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From: dfw jr
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funniest thread in 10 years of being on the UG!!*
Takedown Defense by Anderson Silva
Striking Defense by Andrei Arlovski
Submission Defense by Chael Sonnen
Cardio for Dummies by BJ Penn
Defending the RNC by Frank Trigg
Copromoting by M-1 Global
Finishing Fights, the Jon Fitch Story
Winning Records by McCorkles opponents
How to Avoid Using the F-bomb At All Costs by Dana White.
Muay Thai : The Art of Throwing and Checking Leg Kicks by Quinton Jackson
How to Take a Punch by Brock Lesnar
The Art of the Flying Knee by Stefen Struve
A Fighter's Heart byValentijn Overeem
Using MMA to Defeat Boxers by Tim Sylvia
How to Motorboat Dat Ass by Joh Kosheck
The Power of Personality: How to Get the Fans on Your Side by Josh Koscheck
How to Have an MMA Promotion for Decades by Tom Attencio
How to Be an MMA Winner by Scott Blevins
This Year? My Year! by Shannon Ritch
Patient, Precise Striking by Wanderlei Silva
A Nutritional Guide for Achieving Six-Pack Abs by Roy Nelson
Dont Get Caught. A Guide to Passing Performance Enhancing Drug Tests by Nate Marquardt
Stop Hitting my Knees with your Face by Anderson Silva
How to Rob a Bank and Break out of Prison. by Lee Murray
Calm Introductions, by Bruce Buffer
That's NOT my Piss byy Josh Barnett and Sean Sherk
Respecting Female Reporters by Rampage Jackson
420 Tips for Everyday Baking by Nick Diaz
Good Sportsmanship by Paul Daley
Braces Look Cool by Frank Shamrock.
Inviting Your Friends To Train At Your Camp by Rashad Evans (foreword by Jon Jones)
Advanced Guide to MMA Reffing by Steve Mazagatti
Scoring an MMA Fight by Cecil Peoples
Side Check Kicks by James Toney
How to Get Anderson Silva money by Lyoto Machida
Gracious in Defeat by Paul Daley.
How to Beat Someone into a Living Death by Ken Shamrock
Brock Lesnar: a Breakdancer's Story
How to Make it in Real Estate by Chael Sonnen
Circling Away from the Power Hand by Michael Bisping
Cheating is Wrong By Cheick Kongo
The Secrets to Predicting a Fight by Randy Couture
How to Not Look like a Spazz While Watching a Fight by Chuck Lidell
A Quiet Man's Guide to Cornering Fighters by Keith Florian
Living up to the Hype, the Kimbo Slice Story
Commentating MMA: An Art within an Art by Tito Ortiz
Blessed are the Humble by Jon Jones
Surviving Hypogonadism: My Struggle by Chael Sonnen
How to beat Dennis Hallman by Matt Hughes
10 Easy Steps to Making Everyone in a Room Laugh by Amir Sadollah (forward by Forrest Griffin)
Cauliflower Ear Prevention and Other Home Remedies by Randy Couture with BJ Penn
How to Succeed at Walking Despite Having Legs That are Slanted Like an Upside Down TV Antenna by Tim Sylvia
How to Make a Worked Fight Look Real by Anthony Macias foreword by Nobohiku Takada
Respecting Other Cultures by Don Frye
Turn the Other Cheek by Junie Browning
How To Troll The Entire MMA World Using The Art of Planking by Fedor
Biting is for Pussies by Wes Sims
Letting Go by Rousimar Palhares
Transitioning Nicely from Boxing to MMA, the Story of James Toney
Strategies for the 2nd round, and Beyond by Shane Carwin
Calling it Quits: A Guide to a Healthly, Early Retirment by Kazushi Sakuraba.
Advanced Wrestling Techniques by Dan Hardy
Submission Defense Volume 1: Defending The Triangle by Chael Sonnen
Making weight by Gina Carano
How to Beat Matt Hughes with BJJ by the Gracies
Submissions 101 by Kimbo Slice
How to Win friends and Influence People, Bitch by Nick Diaz
Humor and How it Extends Your Career by Dennis Hallman
Changing My Mind about MMA Being Gay--Bernard Hopkins
Appropriate Fight Wear by Dennis Hallman
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Hehehe dat is nog best een lijst!!

07-08-2011, 17:19
How to wear a fake penis and get away with animal-piss from the CSAC-- Kevin Randleman

07-08-2011, 17:26
HAHAHAAHA sommige zijn echt geweldig loool :P

07-08-2011, 17:57
Dit is de beste:

Sounds of the Octagon by Matt Hamill (audiobook)


07-08-2011, 19:14
staan een paar leuke bij hoor!

07-08-2011, 21:37
making weight by Gina carano haha

07-08-2011, 21:52
Hahaha, geweldig! Breakdancing by Brock Lesnar, hahaha :lol:

08-08-2011, 00:34
Wilderness Survival Guide by Evan Tanner

08-08-2011, 09:59
Submissions 101 by Kimbo Slice. loooool

08-08-2011, 11:48
LOL sommige kende ik al maar staan ook een hoop recente bij, cool!

How to negotiate with Zuffa to the benefit your fighters by Golden Glory ;)

08-08-2011, 14:04
Circling Away from the Power Hand by Michael Bisping :lol:

08-08-2011, 14:32
How to negotiate with Zuffa to the benefit your fighters by Golden Glory ;)

lol reps! :lol:

08-08-2011, 14:49
How to play the game by Nick Diaz
The art of trash-talking by GSP
The mental game in MMA by Vitor Belfort
How to get an exciting personality by Rory MacDonald
Advanced striking techniques and punching power by Aoki
The gameplan: How to avoid a brawl by Chris Leben
The importance of technique and strategy in MMA by Tank Abbott
The Ultimate Fighter: Successful coaching and useful advices by Rampage Jackson
They key to make fights boring by Chris Leben

08-08-2011, 15:01
How to be humble by Chael Sonnen
How to be good friends with Dana White by Tito Ortiz
How to check leg kicks by Rampage Jackson

08-08-2011, 15:26
The gameplan: How to avoid a brawl by Chris Leben
They key to make fights boring by Chris Leben

hahahaha te goed!

Ivo C.
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Cardio for beginners ~ by Bob Sapp
An eye for an eye ~ by Gerard Gordeau
From the ground up ~ Melvin Manhoef
Strategy with Gary Goodridge

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moest aan deze denken: http://www.budovideos.com/shop/customer/product.php?productid=29020

Is een dvd set maar toch.