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18-06-2016, 11:29
Sitthichai Seeks Vengeance in RVR Rematch at Glory 31

Muay Thai Guyís Angela Chang Sits Down with Sitthichai

http://www.muay-thai-guy.com/wp-content/uploads/D4S_0347.0.0-1024x682.jpgNovember 6, 2015. This was the day that the martial arts community was split in an uproar over the decision between Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong and Robin Van Roosmalen (RVR).

At just 24 years old, Sitthichai has been rising through the ranks of the kickboxing world since he made the transition from Muay Thai (http://www.muay-thai-guy.com/muay-thai-kickboxing.html) just a few years ago. Many said Sitthichai dominated all five rounds and was robbed blind. Others talked about Robin blocking all of Sitthichaiís kicks, and securing the win. The Muay Thai and Dutch kickboxing community still argue about the fight to this day, and many cried for a rematch.

I sat down with Sitthichai as he shared his thoughts on his upcoming rematch against RVR on June 25 at Glory 31.

Angela Chang: The last time you fought Robin Van Roosmalen, much of the kickboxing community was upset at the decision. How did you feel when it wasnít your hand they raised?
Sitthichai: I was surprised because I thought I won for sure. I was surprised at the decision, and very disappointed and shocked.

AC: RVR talked about how he ďblockedĒ many of your kicks with his gloves, which, to many, didnít happen much at all. Whatís your reaction to that?
S: Even though he said he blocked and what I did didnít cause damage, if you look at the criteria that they (use to) score, itís similar to Muay Thai. And even with their criteria, I still shouldíve won.

AC: Are you focusing on anything different this time around in training and in the fight?
S: Yes, Iím going to change the style I fight a little bit and the strategy as well, but I canít reveal what it is.

AC: Do you feel a bit of vengeance for Glory 31? Like, you possibly have something to prove?
S: Yeah, I feel vengeance, even towards my opponent because he didnít admit that he got a lucky decision. So, I have to prove that Iím a better fighter.

AC: The rematch will take place in Holland, where you will be surrounded by Van Roosemalenís home crowd. How does that make you feel? Does it make you feel nervous at all?
S: I probably will feel more pressure because itís Van Roosmalenís hometown, and most of the crowd will probably be on his side.


AC: Who are you ready to fight next in your kickboxing career?
S: I would like to fight Giorgio Petrosyan, if itís possible. I donít believe Van Roosmalen is the best fighter under K1 or kickboxing rules. I think that Petrosyan is the best and I want to fight the best. And just prove to the world who the best kickboxer is on the planet at 70 kg.

AC: What do you have to say to RVR and Glory about this rematch?
S: To Robin, for sure, letís meet again and weíll see who the better man is. And for Glory, please ensure that they have good ring officials in place and the better fighter will get the fair decision. And that the better fighter will win.

AC: What do you want to say to your fans?
S: I would like to invite as many of my fans to come and cheer me on as much as possible, and give me support for the fight.

18-06-2016, 11:33
Ik ben erg benieuwd naar dit gevecht. De vorige keer had Sittichai duidelijk gewonnen. Het is sowieso belachelijk dat hij zich hierna nog moest kwalificeren voor een rematch.

Bij bijna elk Glory event is er wel een vreemde uitslag en bij bijna elke wedstrijd is er een jurylid bij die de wedstrijd precies het tegenovergestelde jureert als de rest.

18-06-2016, 13:09
Ik ben sowieso voor Sittichai, Robin is een goede kickbokser maar hangt net onder de top. En deze beslissing is al genoeg over gezegd, Robin had kunnen toegeven dat hij verloren had maar dat zat er blijkbaar niet in.

BIG Lebowski
19-06-2016, 00:03
Glory maakt zichzelf belachelijk met zijn scheidsrechters en hun beslissingen. De kampioenen moete vooral niet verliezen. Ook zo bij Murthel tegen Holzken. Waardeloos, train je dan maanden voor. Vorige Glory was leuk, maar deze keer laat ik aan me voorbij gaan.