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10-04-2011, 00:10
1. Arrested for Steroids at a Young Age, Later Dismissed

Brock Lesnar has always been a very large and powerful person, but speculation remains that he may have achieved his now monumental physique by way of more than just hard work and dedication in the weight room.

In January 2001, when Lesnar was just just 23 years old, he was arrested for receiving large amounts of what was alleged to be steroids.

The charges were later dropped when it was learned that the substances he was receiving were in fact legal growth hormones. His lawyer described the hormones as a “vitamin type of thing.”

2. Lawsuit with WWE After Leaving the Company

When Brock Lesnar was released from his contract with the WWE, part of the agreement he signed was that he would have a no-compete clause.

This meant that while he was free to try out for the NFL or compete in other sports, Lesnar was specifically not permitted to work for any other sports entertainment (pro wrestling) or mixed martial arts company.

Going against the rules of the agreement, Lesnar appeared at a New Japan Pro Wrestling’s show in 2004.

3. Had a Battle with Diverticulitis

4. Declined an Invitation to Play in NFL Europa League

A person as big, strong, and athletic as Lesnar could certainly be of some use to a coach somewhere, but he needed to develop his talents and become a bit more refined in his techniques.

Like many other perceived-to-be raw talents, Lesnar was given a chance to play in the NFL Europa league. He decided to decline the offer, though, citing that he wanted to live close to home and be with his family.

5. Tried out for the Minnesota Vikings

6. Lost to Stephen Neal in Finals of NCAA Wrestling Tournament

7. Was Engaged To, Separated From, and Now Married to Rena Mero

8. His Tattoos

9. Remains Good Friends with Former WWE Manager Paul Heyman

10. Youngest WWE Champion in History

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Ok? waarom staat er vanaf 4. geen verhaal meer achter?

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11. The tattoo on his chest is not a penis.

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11. The tattoo on his chest is not a penis.

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Diverticulitis ?

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11. The tattoo on his chest is not a penis.


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12. Brock Runs like a little girl when he gets hit.

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12. Brock Runs like a little girl when he gets hit.

LOL, maar zonder uitleg zijn de punten vanaf 4 beetje doelloos

13. can make chickin salad out of chicken shit

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14. Likes to shout ANY GIVEN SUNDAY!

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Nr 7.

rena mero - Google zoeken (http://www.google.nl/images?hl=nl&xhr=t&q=rena+mero&cp=9&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&biw=1138&bih=555)

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11. The tattoo on his chest is not a penis.