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05-09-2011, 17:42
K-1StarsLive and Fighting Gym have launched a new league similar to MPL but just for C class fighters according to K-1 rules. Sponsors and partners like Booster, Boxhaus, XTFC, Prospeedrope, It`s Showtime, FightstarTV and testimonials like Remy Bonjasky, Ernesto Hoost and Stefan Leko will enable 4 cool events per year.

Beginning 10.03.2012, C class fighters will fight in 4 weightclasses in 2 different pools a 4 fighters. Fighters will fight each member of the pool. At the end of the season the 2 bestplaced will fight in the final for the Rough Diamonds League champions belt, K-1StarsLive trophy and nice prices.

The events will take place in Waldbröl and will be recorded for FightstarTV.
Fighters can apply for participate in the RDL or for superfights via our website: Rough Diamonds League (http://www.Rough-Diamonds-League.com)
We already got many applications from all over Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Netherlands, Croatia and Dubai.

Anyone who would like to support or participate, just contact us. Any support is welcome.

Winners of the RDL might participate at Remy Bonjasky`s Raw Diamonds events.

(Muay Thai, Kickboxen, MMA, K-1 (http://www.K-1StarsLive.com))
(Rough Diamonds League (http://www.Rough-Diamonds-League.com))

05-09-2011, 23:21
This looks nice, good work Frank :thup:

06-09-2011, 10:51
Think it will be pretty nice