I read a book that I bought in Tokyo about that, and it left a big impression on how I think.

-- Tell us about it.
Ghita: A samurai to me is someone who aims at living their life perfectly. That kind of thinking and spirituality had a big impact on me.

-- Does it show in your matches?
Ghita: Of course it does. Before a match, I think what a samurai would do. The ideal would be to fight like a samurai and to knock down the other guy like I'm a samurai.

It's the perfect chance
-- Did you prove yourself by defeating Zimmerman of the Best 4, one of the top fighters last year?
Ghita: Of course. It was so amazing when I beat him with a KO, and it made me believe in myself even more.

-- You seem more ambitious. What has changed?
Ghita: This time I was able to focus, and I was able to challenge him with a 100% commitment to winning.

-- In the end, you made a last push and it looked like you wanted to kill him.
Ghita: My focus is at its highest when I'm fighting, and I had a really strong feeling of wanting to win. I think it's the result of all of my hard training.

-- Quarter-finalist Saki was yelling that he'd get revenge for (his teammate) Zimmerman.
Ghita: That's because they're like brothers. He's a good fighter with good techniques, so when he says something like that it gives me more motivation. Of course, I'll show him!

-- Since both of you have powerful low kicks, is this going to be a match where you're just wearing each other down?
Ghita: That's possible. I think it will be a tough fight, and it might end like that. I can't really say how it's going to go until it happens.

Ghita: Revenge on me? I'll show him!: NEWS | K-1 OFFICIAL WEBSITE (http://www.k-1.co.jp/en/news/2010/1208_wgp_02.html)

08-12-2010, 12:28
http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=NL&v=l5LxLWdJuBc WATCH SAKI HE IS AMAZING???

08-12-2010, 13:09
Voor de ge´nteresseerden, hier nog wat backgroundinfo over Daniel, inclusief promovideo:

G÷khan Saki vs Daniel Ghi (http://www.mixfight.nl/forum/showthread.php?109962-G%C3%B6khan-Saki-vs-Daniel-Ghi%C5%A3%C4%83)

08-12-2010, 14:37
hij trainde bij anil dubar en die gasten van de haagse directe, waarom weet ik ook niet

08-12-2010, 16:08
Ik heb gegokt op Saki, maar ben er niet te zeker van. aan de andere kant, als het Balrak lukt moet het Saki zeker lukken!

08-12-2010, 20:42
ik denk dat ik slecht nieuws heb.want daniel ghita is gelesseerd aan zijn knie, hoorde ik van een vriend van mij die bij kamakura traint.