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16-04-2012, 10:38
Mike Passenier Says He Will Be Leaving April 11th for Big Bear To Train With Badr Hari at Shane Mosley’s Camp! Mike Passenier Will Also Be King Mo’s New Coach

Fighthype.com recently conducted an insightful interview with Badr Hari’s longtime kickboxing coach Mike Passenier. Besides giving some interesting insight into Badr Hari’s current life, he also reveals that he has started working intensely with King Mo as Mo’s new coach.
Here are some highlights of the interview

The 10th or 11th, I’ll leave for California (Big Bear) with Badr to go to the Sugar Shane Mosley training camp, fulfilling a dream of mine. On the 5th of May, I will go to Las Vegas to meet you and my friend Mike Kogan, along with my new project King Mo Lawal, and to see Shane’s fight of course.

Passenier also reveals that he is in constant contact with Badr Hari, despite Hari’s recent move to boxing:At the moment, Badr is back in Holland, so we trained a little bit and caught up with each other and next week, we are leaving for Big BEar.
I did my best to set him up with a good trainer, atmosphere, and everything else, and in my opinion, he is. Of course I miss him, but I can always call or Ping him. So we are in touch four to five days a week.