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26-06-2013, 13:57
Former world champion Vernon Forrest shot to death.
Former two-division world champion Vernon Forrest was shot and killed Saturday night during an attempted robbery, police said Sunday.
Fulton County medical examiner Michele Stauffenberg confirmed the case was a homicide and that the autopsy showed Forrest died from "multiple gunshot wounds involving the torso and thigh." Sgt. Lisa Keyes said a police report on the shooting was not immediately available.
WSB Radio in Atlanta first reported the shooting, citing a police spokesman. Forrest, who was 38, lived in Atlanta and was an Augusta, Ga., native.
Lt. Keith Meadows told the radio station that Forrest was shot seven or eight times -- at least once in the head -- as he chased at least two men who had tried to steal his Jaguar as he put air in its tires at an Atlanta gas station. Forrest had a gun and confronted the men, who fatally wounded him with two semiautomatic weapons, according to police.
"At this point we have a general description of at least two black males driving a red Monte Carlo," Meadows said, according to the report.
Keyes said that there are no official suspects at this time.
Promoter Gary Shaw, who had two stints as Forrest's promoter, said, "It's 100 percent confirmed. He's dead. I will say this about him -- he was a decent human being. His work with kids, I think people knew how much he cared for kids, underprivileged and mentally challenged people. He was a real decent human being outside the ropes."
Charles Watson, the boxer's manager, said police and witnesses told him that Forrest had stopped at a gas station to put air in his car tire when a man approached asking for money.
"Somehow, Vernon had his wallet out and the guy snatched his wallet and started running," Watson said. "Vernon pursued after him. The guy turned the corner and Vernon didn't see him. He turned around to go back to the car. That's when he started firing."
Watson said that Forrest's 11-year-old godson was with him but had gone into the convenience store and did not witness the shooting.
"What can you say? Alexis Arguello, Arturo Gatti and Vernon Forrest all leaving us within 30 days? I think it's a little much for our sport to handle," Shaw said, referring to the recent high-profile deaths of two other boxing stars. "The violence, the guns have to go. Violence belongs inside the ropes. Not outside them. It's just senseless. Maybe boxing ought to dedicate itself to keeping the violence inside the ropes and try to send that message out to the world."
Gatti, a former two-time champion who retired in 2007, was found dead July 11 at a Brazilian resort. Gatti's wife, Amanda Rodrigues, is being held as the prime suspect.
Arguello, another former champion, was found dead on July 1 at his home in Managua, Nicaragua, in an apparent suicide. He was elected mayor of Nicaragua's capital last year.
Forrest's trainer, Buddy McGirt, also worked with Gatti. McGirt said Forrest planned to start training Aug. 1 for his next fight.
"I just feel so bad, he has a son you know," McGirt said. "Someone is going to be raised without a father because somebody wanted to rob someone."
Manager Al Haymon was too broken up to talk about Forrest, the first fighter he signed to what would become an all-star stable.

Alweer bijna 4 jaar geleden. Was toen echt tragisch, Gatti en Forrest in korte tijd allebei overleden. Gatti als held en hall of famer in de sport en Forrest als opkomend talent. Tragisch dat zulke dingen moeten gebeuren voor vervangbaar materiaal. Zelfde geldt als de moord op Trevor Berbick, door zijn bloedeigen neef. Mooie highlight hierboven van toch een talentvolle bokser met een gouden toekomst voor zich.

26-06-2013, 14:17
herinner me met name de partijen tegen mosley nog wel

26-06-2013, 14:19
Die tegen Mora waren ook allebei gruwelijk. Echt triest dat je om sieraden door een paar ventjes wordt vermoord als prof bokser.