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30-01-2016, 01:53
Buakaw fighting MMA seems to be something that could soon be a reality. The most popular Muay Thai fighter might be on his way to make his MMA debut.

There is no word as to when the MMA debut will occur, but after his most recent fight at Kunlun Fight 36 in China he agreed to fight MMA for the promotion. This is expected to take place in his next appearance for Kunlun Fight against Yi Long. After the event Long came into the ring and challenged Buakaw to the match and he accepted.

Buakaw faced Yi Long under Kickboxing rules in mid 2015 at Wu Lin Feng World Championship 2015 and won a decision. Pictures of Buakaw training Jiu Jitsu have surfaced online throughout the last year, although how serious he has taken his MMA training is unknown.

There are still a lot of questions that remain to be answered regarding his MMA debut, mainly when will be the next time he fights for Kunlun Fight. Buakaw’s last two fights have been for Kunlun Fight so that MMA debut could be sooner than later. This could simply be a one time deal and not a permanent transition, but only time will tell.


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Leuk om te zien! Zie Buakaw sowieso graag met de besten!

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Hoor die verhalen nu al een paar jaar.