View Full Version : Olympisch Kampioen Rulon Gardner naar Pride FC

30-10-2004, 17:47
Ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls, now it's official.

DSE announced that Rulon Gardner, gold medalist from the Sydney Olympics and bronze medalist from the Athens Olympics, signed a contract for multiple fights in PRIDE.

His debut fight will be arranged for Pride NYE event this year.
The rule for his debut fight is not a lame special rule, but an official Pride rule. Though his opponent has not been decided yet, Rulon is asking for a top fighter. DSE's current idea is to come up with a style vs style match-up.

After letting him have some time to get used to fighting MMA, Pride wants to match him up with top fighters such as Fedor and Nog or Japanese fighters such as Ogawa and Yoshida sooner or later. His future plan in Pride includes participation in 2006 HW GP.

He decided to fight MMA just after the Athens Olympics having completed a long negotiation with Pride over a year saying "I want to test my wrestling experience on the world's best stage" and refusing another lucrative offer by WWE.

He is now training in 'Team Quest' along with Dan Henderson. Dan Henderson is likely to be in Rulon's corner for his Pride debut match.

Gardner has already arrived in Japan to attend Pride 'High Octane'..



30-10-2004, 18:45
Pride is de SHIT!!!!!!!

30-10-2004, 21:02
cool. een van de beste Greco-Roman wrestler van de wereld , die zijn skills in et MMA probeert. Ik hoop dat hij succes vol is.

31-10-2004, 17:05
Lijkt me vet om te zien! :)

31-10-2004, 17:07
Hij vecht tegen Yoshida 31 December