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16-05-2005, 20:58
XXIst Century Gladiators Kings of the Ring Preview "Mission Impossible"

The biggest and most important combat sports show ever done in Croatia and for sure one of the biggest

this year in Europe. All profit from the show goes to children who lost everything during last war in Croatia.

Main Under Card Fight of the Evening:


super world title in professional oriental boxing - Japanese (K1) rules

till 75 kg \ 165.4 lbs., 5x3' (vacant title)


Ramon Dekkers (NL)

Born: September 4th, 1969

Ring name: The Diamond

Team: Golden Glory team, Breda (The Netherlands)

Coach: Cor Hemmers

Record: 201 fights, 175 win of which 90 by Ko, 26 lost

Titles: He won eight world titles in Muay Thai, Thai boxing & kickboxing

Dutch born Ramon Dekkers is one of the best known western Thai boxers of all time. Ramon Dekkers is to

kickboxing sport what Muhammed Ali was to boxing or Diego Maradona to soccer. He is an athlete who

always pursued excellence and perfection; a fighter whose heart was always greater than his bodily power.

He showed great spirit and courage and because of all that, we can say he created kickboxing history.

Ramon Dekkers is a man who enjoyed the challenge of fighting most of all. He has fought against some of

the top Thai and international fighters of his time. He has competed around the world and won several world

championships throughout his career. Ramon Dekkers is noted as a skilled fighter with powerful punches

and kicks, and had a tendency to go head-to-head with his opponents. Because of that, he was voted as the

Fighter of the Year in Thailand in 1992 so his name will go down in history. He is the most respected

foreigner in Thailand. He fought them all – on their rules, in their land, in their rings – and he beat them. The

fighters have always and will always respect Ramon Dekkers for one thing: he never turned down a

challenge! He fought for 20 years (the last fight he had before his retirement was on 18th of march, 2001

against Marino Deflorin which he won by 4th round KO) and after his fight in Japan under free fight rules, he

is ready for his big come back and conquer K-1 Max.

If there were a World Championship as far as courage and heart are concerned, Ramon Dekkers would be a

true champion – a true KING OF THE RING. Now, for the first time in Europe, in his discipline he has a

chance to win this super prestige title – to become KING OF THE RING and prove once more to all those

who have doubts that his time is not over and that he can still be number one.

Goran Borovic (Croatia)

Born: 12th of July 1977


Team: Omega box team, Varazdin (Croatia)

Managers: Harry Gorian (CRO), Steve Kalakoda (RSA) for K-1 Max

Trainer: Miljenko Rozmaric

Promoters: International Top star Promotions LLC. USA, Gladiator promotion (CZE)

Amateur boxing record: 50 fights, 40 win (15 KO), 6 lost, 4 draw

Thai / Kick / Savate record: 43 fights, 36 win, 6 lost, 1 draw

Titles: Plury amateur Croatian champion in kickboxing & savate

Croatian senior amateur boxing champion (71 kg) and member of national team

2 x Mediteranean champion in savate

European champion in savate

2 x World champion savate

Professional Croatian champion in Thai boxing & Oriental kick

European champion KING OF THE RING till 72.5 kg, oriental kick

Other results:

- Participant 8-man tournament KINGS OF THE RING – European GP

- Participant 4-man qualification tournament GRAND TOURNOI 02' (Marseille,France), lost 2:1 against Murad

Sari (FRA)

- Champion 4-man European GP tournament KINGS OF THE RING – as well as qualifications for GRAND

TOURNOI 03' (Rimini – Italy)

- Participant 8-man final tournament GRAND TOURNOI 03' (Paris, France), lost 2:1 against Ignacio Sanchez


Last fights:

- Lyon ( FRA ), April 2005, lost 2:1 against Murad Sari after Sari was in Knock down in last round and he

almost lost a fight by KO;

- Sydney ( Australia ), March 2005, lost by 5th round TKO against Michael Zambidis (GRE );

- Brno ( CZE ), November 2004., 3rd round TKO against Jiri Apeltauer ( CZE )

- Milano ( Italy ), May 2004, draw with Alain Zankifo ( FRA ) for KING OF THE RING super world title till 72.5

kg, oriental kick rules

Goran Borovic is classical representative of young fighters generation. After successful amateur and

professional career, Goran is ready to put gloves with the best. After being in camp of one of the most

respectable K-1 managers, Mr. Steve Kalakoda from South Africa, he satisfied all high standards for Japan

and this fight should be his final test in order to fight with the best in K-1 Max in Japan.

Fight in Zagreb will give us many answers and for sure will be spectacular and unpredictable. Goran Borovic

is fighting in front of his 10,000 supporters and despite of big respect which he have toward Ramon Dekkers,

for sure will not hang a white flag as there are not many fighters in the world who could have a chance and

honor to fight against such a champion. Not mentioning what would happen in case of win !!


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leuk stukje over dekkers

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thanx maat, leuk stukkie