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He won a unanimous decision against Joval, it wasn't a dominant display though, but he landed the harder punches overall, early in the fight he wasn't too agressive, but he started to let his punches fly later in the fight, and had Joval hurt a couple of times. Joval looked like a dirty fighter, he gave a hard punch to Vargas in the nuts, and then he started punching him while he wasn't defending, the ref didn't see it

Helaas verloren dus...

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Vargas decisions Joval!
Saturday, March 26 2005

By Jose Reyes at ringside

Former two-time 154lb champion Fernando Vargas (24-2, 24 KOs) returned from a 15 month layoff to win a hard fought unanimous decision over Raymond Joval (33-3, 15 KOs) on Saturday night at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. Joval pressed the fight early on while Vargas connected with the more accurate punches. Vargas connected with a big left hook to push Joval back in round two. Joval continued to apply pressure in rounds three and four, but Vargas' punches seemed more effective. Joval continued to set the pace until round eight when he was cut over the left eye and Vargas went on the attack and punished Joval for the rest of the round. Joval hurt Vargas with a low blow and several hard shots, but Fernando fought back hard. Joval might have pulled out the final round, but it was too little, too late. Scores were 98-92, 96-94, 97-93.

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El Tranquilo - Vargas Returns with Decision Win Over Joval
By Thomas Gerbasi (March 27, 2005)
It wasn’t a prime Fernando Vargas tonight at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas, and it wasn’t a washed up ‘El Feroz’, but there was enough Vargas to earn a unanimous ten round decision over Raymond Joval in the former junior middleweight champion’s first bout in 15 months.

Scores were 98-92, 96-94, and 97-93 for Vargas, who was making his first start since a win over Tony Marshall in December of 2003. A bad back had kept the Oxnard, California native on the shelf after the Marshall bout, but with new trainer Danny Smith at the helm in the corner, Vargas returned, fighting a disciplined, if not overly compelling, fight.

“I wanted to come back and try new things,? said Vargas. “They may not have been as sharp as I wanted them to be, but I’m my own worst critic.?

There was little action in the opening minute, with Vargas picking up the pace shortly after as he opened up with hooks to the head and body while working calmly as a controlled technician.

Vargas scored well as the second began, letting Joval lead as he countered. Joval kept the pressure on though, doing his best to impose his will on Vargas as he tried to force him into situations that would make Vargas’ back act up. But in the final 30 seconds, ‘El Feroz’ landed the best shot of the round, a jarring left hook that briefly staggered his opponent.

Joval got right back to business in the third, quickly moving back into the role of aggressor and landing a good right hand early in the stanza. Vargas fought back well though, jabbing and landing to the head and body as the two battled at close quarters for much of the round.

The busy work rate of Joval continued in round four, with Vargas continuing to backpedal as he looked for openings for his jab and counter hooks. And while Vargas was landing the harder blows, Joval’s pitter-pat shots piled up points.

The pattern stayed true to form in the fifth round, with Vargas showing off some of the defensive stylings taught to him by Smith while Joval just kept throwing punches wherever he could land them – head, body, or arms.

In the sixth, the pace dipped, with the only significant action coming when a light body shot by Vargas put an off-balance Joval on the canvas, only to have referee Laurence Cole rule it a slip.

Round seven was more of the same, with Vargas focused on digging hooks and uppercuts to the body for much of the round.

The eighth saw a cut open up on the right eyelid of Joval as Vargas started moving forward, looking to end the fight as the packed house finally erupted. And just when it seemed that Joval had weathered the storm, a stiff right hand put him in serious trouble just before the bell intervened.

Vargas came out fast in the ninth, and Joval met his aggression head on. But it wasn’t until a low blow by Joval (missed by Cole) that Vargas really let his hands go, hurting the Dutchman, though he wasn’t able to take him out.

Courageous from bell to bell, Joval fought the final round like he fought the previous nine – moving forward and throwing punches. Unfortunately, Vargas’ cleaner shots and ring generalship were enough to get him ten good rounds of work and a victory.

With the victory, Vargas improves to 25-2 with 22 KOs. Joval falls to 33-4 with 15 KOs.

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Disciplined Vargas decisions game Joval

"Ferocious" Fernando Vargas didn't come into the ring with a white tiger Saturday night in Corpus Christi, Texas but his fans screamed the love for this emotive, expressive boxer-bomber from Oxnard, California, on HBOs's Boxing After Dark main event against Ray Joval, from The Netherlands, ex-WBO champion.

Vargas, 162, backed up to look for counterpunching shots against the aggressive, always pressing Joval. Both fighters looked for the jab to the body early in the fight, as both fighters missed their power shots to the head. Vargas, 25 (22), let Joval take the lead, attempting to keep his cool, extending his disciplined counter punching regiment that trainer Danny Smith and Vargas have been working over time on implementing.

In the second, Vargas' left hook came out of a 16 month hiatus. Joval, 33-3 (15), landed to the body of the Aztec Warrior in the second, working his combinations landing only marginally. While fending off a Joval attack, with 26 seconds left, a double left hook by Vargas rocked Joval. Vargas measured and attacked as Joval pushed and counter bombed just enough to get out of the round. In the third, Joval tires to use his high work rate to keep Vargas in check, a right hand landed on Vargas with some authority. Joval threw and scored with left uppercuts, as Vargas worked the body with his left and right hands. The pace picked up with Joval on the attack late in the third. No question that Vargas was fighting the most disciplined fight since his win over Winky Wright back in the 20th Century, retreating and jabbing his way into hard counter hitting opportunities.

Through the fourth Joval attacked to pin Vargas on the ropes, his punches not on the mark, but his sheer volume a product of his reflex ability to letting his hands go continuously. With a minute to go, Vargas tries to go forward for the first time in the fight and still Joval just keeps punching, though his punches were telegraphed and generally lacked speed to the target.

In the fourth Vargas landed 20 of 44 and though Joval threw just over 100 he only was credited for landing 16. Effectively, that disparity enumerated by the numbers defines the fight through the fifth. Notably, Joval landed more in the fifth than in any previous round and the first hard left hook followed up by Vargas rocked Joval. It's as if Vargas is pacing himself, given his time away from the ring.

Vargas goes to the body early in the sixth with left hooks. Joval, who weighed 175 by fight time, kept up the torrent of punches thrown, if not always landed, throughout the sixth. At 1:10 Joval's body shots and seven head shots has Vargas recoiling until a left hook to the body seems to have decked Joval at 37 seconds. However, referee Laurence Cole calls a slip. Near the bell, a straight right hand and seems to rock Joval again, even though Joval's shoes seems to slip late in the round on the wet canvas. With Joval throwing sometimes three times the punches that Vargas attempted, Vargas was fighting far too economically. Finally, Vargas goes to the body in the last thirty seconds of the seventh and rips into Joval with a torrent of punches looking to end the box-off.

Joval's corner reminded their man that he was in top shape and felt he should push Vargas, given his long lay off due to his back injury. Joval was cut at two minutes of the eighth above the left eye lid. Vargas sensed vulnerability and attacked with his signature left hook. Suddenly Joval pressed into taking big punches, responded in kind. A monster right hand by Vargas with ten seconds left in the round, had Vargas surging into an attack with hard left hooks and straight right hands, with most landing cleanly.

Joval comes out for the ninth throwing as hard as he can and Vargas countering with hard shots. Vargas claimed he was hit low at 1:49 and Joval attacked with referee Cole not acknowledging the shot was low of the belt. Vargas surged back but he's just not as sharp with his punching accuracy as usual, such was the general effects of ring rust. Having said that, Vargas' connect rate as tallied by CompuBox was at 57%; the number more a reflection of Joval's lack of defensive quality than Vargas' ability to land.

If Vargas wanted a good work out to get back into his career rhythm, Joval was the perfect opponent. Trainer Danny Smith, in Vargas' corner, must have worried about the fighters lack of punching pop, but in fairness to Vargas, Joval was a light-heavyweight body in front of him. The good news for team Vargas was his disciplined approach to fighting a very fit, willing and resilient big man.

Going to the score cards, the judges all saw Vargas as the unanimous decision victor: Jesse Benavides 97-93; Ray Hawkins 96-94; Jess Reyes 98-92.

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27 Mar 2005
by Jake Donovan, from the living room couch

Former two-time junior middleweight titlist Fernando Vargas returned to the ring following a fifteen month layoff, scoring a unanimous decision win over middleweight contender Raymond Joval in front of a sold-out arena at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. The bout was aired by HBO's Boxing After Dark (apologies to those on the Left Coast who read this before the tape-delayed broadcast airs in your neck of the woods).

Fans expecting to see the fire-breathing "Feroz" of old may have been a bit disappointed, but had to be impressed with Fernando's poise and defense, two things never previously synonymous with his career. Joval threw more than twice as many punches throughout the bout (990-486), but Fernando landed 65 more (202-137) and was far more accurate (51% - 17%).

Unlike your standard Vargas fight, there were not much fireworks to talk about. Vargas' game plan from the outset was to pick his spots, land with enough conviction to keep Joval honest, and keep his chin firmly tucked to his chest at all times. Vargas succeeded in all three areas, even if Joval looked to control the tempo throughout.

To his credit (and lord knows Lampley and Merchant were in no hurry to give him any), Joval did an excellent job of coming forward and rarely getting discouraged by Vargas' power punches or the heavily pro-Vargas crowd. It wasn't until Joval suffered a cut on his left eyelid midway through the eighth round did he become unraveled. For a brief moment, the Fernando of old surfaced the moment he spotted blood, and for the first time in the fight, Joval was backing up and not throwing punches.

With Laurence Cole serving as referee, blown calls were anticipated, and Cole did not let us down. A slip in the sixth round could have went either way, so the fact that it was a non-knockdown call is forgivable. However, Cole just seemed happy to be in the same ring as the contestants later in the fight, as Joval landed a right hand well south of the border. Vargas grimaced in pain, anticipating a break in the action. However, in doing so, he failed to practice what is told to every fighter by a referee before the start of a contest - protect yourself at all times. Joval took advantage, and cracked Fernando with a big right hand. With Cole too far out of position to have noticed the low blow, Vargas was forced to fight his way out of trouble, and managed to do just that before coasting through the rest of the fight.

The bout was far closer than the HBO cheerle... er, broadcast team made it out to be (with the exception of Emmanuel Steward, who was the only one in the booth to witness the same bout that most of the fans at home saw). The scores were unanimous for Vargas, though Ray Hawkins seemed to be the closest to reality with a score of 96-94. Jesse Reyes saw the bout 97-93 and former WBO junior featherweight champion Jesse Benavides had Fernando winning 98-92.

Vargas himself didn't believe he dominated the fight, and was actually very tough on himself when asked to assess his performance. "I give myself a 3 1/2 or a 4" was his response to Larry Merchant during the HBO post-fight interview. For a fighter recovering from a bulging disc injury, and fighting for the first time in fifteen months and against a legitimate middleweight, very few could argue that he fought well enough to prove that the rest served him well.

Where he goes from here remains to be seen, though he apparently seems himself returning to 154, where he has spent most of his eight year (that's it?!) career. "To Javier Castilliejo... I have my eye on the WBC (junior middleweight) belt," Vargas told Merchant before being rudely interrupted. "I want to win the WBC belt, as I believe it will get me into position to get a rematch with Tito Trinidad and Oscar de la Hoya." Trinidad and de la Hoya represent his only two losses, against 25 wins (22 by KO).

Joval drops to 33-4 (15KO) with the loss, his second in his past three fights.

The fight was the main event to a seven-fight card promoted by Main Events, in association with DiBella Entertainment and Miller Lite.

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Dat is balen....

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jammer zeg, maar hij heeft wel een leeuwenpartij gedraaid!

Gulo gulo
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Zonde, maar het is wel gelukt om te blijven staan. Hij heeft zich toch weer een klein beetje bewezen.

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14.55 op studio sport (ned.2) 5 minuutjes...

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Bokser Joval verliest eervol in Texas
Uitgegeven: 27 maart 2005 11:25

CORPUS CHRISTI - Profbokser Raymond Joval heeft zaterdag in Corpus Christi (Texas, VSt) zijn meerdere moeten erkennen in Fernando Vargas, oud-wereldkampioen van de IBF en WBA.

De 36-jarige Amsterdammer gaf de 27-jarige Amerikaan, van Mexicaanse afkomst, uitstekend partij. Na tien ronden viel de juryscore in het voordeel uit van Vargas, die met de hulp van betaalzender HBO terug naar de top wordt geleid.

Voor Joval was het de vierde nederlaag in zijn 37e profpartij. Vargas behaalde de 25e zege in zijn 27e profpartij. Joval incasseerde voor Nederlandse boksbegrippen een hoge gage, meer dan 100.000 dollar. Nooit eerder verdiende de voormalige wereldkampioen van de IBO zoveel met een bokspartij.

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Bokser Joval verliest eervol in Texas

E CORPUS CHRISTI - Profbokser Raymond Joval heeft zaterdag in Corpus Christi (Texas, VSt) zijn meerdere moeten erkennen in Fernando Vargas, oud-wereldkampioen van de IBF en WBA. De 36-jarige Amsterdammer gaf de 27-jarige Amerikaan, van Mexicaanse afkomst, uitstekend partij. Na tien ronden viel de juryscore in het voordeel uit van Vargas, die met de hulp van betaalzender HBO terug naar de top wordt geleid.

Voor Joval was het de vierde nederlaag in zijn 37e profpartij. Vargas behaalde de 25e zege in zijn 27e profpartij. Joval incasseerde voor Nederlandse boksbegrippen een hoge gage, meer dan 100.000 dollar. Nooit eerder verdiende de voormalige wereldkampioen van de IBO zoveel met een bokspartij.

"Ik heb me tegen Vargas goed verdedigd", vond Joval, die komende week terugkeert naar Nederland. "Ik was zelfs de jagende bokser in de ring. Ik kan mezelf weinig verwijten. Ik heb gedaan wat ik kon, maar Vargas kwam er voor de jury beter uit. Dat was ook wel te verwachten met 9000 Mexicanen op de tribune. Ik heb in elk geval genoten van de ambiance."

Joval, die zich in een lang en zwaar trainingskamp in New York uitstekend op het lucratieve duel had voorbereid, heeft met zijn prima weerwerk tegen Vargas voor zichzelf naam gemaakt in Amerika. De verwachtig is dat de strijdlustige routinier op meer partijen kan rekenen in het middengewicht, bijvoorbeeld tegen getalenteerde boksers die via hem willen opstomen naar een titelgevecht.

Joval wist zaterdag na de loodzware wedstrijd nog niet of hij zich daarvoor wil gaan lenen. "Ja, het geld is goed, maar ik moet eerst alles eens goed overdenken. En uitrusten, dat is nu even het belangrijkste."

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top prestatie van Ray hij heeft zich toch bewezen tegen de wereldtop! :thumbs:

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NU op Studio Sport een reportage!

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zag er goed uit op studio sport

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Reportage staat op deze site: http://www.nos.nl/sport/artikelen/2005/3/27/27031300eervolverliesbokserjoval.html.

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Vargas Victorious in Comeback Despite Joval's Spirited Effort
By Oleg Bershadsky (March 27, 2005)

Photos © German Villasenor
After a fifteen month long lay off due to a career threatening back injury Fernando Vargas stepped back into the ring this Saturday night in an effort to rejuvenate his career. The jovial crowd on hand at Corpus Christi, Texas welcomed Vargas from his long hiatus and he in return gave them a solid performance in the ring. What on paper looked to be a safe and easy fight for Vargas quickly turned into a tightly contested battle as Raymond Joval showed that he came to fight.

In the early stages of the fight Joval pressed Vargas, determined to test his stamina and to perhaps try to take advantage of any perceived ring rust Vargas may have had due to his long layoff. Joval used good foot movement to push Vargas back, however, his punch output although impressive in its volume, lacked accuracy and power. Joval was by far the more active fighter, constantly keeping busy and never seizing to throw punches, which although abundant were slow and not very effective.

Vargas on the other hand showed much improved defense and self control as he kept his hands up and his chin tucked in for the entire fight. Vargas fought a very strategic fight, preferring to counterpunch and not to take any risks by allowing himself to deviate from his game-plan. It was obvious that Fernando was trying hard to box and avoid a strong natural urge within him to mix it up with his less powerful adversary. But nevertheless he stuck to the plan laid out for him by his corner and with almost mechanical consistency began to slowly dismantle his opponent. Vargas simply used selective counter punching and did so with amazing accuracy, managing to land at a very high connect percentage. The Vargas’ left hook seemed to be his most effective weapon as he seemed to hurt Joval with it several times.

For most of the fight it was Joval’s volume punching vs. Vargas’ more accurate and harder shots. In round 8, the momentum shifted for good in Vargas' favor when Joval received a cut over his left eye as a result of a Vargas right hand. Zeroing in on the cut, Vargas pounded his opponent with clean right hands, easily dominating the round. In the last two rounds Vargas stayed under control refusing to get careless and following his corner’s instructions to the letter. In the end, Vargas’ accuracy and power proved no match for Joval’s work ethic and volume punching. The final particulars were: Vargas winner by unanimous decision (98-92, 96-94, 97-93).

As Harold Lederman always says, it is ring generalship and effective aggressiveness that wins fights. While Joval certainly controlled the pace early on he failed to land any meaningful punches and his accuracy left a lot to be desired. Vargas on the other hand picked his spots and was very effective with his accurate counterpunching. In this fight Joval gave a great performance and showed a good chin and stamina. In return Vargas showed that he has the ability to adopt a different style and stay under control in the ring. More importantly his back seemed to not bother him at all and that was a positive sign for both the fighter and his fans. While Vargas stuck to his strategy with utmost diligence he neglected the part of his boxing that made him great. Perhaps in future fights he can blend his warrior style of the past with the boxer style of the present. Overall a solid performance by Vargas, showing that he is officially BACK!

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Vargas Takes Next Step with Decision Over Joval
By Chris Robinson (March 27, 2005)

When looking at the career of ‘Ferocious’ Fernando Vargas, despite all of his past success, one still seems to sense that he’s somewhat well removed from his glory days at the top of the sport. I get the feeling that his rise back to championship status, if it should ever happen again, will be a slow and steady step by step process as he shakes off the rust from a 15 month layoff and increases the competition with each incoming bout. The finished story of ‘El Feroz’ is far from being written, but the good news is that Fernando successfully took another step closer to his championship aspirations tonight with a solid but somewhat uneventful ten round decision over rugged Raymond Joval.

With the crowd at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, TX behind him, Vargas went to work against Joval. From the opening it was clear that plenty of ring rust still needed to be shaken off, but Vargas went about things as he always has, like a calculated assassin waiting for the right moment to strike. The early rounds where a match=up of Vargas’ patient boxing style going against the work rate of Joval. Vargas’ rhythm seemed a bit out of place, but he worked his way in behind a solid jab and had early success to Joval’s body. The entire time Vargas kept his right hand high and his chin tucked, as if he was taking a page from the Mayweather school of infighting.

Joval was busy and showed guts, but he was outmatched by the harder punches and accuracy of his younger foe. A lot of the rounds seemed close, but I found myself leaning towards Vargas simply because of his aggression, bodywork, and occasional right hand shots. In round six it appeared that Vargas had scored a body shot knockdown, but referee Laurence Cole called it a slip.

Late in the contest we saw Vargas dig deep as he always has, turning up the pressure to the crowd’s delight. On several occasions it looked as though the Oxnard native had his man ready to go but Joval hung tough and weathered the attacks. The night’s most suspenseful moment came in the 9th round when, to no avail, Vargas complained to the ref that he was hit with a low blow and was clocked with a right hand moments later. Vargas seemed momentarily stunned, but he regrouped and finished strong. Scores of 98-92, 96-94, and 97-93 were read in Fernando’s favor as he upped his record to 25-2 with 22 KO’s. Joval falls to 33-4(15 KO’s).

After the fight Vargas, who weighed in at 162 lbs., claimed he would indeed be able to make the Jr. Middleweight limit in due time. He made mention of soon challenging for Javier Castillejo’s WBC belt while hoping for rematches against Felix Trinidad and Oscar de la Hoya down the road. Trinidad and De la Hoya are the only two men to defeat Vargas; both fighters having finished Vargas off with dramatic late round knockouts.

Following his loss to De la Hoya in September of 2002, Fernando Vargas’ career seemed to be up in the air. Following bouts against Tony Marshall and Fitz Vanderpool gave little indication as to how close Vargas really was to regaining his status as one of the game’s best fighters. The answer to Vargas’ true resting point remains to be seen, but it was nice seeing him in action tonight, even if he only got one or two steps closer to his goal.

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Verslag met heel veel foto's: http://www.ufcfightnews.com/march26a.html.