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06-05-2012, 06:08
Main card
Nate Diaz def. Jim Miller via submission (guillotine)
Johny Hendricks def. Josh Koscheck via split decision
Alan Belcher def. Rousimar Palhares via first-round TKO
Lavar Johnson def. Pat Barry via first-round TKO

Preliminary card
Michael Johnson def. Tony Ferguson via unanimous decision
John Dodson def. Tim Elliott via unanimous decision
John Hathaway def. Pascal Krauss via unanimous decision
Louis Gaudinot def. John Lineker via submission (guillotine)
Danny Castillo def. John Cholish via unanimous decision
Dennis Bermudez def. Pablo Garza by unanimous decision
Roland Delorme def. Nick Denis via submission (rear-naked choke)
Karlos Vemola def. Mike Massenzio by TKO in round 2

06-05-2012, 06:11
Roland Delorme Taps Nick Denis With One Second Left in Round

Things didn't begin so well for Canada's Roland Delorme at UFC on FOX 3, but the late part of the first round was all his.

Delorme overcame a rocky start which saw him eat a huge knee. Soon after, he proved his chin and his mettle by firing back and scoring a rear naked choke submission with just one tick left on the first-round clock.

"I've seen his last fights that when he gets in trouble, he sticks his neck out," Delorme said. "He left it out. He hits hard. I'm proof. I was rocked a little bit but it doesn't matter."

It was all Denis early, scoring with strikes while pushing forward and dictating the pace. A big knee wobbled Delorme, and Denis looked for a finish with ground strikes, but Delorme withstood the barrage.

Back to their feet, Delorme stormed back with precise strikes, hurting Denis. The fight returned to the ground, and after a scramble, Delorme was on his back. With little time to waste, he went for the choke, and got the tap just before the horn sounded.

"I was rocked but whatever," he said. "It comes with the territory. I always get rocked and come back."

Delorme, who took the fight on short notice, improved to 8-1 with his second straight octagon win. Denis dropped to 11-3.

06-05-2012, 06:12
Dennis Bermudez Slams Way to Win

Utilizing a series of highlight reel slam takedowns, Dennis Bermudez bullied his way to a UFC on FOX 3 unanimous decision win over Pablo Garza.

Bermudez, the Ultimate Fighter season 14 runner-up, took Garza sky high several times before sending him crashing to the mat. From there, his groundwork was more than enough to ensure a win by unanimous scores of 30-27.

"I've finished a few fights in my earlier career with slams, either stunning the guy or ground and pound, but not Garza," Bermudez said.

The first round was the closest, with Garza clearly hurting Bermudez with an upkick while showing an active guard. But after Bermudez weathered that storm, he outworked Garza the rest of the way.

In the third, he came close to finishing with a rear naked choke, but settled for the decision in the crowd-pleaser.

For Bermudez, it was the first win of his UFC career, and it moves him to 8-3 all-time. It was the second straight loss for Garza, who is now 11-3.

06-05-2012, 06:13
Louis Gaudinot Chokes Out John Lineker for Win

This time, it was Louis Gaudinot and John Lineker delivering. The two engaged in a wild back-and-forth match, with Gaudinot emerging with a second-round guillotine choke victory in a UFC on FOX 3 prelim fight.

The end of the early Fight of the Night candidate came off a scramble, with Lineker trying to get back to his feet. Gaudinot snatched his neck as Lineker stood up. Lineker tried to stack him against the fence, but the ref made Lineker move his hands from the chainlinks, and they fell to the mat. Gaudinot locked it in and put Lineker to

The time was 4:54 of round two.

"I love the guillotine," said Gaudinot, who was making his flyweight debut. "I actually said I was going to catch him in the third round and finish with the guillotine."

06-05-2012, 06:14
Lavar Johnson Knocks Out Pat Barry in First Round

Lavar Johnson said he had a feeling Pat Barry would try to take him to the ground. The feeling was right, and Johnson was prepared. He escaped a tenuous situation and came back to knock out Barry in the first round of their UFC on FOX matchup.

The two kept a blistering pace for the entire round. They flurried early and often, and Johnson was the first to clinch and take a breather. Near the fence, he buckled Barry with an uppercut, and Barry shot in for the takedown. Johnson initially sprawled well, but Barry drove through and got him down.

From there, Barry had him in trouble, quickly moving to side control, where he tried an Americana. Johnson was visibly grimacing, but was able to free his arm and soon get back to his feet.

It was all Johnson after that. He backed Barry against the fence and unloaded. Barry tried to cover up, but there was no way to avoid all of the firepower coming his way, and Barry eventually crumpled against the fence. Johnson pulled back before the ref even stepped in for the knockout win.

"I feel great," Johnson said. "Pat's a very tough guy and I'm very happy to be here in the UFC." The official time was 4:38 of the round. It was Johnson's second straight win in the UFC, and he's now 17-5 overall. Barry dropped to 7-5.

06-05-2012, 06:15
Alan Belcher Knocks Out Rousimar Palhares

Alan Belcher walked into the cage saying he wasn't afraid of Rousimar Palhares' submission game, and he proved he was up to the task of shutting it down.

Despite finding himself in some precarious positions, Belcher worked free time and time again, and after weathering the storm, he found himself on top. From there, he used good old-fashioned ground and pound to finish the Brazilian in the first round of their UFC on FOX 3 fight.

Things didn't look great for Belcher early. Palhares easily took him down in the opening minute, and after a scramble, Belcher tried a twister, but soon found Palhares attacking with a leglock.

Palhares stayed on the limb for a while, but Belcher had no problem escaping. From the top, he smashed Palhares with a series of punches and elbows until ref Dan Miragliotta stepped in for the stoppage.
The time was 4:18.

"Why don't you guys ask Toquihno who the baddest man in MMA on the ground is?" Belcher said afterward.
It was clearly the biggest win in the career of Belcher, who at one point missed over one year in the octagon due to an injury that threatened to force him out of the fight game.

Belcher improved to 18-6 with his fourth straight win.

"I was so ready," he said. "I wasn't scared. I just wanted to prove I could beat the most dangerous guy on the ground. And baby that belt is mine, I'm going for it."

Palhares fell to 14-4.

06-05-2012, 06:17
Johny Hendricks Takes Split Decision Over Josh Koscheck

The UFC welterweight division has a new contender. In a close fight, Johny Hendricks outlasted Josh Koscheck to take a split decision win at UFC on FOX 3.
The judges scored the bout 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

"That's one tough dude, man," Hendricks said. "I hit him with everything I got. Everything I could. Hat's off to that dude. He's a real fighter."

Hendricks best moment came in the third when he clearly wobbled Koscheck with a series of left hands. But his worst moment came in the same round, when Koscheck took him down and worked from the top for the final two minutes.
It was that kind of fight, with many momentum turns throughout.

The first round was close, featuring Koscheck walking down Hendricks for long stretches. Hendricks seemed comfortable fighting with his back against the fence, but it opened up some holes for Koscheck to fire off and land.

Hendricks did land the round's only takedown two minutes in, but he couldn't hold him there as Koscheck popped up quickly.
The second was quite similar, with both men looking to land their big punch -- for Koscheck and overhand left, for Hendricks a left hook -- with little success. That left lots of jockeying for position against the fence, with both men trying to show off their wrestling pedigrees. Hendricks scored two in the round but again was able to do little with them.

Hendricks had his best striking success in the third, rocking Koscheck with a looping left. A series of follow-up strikes had Koscheck moving backwards until he could initiate a clinch for recovery. That ended up being a wise decision, because moments later, Koscheck took him down and held him to the mat for the final two minutes. Though his strikes from the top weren't overwhelming, it seemed like it could be enough to let Koscheck steal the fight. But it was not to be.

Instead, the welterweight division has a new contender.

"Give me that title," Hendricks said. "Give me it. I want to bring it home to Texas."

Hendricks' fourth straight win made him 13-1 overall. Koscheck fell to 17-6.

06-05-2012, 06:18
Nate Diaz Submits Jim Miller in Main Event

Nick Diaz was supposed to be the first brother to earn a shot at UFC gold, but instead, it might be younger brother Nate Diaz getting thrust into a shot at the championship.

The Stockton, Calif. native came into Jim Miller's home state and overwhelmed him, leading to a second-round guillotine submission win at UFC on FOX 3. It was the first time in Miller's career he has been stopped, as all of his previous losses have come via decision.

The victory sends Diaz surging up the lightweight ladder, and potentially in line to fight the Ben Henderson vs. Frankie Edgar winner.

Miller didn't get off to a bad start.

In fact, the first round trended his way early, as he punched his way into the clinch and worked to the body while holding Diaz against the fence. That was the early trend, which Diaz finally bucked when he scored a smashing left hand that sent Miller down. Miller recovered quickly but it was clearly the best punch of the round.

But early in the second, it was clear that Diaz had found his rhythm, as he started taunting Miller and inviting him in. Miller didn't shy away from contact, once running in with a flying knee, but Diaz was in control from that point forward, scoring with left hands and knees to the body.

The end came when Miller went low for a takedown. Diaz wrapped his hand around Miller's neck, and Miller tried a trip takedown, but Diaz sunk in the guillotine and they ended up on the ground. Diaz ended up with the choke mounted, and Miller had no choice but to tap out.

"He had my number," Miller said. "Nate is a tough guy. I knew it was going to be a tough fight coming in. He was landing strikes and hurting me."

It was clearly the biggest win of Diaz's career. Before the fight, UFC president Dana White had said that a victory could put him in line for a lightweight title shot.

"I'm trying to be No. 1 in this world," Diaz said.

He may have to wait for a while to get a shot at the belt though. Frankie Edgar and Ben Henderson have to settle their newfound rivalry first, and Anthony Pettis may also have something to say about Diaz jumping him in line.

The win -- his third straight in the UFC -- made Diaz 16-7.

Miller fell to 21-4.

06-05-2012, 06:32
UFC on FOX 3 Bonuses:

Nate Diaz's nasty guillotine choke of Jim Miller didn't just earn him a likely title shot against the winner of September's Ben Henderson-Frankie Edgar lightweight title rematch. It gave him a heavier wallet.

Diaz's slick finish earned him submission of the night honors, meaning he'll pocket an extra $65,000 on the evening.

Diaz's efforts edged out a pair of strong submissions: Roland Delmore's rear-naked choke of Nick Denis that finished their fight with one second left in the first round, and Louis Gaudinot's guillotine of John Lineker, which stopped their bout with six seconds left in round two.

Gaudinot didn't walk away empty-handed, though. His flyweight bout with Lineker, which was two rounds of nonstop action, earned fight of the night honors. Both fighters pocketed $65,000.

Also leaving town with an extra 65 grand was heavyweight Lavar Johnson, who scored KO of the night for his first-round finish of Pat Barry. With Johnson winging about three dozen punches in his finishing flurry before the fight was called off, that comes out to about $1,800 per punch.

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diaz broertjes altijd mooi om ze te zien vechten en te horen praten

mooi event

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Alan Belcher just made my day... Wat heb ik toch een schijthekel aan die palharis.

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Alan Belcher just made my day... Wat heb ik toch een schijthekel aan die palharis.

Absoluut Tony! Mooiste moment van de hele avond was de opzet naar een twister van Belcher. Ik ben geen hele grote BJJ kenner maar dit was een hele mooie pot

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Absoluut Tony! Mooiste moment van de hele avond was de opzet naar een twister van Belcher. Ik ben geen hele grote BJJ kenner maar dit was een hele mooie pot

Ik vond het spectakulairder dat er voor het eerst in MMA (dat ik het weet iig) met de 50-50 guard gewerkt werd ;)

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