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25-06-2016, 15:03
Steven 'the Warman' Wright maakte voor Liverkick een pound 4 pound top 15 met de beste dames kickboksers in de wereld. In deze lijst maar liefst 5 landgenoten. Dit levert dan weer een leuke top 5 op van de Nederlandse vechtsters gezien door internationale ogen.

Hieronder de link naar het oorspronkelijke artikel:


Hieronder de top 5 van de Nederlandse dames in deze lijst met ook de uitleg van Steven Wright erbij:


https://scontent-ams3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/11036699_829883170380521_9073360383077528007_n.jpg ?oh=2d9cb290a76c5aa47b44033ae5853e18&oe=57F91F8C

Jorina Baars is amazing. She has the combination to low kick game down, uses her length well, and is getting victories in Muay Thai, which isn't even her best stand up sport(she is a better kickboxer). Victories over Martina Jindrova(twice), Chantel Ughi (twice), Anissa Haddaoui and the most important win in the history of women's Muay Thai, a dominate victory over the unbeatable MMA star Cyborg Santos. Outside of that there isn't much talent in the higher weight classes so her inevitable fight with new Lion Fight signee Antonina Shevchenko is an opportunity to move up.


She is the best 57kg fighter on the planet. Denise has wins over Ilona Wijmans(controversial), Lindsey Haycraft Sheer, Vicky Church, Lucy Payne, Lucia Krajcovic, Cindy Huyer, and a big win over Tiffany van Soest at a time when most felt they were one and two in the world. Denise is fresh off a win in Bellator's kickboxing league so more to come from the Dutch/Suriname fighter


Activity is the only reason why Jemyma isn't higher. Outside of a draw to Tiffany van Soest, Betrian is unblemished. No loses in kickboxing and wins over Christi Brereton, E Meidie, and Wang Kehan in an epic fight. She hasn't fought kickboxing in two years, but also hasn't committed to MMA full so she makes the list.


Samantha is on fire right now. Sure, she has been beaten by the top women on this list. But she has won three straight over Australia's Sam Brown, Ilona Wijmans(2015 Fight of the Year), and Patrizia Gibelli


Fresh off a tournament win over all action star Ilona Wijman's and Sheena Windershoven she enters the top 15. She will have to be more consistent to move up in the rankings.

Daarnaast enkele eervolle vermeldingen van vechters die net buiten de lijst vallen. Hieruit opmakend staat ILONA WIJMANS op 6 en RACHEL ADAMUS op 7.

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