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ADCC 2011: Fight Times, Live Results And*More

+99kg weight class up first.

Fabricio Werdum with a takedown off the collar tie, after a short half guard battle Werdum has been able to pass and execute a kimura on his opponent Alexander Trans.

Cyborg Abreu against Sikene Hideki and we’re treated to an almost immediate armlock finish as Abreu advances.

Glover Teixara defeats Jerrod Bunch via guillotine after a short takedown battle.

Jose Junior has upset Bruno Bastos in the opening round and advances on.

Jeff Monson has no showed and his opponent Juskowiak has advanced by default.

Rodrigo Artilhiero has lost to a head and arm choke against his opponent Pietilainen.

24-09-2011, 15:43
Under 99kg up now after Rinaldi defeats Mick Wilson by points

Xande Ribiero up against Peltola, Xande establishing half guard control after a takedown. Peltola has re-established full guard. Xande rolls to the bottom to lock up a triangle and swiftly transfers to an armbar to finish Peltola.

Lucio Lagarto up against Shinzo Ansai (coming out in a single shoulder singlet…), Lagarto has taken Ansai’s back after swift control and is working for a rear naked choke. After a positional reset resulting from an out of bounds call Ansai has escaped the rear naked choke but Lagarto retains back control. Lagarto threatens with yet another RNC that Ansai has escaped but Lagarto remains on the back. Lagarto finally wins by points after controlling the back for almost the entire match.

Braga Neto up against Praporshchikov. Braga Neto wins after a short battle with a triangle choke.

Joao Assis against James Poupolo, short takedown battle into the half guard position, after some short positional changes Assis locks up a heel hook and Poupolo is forced to tap.

Rodolfo Viera against Joseph Lee Baize, Rodolfo ends up in Baize’s half guard and works a knee through the middle to pass, Baize turns over and Rodolfo gets his back and eventually gets both hooks in. Baize turns over eventually giving up the mount as Viera immediately puts in an armlock to finish off Baize.

Kamil Uminske against Antonio Peinado immediately goes to half guard and has stayed there for quite a while, Peinado eliminated Uminski with an armlock after an extended period of Uminske trying to pass Peinado’s tricky guard.

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Under 99kg is just finishing up and they’re starting the under 89kg.

Dean Lister against Ferrari is the final match of the under 99kg weight class, Ferrari has taken Lister down and Lister continually attacks Ferrari from guard. First Lister has gone for an omoplata and then a triangle, both unsuccessful. Lister has given up his back but remains in turtle guard as Ferrari tries to figure out an offense against Lister but eventually both have ended up back on the feet. Lister after a takedown has started up an armlock and looks close to finishing Ferrari, Ferrari survives and Dean Lister wins by points.

Rousimar Palhares slammed Dan Schon and then transfers to a heel hook to finish the match.

Rafael Lovato is up against Jeon Doo Kwang, Kwang repeatedly threatening with foot locks and frustrating Lovato. Around and round they go as Rafael cannot pass Kwang’s very flexible open guard. We’re into overtime now but Lovato gets the back and finish on Kwang! Definitely an odd match but an entertaining bit of open guard work by Kwang.

Romulo Barral against Kyle Griffon (Tyson Griffon’s brother), Romulo pulls guard immediately. Romulo has repeatedly worked for guillotines but Kyle Griffon proving to be very able to escape each time as well as deal with Romulo’s other attacks from guard, he’s unable to pass however. Griffon up on points now after a takedown on Romulo!! Romulo works from a guillotine to a triangle to an armlock to an omoplata to an armlock to a kimura but can’t finish as time runs out and Griffon wins by takedown points!!! Awesome match.

David Avellan has won his match by points.

Pablo Popovitch up against Zbigniew Tyszka, Popovitch on top after Tyszka pulls half guard. Popovitch in solid control on top and doesn’t seem to be moving very much. Popovitch eventually frustrating Tyszka and forces the mistake as he takes Tyszka’s back. Popovitch has defeated Tyszka.

Jimmy Harbison against Sergio Morares and we’re in a 50/50 guard war with Harbison looking for an inside heel hook and really threatening Moraes. Moraes has eliminated Harbison on points after a very up and down match with some very interesting offensive guard work from Harbison.

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Still going is the under 89kg weight class:

Gunnar Nelson against Marko Helen, Nelson controlling the match on top. We’re in triple overtime but Nelson finally working on Helen’s back and then working a head and arm choke. Helen escapes multiple chokes from Nelson and we’re in quadruple overtime. Nelson finally wins on points after a pass.

Andre Galvao against Don Ortega, Galvao working the butter fly guard and Ortega just can’t seem to start a pass. Galvao works an arm drag to Ortega’s back and Galvao eliminates Ortega on points.

We’re in the 77kg weight class now:

Marcelo Garcia against Davis Hart, Garcia with some swift passing work with the knee inside, Marcelo gets mount an executes a beautiful guillotine (marcelotine style with the elbow lift). Garcia makes it look easy and advances.

Local favorite Victor Estima up against Sanshiro Nakakura, Victor with a sweet arm drag to a single leg and now on Nakakura’s back standing; they go out of bounds but remain standing. Victor drops to guard and goes under Nakakura to a kneebar, transferring it to a calf slicer now and maybe going to the back but Nakakura has turned and tries to get on top but Victor keeps an active open guard and Nakakura is forced to back away. Victor works another kneebar to slicer and tries to take the back again but misses it. Victor and Nakakura really scrambling but Victor the constant aggressor with leg lock attempts but Nakakura keeps making it out of bounds. Victor with an extremely impressive back take at the end and he closes it out winning on points. Great match with a high pace. Victor looked great.

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ADCC 2011 Results: Braulio Estima Beats Jacare Souza On*Points

It's time for today's main event, a fight between last ADCC's super-fight champion Ronaldo Souza against last ADCC's absolute champion Braulio Estima.

Jacare is coming off that tough loss to Luke Rockhold in Strikeforce but opted to continue on with his ADCC obligation to fight hometown hero Braulio Estima.

It's on.* Some early grip fighting with Braulio working towards a collar tie.* Both fighters prodding each other with small tie ups.* Braulio went for an arm drag and turned it into a single leg, he got Jacare down for a short time but Jacare was able to scramble back to the feet.* We're back to the collar ties now as both men search for some sort of opening.

Braulio going low after Jacare to possibly pull guard and he does it after a short scare of almost having his back taken.* Halfguard now as Braulio is keeping Jacare at a distance with his knee shield.* Jacare really not engaging as of yet, conserving his energy most likely and allowing Braulio to be the aggressor.* Braulio trying to work a few different guards switching between butterfly and now a De la Riva hook trying to sit up but Jacare forces the position down.

Braulio back to working the butterfly guard now and trying to break the posture of Jacare down but Jacare is able to stand back up and get outside of the guard.* Braulio working an arm drag after some extended posturing in the open guard by Jacare.*

It really seems like Jacare is waiting the clock out until 10 minutes rolls over and he can start scoring points.* The crowd is starting to come alive and Jacare works at trying to pass finally but Braulio defends and tries to lock in a footlock which Jacare slips out of and now we're back to Jacare in front of Braulio's sitting guard.

Braulio locking around the leg now and trying to hold onto half guard.* Braulio inverting and potentially going for a kneebar but Jacare will have none of it as he postures out.* Braulio inverting again and trying to sweep but Jacare has dropped his weight well and is able to bail out of the sweep.* Braulio gets a foot and sweeps Jacare over!* Jacare wants none of that and pops back up immediately.* No points yet.

Braulio going for a footlock now, trying to turn it into a sweep and stand up but Jacare posturing out and trying to run out.* Braulio lost the leg now and we're back to Jacare sitting in front of Braulio.* Braulio inverting again to sweep and bailed on the sweep to the inverted triangle but it missed!* He's turn that triangle attempt back into a knee attack but Jacare is able to back out again.

Closed guard now finally as Braulio is able to lock his legs around Jacare finally.** Braulio working an omoplata now but doesn't keep his legs heavy and transfers it to a kneebar but it misses and we're in 50/50 now.* Braulio still has a foot but loses it.* We're sitting again.

Jacare has been asked to take his t-shirt off as it was too bulky, that's about all that's changed as we're still playing open guard.

End of regulation time and we're going to go to over time as the score is still 0-0.

Now that we're in overtime if either of them sit for guard it will be a point deduction, this is not a good thing for a guard player like Braulio.

We're standing again now and both of them are back to the collar tie.* Braulio went for an arm drag but it slipped.* Braulio just barely missed a single leg as Jacare was able to sprawl back and stand.* Still 0-0 folks.

Jacare shoots and scores a beautiful double leg but it stays 0-0 as they went out of bounds and Braulio got back up.* We're at least on the ground now as Braulio is working an open half guard.* Braulio is able to maintain guard against Jacare as Jacare finally is looking to pass.

Jacare holding his rib as they reset back to the middle, Braulio working an arm drag to no avail.* Braulio playing butterfly and has both underhooks on Jacare.* Braulio inverting again and tries to get it over to x-guard but turns it into 50/50.* Jacare rolls but Braulio comes up on top and may have Jacare's back.* BOTH HOOKS IN THE CROWD GETS CRAZY.* Were both hooks in long enough??* Braulio is up 3 to 0! The hooks were in!* Jacare is back in the closed guard of Braulio and now has to attack or he'll lose this on points.

Jacare stands and Braulio working to control the legs and sweep but Jacare is able to sit back down.* Half butterfly for Braulio now, back to half guard.* Braulio inverts and tries for another sweep.

That time, it's over and Braulio is the winner 3-0. Slow match but that back take was amazing.* Hell of a fight.

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ADCC 2011 Under 77kg Round 2 Results: Marcelo Garcia, Victor*Estima

Marcelo Garcia up against Victor Estima.* Marcelo pulling guard and wow... the guillotine is in and Victor is trying his best to survive but is forced to tap.* Marcelo is inhuman and on a huge roll.

Murilo Santana against Kron Gracie.* Murilo has pulled guard and Kron is trying to work his way out as Murilo repeatedly attacks with a high guard.* Kron won on points after Murilo mistakenly sits into halfguard and gets a point deduction, terrible news for Murilo.

Claudio Calasans against Augusto Mendes.* Both guys have dropped to guard and enter into a leg lock roll and are exchanging submission attempts.* Calasans has won on points.

Leo Viera against J.T. Torres, J.T. has dropped for guard and Leo is standing in front of him.* Some open guard work from both guys here as they've switched now and J.T. is up in top position in Leo's butterfly guard.* Leo's worked a takedown and is now up on points over J.T.* Leo has just beaten J.T. on points from that takedown.

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ADCC 2011 Over 99kg Round 2 Results: Jeff Monson, Fabrico Werdum, Vinny Magalhaes And*More

Fabricio Werdum against Jeff Monson up now to start round 2 of the over 99kg weight class.* Fabricio comes up on top after a takedown, we're in half guard now and Werdum is able to pass and easily submits Monsons injured arm with an armlock.

Vinny Magalhaes against Jose Junior now and immediately we're looking at a leg lock battle.* Vinny coming away with a nice inside heel hook on Jose and forces the tap.

Roberto Cyborg Abreu against Glover Teixeira.* Roberto pulling guard and working repeatedly for submission attempts on Glover.* Cyborg has come up on top and swept Glover and is definitely up on points, Cyborg has moved onto the back now but loses the position.* Cyborg going after triangles on Glover constantly and Glover is forced to utilize a lot of strength repeatedly getting out of danger.* Cyborg is our winner here on points after controlling the match.

Gerardi Rinaldi against Janne-Pekka Pietilainen now and Rinaldi has come up on points after finally passing the guard after an extended half guard battle.* Rinaldi in an armlock now after the tides turned but he's escaped and comes up to standing.* Pietilainen has won on points!

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ADCC 2011 Under 60kg Female Results: Michelle Nicolini, Kyra Gracie, and*more

Michelle Nicolini up against Yasmin Wilson and Nicolini is quick in getting Wilson to tap out.

Rosi Sexton against Hashi Takayo.* Rosi Sexton and Hashi Takayo still standing after quite some time, not a lot of action on the ground as they both keep competing for that takedown to control.* Hashi Takayo wins by points after finally establishing a control.

Kyra Gracie up against Sara Svenson.* Kyra working a choke from crucifix while on top of Sara after a takedown battle.* We're seeing Kyra work into an arm triangle now after the position turned over, Kyra gets the win by armlock after dominating the match.

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ADCC 2011 Results From Day*One

Superfight Results

Braulio Estima def Jacare de Souza by points in the super fight.Round 2 Quarter Finals

Men's Under 99KGs

Xande Ribeiro def Lucio Lagarto by Rear Naked Choke

Joao Assis def Braga Neto by Footlock (toehold)

Dean Lister def James Brasco by inside heelhook

Rousimar Palhares def David Avellan by heelhook ... then kneebar.

Rafael Lovato def Kyle Griffin by triangle

Pablo Popvitch def Sergio Moraes ny points

Andre Galvao def Gunnar Nelson by Points

Marcelo Garcia def Victor Estima by Marcelotine (in 30 seconds)

Kron Gracie def Murilo Santana by points

Claudio Calasans drf Augusto Mendes by points

Rafa Mendes def Justin Rader by Rear Naked Choke.

Rubens Cobrinha def Barret Yoshida by points

Leo Viera def JT Torres on points.

Robson Moura def Ryan Hall by points

Jeff Glover def Marko Ramos by Brabo Choke (D'arce Choke).

Men's Over 99KGs

Fabricio Werdum def Jeff Monson by armbar

Cyborg Abreu def Glover Texeira by Points.

Vinny Magalhaes def Jose Junior Inside Heelhook

Janne-Pekka Pietilainen def Gerardi Rinaldi

Round 1

Womens Under 60kgs

Hashii Takayo def Rosi Sexton by Points

Michelle Nicolin def Yasmine Wilson by submisison.

Kyra Gracie def Sara Svensson by armlock

Luanna Alzuguir def Cat Zingano by Kneebar

Womens Over 60kgs

Gabi Garcia def Davi Ahuja by top Americana from half-guard.

Penny Thomas def Talita Nogueira by single arm Rear Naked Choke

Hannette Stack def Fiona Muxlowby Rear Naked Choke.

Ida Hansson vs Katrina Weilbacher


Men's Under 99KGs

Xande Ribiero def Peltola via armbar

Lucio Largarto def Shinzo Ansai by points.

Brago Nedto def Praporshchikov by triangle choke.

Joao Assis def James Poupolo by Heelhook.

Rodolfo Viera def Joseph Lee Baize by armbar from mount.

Antonio Peinado def Kamil Uminske by armlock.

Pablo Popovich def Tyszka on points

Lovato Jr def Kwang by Rear Naked Choke

Dean Lister def Ferrari by points

Rousimar Palhares def Dan Schon by Heelhook.

Kyle Griffin def Romulo Barral by points

Marcelo Garcia def Davis Heart by Marcelotine.

Andre Galvao def Don Ortega by points.

Victor Estima def Sashiro Nakakura by Rear Naked Choke.

Gunnar Nelson def Marko Helen by Points.

Murillo Santana def Jorge Britto by armlock

Kron Gracie def Jason Manly by Jumping Guillotine.

Claudio Calasans def Daniel Strauss by Kneebar.

Augusto Mendes def Vagner Rocha by footlock.

Leo Viera def Enricco Coco by points

JT Torres def Clark Gracie by points

Rada Mendes def Bruno Frazzato by points

Robson Moura def Greger Forsel by Points.

Rubens Cobrinha def David Marinakis by triangle.

Ryan Hall def Tetsu Hadairo by points.

Barett Yoshida def Nicolas Renier by Rear Naked Choke.

Jeff Glover def Tom Barlow by Points.

Over 99KGs

Fabricio Werdum def Alexander Trans by Kimura

Cyborg Abreu def Sikene Hideki def by armlock

Glover Teixara def Jerrod Bunch by Guillotine choke

Pietilainen def Rodrigo Artilhiero by arm triangle

Jose Junior def Bruno Bastos

Jeff Monson def Mateusz Juskowiak by points

25-09-2011, 21:07
Renzo Gracie vs. Mario Sperry- Initial collar tie from Mario thrown off by Renzo.* Sperry really seeming like the much stronger fighter here and eventually drags Renzo down to turtle guard with a head snatch.* Sperry rotates around to the side of Renzo and tries to put a hook in and roll but fails.* Renzo rolls into open guard and Sperry keeping an aggressive forward hip pressure on Renzo.* Renzo working half butterfly it looks like and trying to keep Sperry at a good distance.* Renzo using his feet well and enters into half guard when Sperry dives.* Renzo back to open guard with his knees inside, Renzo back to a partial butterfly and the match gets restarted in the center of the mat.* Renzo keeping a knee shield up to avoid the unrelenting pressure of Sperry.* We're now in the point zone so both fighters need to really work to create a passing or sweeping situation.*

Renzo really doing well keeping Sperry in front of his legs by keeping mobile on his hips.* Sperry just really keeping his game on Renzo and not allowing Renzo to start any real offensive techniques because Sperry keeps him working to defend the pass.

We've finally got into an established half guard position with Sperry on top flattening Renzo out but Renzo is able to hip escape back to open guard and went for a leg but Sperry slipped right out.* Sperry crushing down again on the open guard, Sperry trying to work double unders to pass but can't.* Renzo went up to a single but Sperry scrambles away.*

Renzo and Sperry standing now and A HUGE sprawl by Sperry as Renzo slipped forward and a gigantic faceplant by Renzo.* Overtime was just called.

Start of overtime now as both men work a collar tie.* Sperry works in an under over control and forces Renzo down after Renzo tried to seio-nage and slipped off.* Sperry sitting back and pulling Renzo into back control with one hook in and a seat belt control.* Renzo counters and takes off the hook as both men come to the feet again.

Time called so the mats can be wiped down, they were slipping and sliding everywhere.*

The match restarts and it's back to collar ties, Sperry every so often trying to get an over under control going, from the over under control Sperry is trying to drag Renzo down but Renzo resisting well.* Renzo shoots in but nothing there as they both come back up.* Sperry repeatedly snatching the head down but Renzo keeps coming up.* Sperry with an over under now. Second overtime is called.

The match restarts and again they exchange collar ties and Sperry tries to rush in for over under but Renzo pummels through and gets double unders briefly before They separate again.* Renzo attempts to wrangle Sperry down and ends up on his back but it was countered.* The match resets and it looks like Sperry got 2 points there on the counter to that throw.* Renzo now down and he has to get something going.* Renzo slips and ends up on his back and we're in half guard with Renzo on the bottom.

Renzo back to open guard with Sperry crushing in, Renzo attempted a brief arm drag but it's too slippery at this point.* Renzo just had his guard passed, said something, not sure what.* Sperry might of just received points for passing guard.* Renzo briefly went for the leg off De La Riva but Sperry wanted nothing of it and rotated out.

Renzo goes up gets a single and puts Sperry down and a huge scramble and heel hook attempt at the buzzer and time is up.* Mario Sperry is the winner on points.

25-09-2011, 21:12
ADCC 2011 Absolute Division Final Results: Andre Galvao Finishes Popovitch Early And Caps Off An Amazing*Run

Andre Galvao vs. Pablo Popovitch- A rematch of an earlier fight from this weekend and this time it's for the absolute division championship.* Andre Galvao goes in early for a takedown but it's shrugged off.* Popovitch slapping Galvao's head quite a few times and Galvao picks up a high single and goes for a trip, the trip misses but the single hits.

Popovitch on his back against Galvao in half guard.* Pablo is able to roll Andre up into deep half guard now and Galvao stands up and places the knee across Popovitch's throat.* Galvao steps over Popovitch and dives for a toe hold and holy crap it hits and Pablo taps immediately.

Andre Galvao is your ADCC 2011 Absolute World Champion.

The jiu jitsu world has to be aware of the resurgence of Galvao, he's burst onto the tournament scene after taking a break from MMA and has absolute killed it over and over again with consistently impressive performances; Andre's wrestling is one of the most obvious improvements in his game as he managed to hit an arm drag to single leg repeatedly on almost anyone who stood with him.

Congratulations to Andre Galvao on a well deserved win and I for one cannot wait to see him fight Braulio Estima at ADCC 2013.

25-09-2011, 21:38
Bedankt Bas!

26-09-2011, 15:39
Weet iemand waar ik de beelden kan zien ben voor benieuwd naar Renzo Gracie vs. Mario Sperry

26-09-2011, 17:31
Damn, Lister gewonnen van Augusto Ferrari.. had ik niet direct gedacht... Is Lister dan nog steeds zo actief qua competitie?

26-09-2011, 17:40
Damn, Lister gewonnen van Augusto Ferrari.. had ik niet direct gedacht... Is Lister dan nog steeds zo actief qua competitie?

Ik moet eerlijk zeggen dat Ferrari de eerste 5 minuten goed begon en een takedown maakte. De eerste 5 minuten worden alleen geen punten gegeven dus uiteindelijk verloor hij op een takedown van Lister. Lister heeft verder iedereen geheelhooked in die klasse, dus een 2-0 verlies is nog niet eens zo slecht. Jammer voor Augusto, die overigens deze week weer in NL/Belgie is volgnes mij

26-09-2011, 20:06
Bedankt Bas!

Graag gedaan, tussen al dat Mma geweld door dit weekend, zou je bijna vergeten dat zoiets moois als een ADCC bezig was.
Nu de beelden nog! Wie wil er reps verdienen?

26-09-2011, 20:19
The Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) tournament for 2011 is officially in the books for the weekend of Sept. 24-25 in Nottingham, England.

Andre Galvao capped off an incredible run through the brackets to defeat Pablo Popovitch by toehold, becoming the* ADCC 2011 Absolute World Champion.

Former Ultimate Fighter (TUF) contestant Vinny Magalhaes became the ADCC 2011 Heavyweight Champion (+99kg) in a dramatic back-and-forth battle against Fabricio Werdum.

Kyra Gracie captured her third ADCC title by submitting Michele Nicolini and Marcelo Garcia defeated Kron Gracie, yet again, in match that was much more competitive than in recent years.

Complete ADCC 2011 results from Sept. 25 in Nottingham, England, (via MMA Nation) after the jump.

Men's ADCC Absolute Division

Andre Galvao def. Pablo Popovitch by toehold.

Third place:
Alexandre Ribeiro def. Murilo Santana on points, 2-0.

Pablo Popovitch def. Alexandre Ribeiro by referee's decision.
Andre Galvao def. Murilo Santana by Santana incurring negative points for pulling guard.

Alexandre Ribeiro def. Gunnar Nelson on points.
Murilo Santana def. Vinny Magalhaes by referee's decision.
Andre Galvao def. Sergio Moraes on points.
Pablo Popovitch def. Victor Estima on points.

Round of 16:
Andre Galvao def. Shinzo Ansai by technical submission (RNC until asleep) at 5:53.
Sergio Moraes def. Antonio Neto by heelhook at 1:03.
Murilo Santana def. Marko Helen by armlock at 12:59.
Vinny Magalhaes def. Bruno Bastos on points.
Alexandre Ribeiro def. Jeff Monson by disqualification.
Gunnar Nelson def. Bruno Frazzato on points.
Pablo Popovitch def. Janne-Pekka Pietilainen on points.
Victor Estima def. Joao Assis on points.

Men's 66 kg Division

Rafael Mendes def. Rubens Charles due to Charles incurring a negative point for pulling guard.

Third place:
Jeff Glover def. Robson Moura by guillotine at 8:40.

Rafael Mendes def. Robson Moura on points.
Rubens Charles def. Jeff Glover on points.

Men's 77 kg Division

Marcelo Garcia def. Leo Vieira by triangle at 3:52.

Third place:
Kron Gracie def. Claudio Calasans by guillotine at 16:56.

Marcelo Garcia def. Kron Gracie on points.
Leo Vieira def. Claudio Calasans on points.

Men's 88 kg Division

Andre Galvao def. Rousimar Palhares on points.

Third place:
Pablo Popovitch def. Rafael Lovato Jr. on points.

Rousimar Palhares def. Rafael Lovato Jr. by heelhook at 6:12.
Andre Galvao def. Pablo Popovitch on points.

Men's 99 kg Division

Dean Lister def. Joao Assis by leglock at 15:38.

Third place:
Alexandre Ribeiro def. Antonio Peinado on points (Rodolfo Viera sustained an injury in Lister match and Peinado substituted).

Dean Lister def. Rodolfo Viera by heelhook at 1:35.
Joao Assis def. Alexandre Ribeiro on points.

Men's +99 kg Division

Vinny Magalhaes def. Fabricio Werdum on points.

Third place:
Roberto de Abreau def. Gerardi Rinaldi by kneebar at 0:36.

Fabricio Werdum def. Roberto de Abreau on points.
Vinny Magalhaes def. Gerardi Rinaldi on points.

Women's 60 kg Division

Kyra Gracie def. Michelle Nicolini by omoplata at 13:39.

Third place:
Luana Alzuguir def. Hashi Takayo by kneebar at 4:12.

Michelle Nicolini def. Luana Alzuguir by referee's decision.
Kyra Gracie def. Hashi Takayo by guillotine.

Women's +60 kg Division

Gabrielle Garcia def. Hannette Staack on points.

Third place:
Ida Hanssen def. Penny Thomas by kneebar at 6:11.

Gabrielle Garcia def. Penny Thomas by choke at 6:01.
Hannette Staack def. Ida Hanssen by heelhook at 9:20.

Mario Sperry def. Renzo Gracie on points.
Braulio Estima def. Jacare de Souza on points.

26-09-2011, 20:26
Jacare stopt meteen met bjj en grappling wedstrijden, jammer

26-09-2011, 22:43
Ben wel benieuwd naar beelden van de -77 kg klasse met Kron Gracie en Marcello Garcia.

26-09-2011, 22:44
Oh en natuurlijk Kyra Gracie ;)

26-09-2011, 23:21
thanks man! ben benieuwd naar werdum-monson beelden

26-09-2011, 23:42
adcc 2011 dag 1 en 2 zijn te dl op emma in flv.

26-09-2011, 23:44
Galvao heeft wel zijn visitekaartje afgegeven door met zijn 88kg de absolute divison te winnen.

27-09-2011, 03:02
hoe is het met werdum????