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17-09-2004, 09:37
K-1 Oceania Max will be held at the newly opened Trusts Stadium in Waitakere City, Auckland (New

Zealand) on November 5th. An eight-man K-1 Max tournament is scheduled to highlight the event along with

Super Fights to round out the card. Tickets are available at:


Line-up (no particular order):

Fight 1 - Super Fight

Jason Suttie vs. Peter Graham

Fight 2 - Super Fight

Jason Vemoa vs. Aaron Boyes

Eight Man Middleweight (Max) Tournament Participants:

- Brad Aird (Australia)

- Shane Chapman (New Zealand)

- Prince Hamid (New Zealand)

- Arslan Magaomedov (Russia)

- Rex Redden (New Zealand)

- Jordan Tai (New Zealand)

- Two fighters still to be announced

Also expected to participate in Super Fights:

- Pola Mataele

- Alexy Ignashov

17-09-2004, 10:13
ah toch nog 1 naam die het opleukt

17-09-2004, 10:36
Idd ja

17-09-2004, 12:30
zeker weten

Gulo gulo
17-09-2004, 14:58
Peter Graham is toch een zwaargewicht?

17-09-2004, 16:41
peter graham is inderdaad een zwaargewicht. hij heeft verleden jaar gevochten in de k-1 finale

Gulo gulo
17-09-2004, 17:11
Ja idd ik zie het al hij vecht in de Superfight :roll: