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08-09-2004, 06:41
Overal word gezegd dat Crocop Vs Barnett bijna rond is maar ik lees nu weer hele andere dingen :


The next Pride heavyweight event, titled "High Octane", is booked for October 31st at Saitama Super Arena. The only fight announced at this point is Wanderlei Silva defending the Pride Middleweight title against Quinton Jackson. It seems doubtful that the rematch between Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Fedor Emelianenko will take place on this show as Nogueira is having surgery in mid-September on his elbow (credit: puroresupower.com) and almost certainly would not be ready in time for a fight with Fedor at the end of October. Mark Coleman also confirmed in an interview elsewhere on the site that Pride is looking at booking him on the October 31st event and have mentioned Mirko Cro Cop to him, but that's very far from being official and will probably change drastically by the time the event rolls around. Typically, Pride will probably wait until within a couple of weeks of the show before having any solid lineup announced. The event will air on same-day tape delay in North America.

Rumored Lineup for Pride 10/31:
Wanderlei Silva vs. Quinton Jackson (Pride Middleweight title)
Mark Coleman vs. TBA

Nothing has been directly offered to Josh Barnett in writing in regards to a potential Mirko Cro Cop fight on October 31st. Barnett currently has a long term contract with New Japan, who act as his manager in Japan, and if a deal were to be worked out for Barnett to fight in Pride, it would have to be done through New Japan. Odds are against Barnett signing a long-term or multi-fight deal up front with Pride simply because of his contract status with New Japan. It is possible that after fighting once in Pride, Barnett could be brought back again, and that shouldn't be a problem. We contacted Mirko Cro Cop's camp in Croatia and was told that Mirko is currently on vacation. I haven't heard anything from Mirko nor his management in regards to the fight, and I'll try and get ahold of Mirko when his vacation is finished.

I think whomever would win this fight would clearly be in line for a title shot in Pride. I think it would make more sense to book Mirko against Kevin Randleman in order to avenge the loss to Randleman, as odds are Mirko isn't going to lose to him twice, or at least against Mark Coleman, because if Mirko beat Coleman, than the argument would be that at least Mirko defeated Randleman's teammate, who is a bigger name than Randleman is. I think Randleman's loss to Ron Waterman on August 15th hurts the idea of doing the Mirko-Randleman rematch, so I think Mirko vs. Coleman would be a better fight for business than Mirko vs. Barnett. I also think Mirko would stand a better chance of defeating Coleman than he would of defeating Barnett, although there's certainly the possibility that he could knock Barnett out. They're already clearly building Mirko for a title shot by booking him against Fedor's brother, Aleksander Emelianenko, in a fight he won on August 15th.

08-09-2004, 09:02
Lol Coleman denkt wat Randleman kan kan ik ook , en hij kon wel eens gelijk hebben Crocop heeft een zware dobber aan worstelaars met een GnP stijl ..........................

10-09-2004, 21:54
mwoaah... coleman is niet zo explosief met GNP als randleman, en ik denk dat die het een 2e x het er ook niet zo easy vanaf zou brengen