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04-12-2012, 10:19

04-12-2012, 16:22
It would be for free, and it would be some place where there are no witnesses. I'm hoping it wouldn't get to that, and I don't know why it would come about, but if that's what he wants, he can get it any time he wants.

Jaaaaaaaaaa hooooor.

04-12-2012, 17:20
HAHAHA! Make it happen!!

04-12-2012, 19:54
Zal wel geld nodig hebben

04-12-2012, 20:05
Wat een flapdrol is het ook hè... :fp:

de Stiep
04-12-2012, 22:15
Seagal would win if it was no holds barred:
- Couture would take exactly 10 seconds to take him down and mount him. Then he would have to decide what to do so he doesn't get bad publicity for seriously hurting a downed old man.
- He would go for a submission. Armbar. Seagal would say "go ahead, break it".
- Couture would let go of the armbar, take him to the ground again as he tried to get up and mount him again. This time, he would pound him, but not so hard as to deform. Seagal wouldn't tap to strikes.
- Couture would finally go for the choke. He would render Seagal unconscious, gently put him on the ground and walk away.
- Seagal would wake up, go after Couture and say "come back here you pussy!". "Screw you, I'm not a murderer" Couture would say, walking away without looking back. Seagal would forever after say he beat Couture, not bragging about it, just answering when asked.

Tja. Dit dus :(

04-12-2012, 22:29
Ja ja, lach maar, Randy zou zijn kont geschopt krijgen, door de lucht vliegen en in een wereld van pijn leven.


05-12-2012, 07:21
omg het zal toch niet he