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26-07-2011, 12:13
The folks at Dutch website Groundandpound were able to catch up with Andy Souwer recently, and the former K-1 MAX champion had plenty to say about some of the topics on the minds of kickboxing fans at the moment.
One of the primary topics for discussion was the trending decline of K-1 and the concurrent rise of It's Showtime. While most veteran fighters have focused on reimbursement troubles, Souwer's unique position leads him to focus more on the promotion's unfortunate promotional and financial focus on the novelty of certain fighters. In the competition between name fighters and those with world class skill, it's evident where Souwer thinks a lot of the attention was going.
Having trained with UFC bantamweight champion Jose Aldo prior to his UFC 129 bout against Mark Hominick, Souwer also talks a bit about the interest of kick boxers training and fighting in mixed martial arts. The wave of kickboxing talent looking to make the transition into mixed martial arts seems constant, and Souwer affirms that he's been attempting to round out his own fighting skill for some time now.
Next on the plate for Souwer is the It's Showtime Fast and Furious 70 kg. tournament, which he refers to as "the graduation of K-1 MAX." Set to face off against Harut Grigorian in his quarterfinal bout come September 24th, Souwer may very well find himself the tournament favorite if Giorgio Petrosyan's fractured left hand keeps him out of the competition.
While Andy Souwer waits for the It's Showtime Fast and Furious tournament, he has been working alongside other members of Team Souwer and also found time to recently appear in a music video for Dutch hardstyle duo, Showtek

26-07-2011, 12:13

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LOL @ Dutch website.

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Thanks Marcel, Andy is een topper!