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20-08-2005, 11:42
Audley stops Wiggins in 4
By David Surgick at ringside: Fox Sports Nets' "Best Damn Sports Show Period" and Goosen-Tudor Promotions brought together the "Best Damn Night of Olympians Period" from the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California on Thursday night.

The evening's events featured six Olympians headlined by Great Britain's 2000 gold medal winner Audley "A-Force" Harrison in a scheduled ten round heavyweight bout against tough veteran Robert Wiggins who vowed "There won't be no celebration party after this fight." Co-featured 2004 Olympic gold medal winner Andre Ward of Oakland, California, making his Bay Area debut against Christopher Holt in a scheduled six round middleweight bout.

Harrison, 19-0(0), N.W. London now fighting out of Las Vegas, Nevada, made quick work of veteran Robert Wiggins, 20-5-1(12), Providence, Rhode Island. It was apparent from the opening stanza when 'A-Force' landed a sizzling combination, two straight lefts capped off with a stiff right uppercut that buckled the knees of Wiggins.

Appearing not to rush, Harrison used round two to soften up Wiggins with his southpaw right jab and an occasional left cross that found its mark on the much shorter but game Wiggins' chin. The best moments of the fight for Wiggins came in round three when he forced his way inside the long reach of Harrison and landed two perfectly timed, well placed right hooks to the chin of Harrison the second shot doing damage as Audley took a step back and visibly wobbled for a moment.

Not to be out gunned on the inside, Harrison held his shorter foe when close during round four which allowed for him to set up his coup de grace, two chopping left crosses that dropped the game Wiggins on his back for a quick count of four. A follow up barrage of punches over the remaining 20 seconds had Wiggins dazed and disorientated where he headed into the neutral corner at the bell. The corner of Wiggins had seen enough and called a halt to the bout prompting referee Jon Schorle to wave off the fight awarding Audley Harrison the win by tko in four.

"My assessment, it was a disciplined performance. I walked him into the left hand. My game was on the outside. He was frustrated he couldn't get in. Robert Wiggins doesn't quit, he's tough but I made him quit."

Oakland's Andre Ward, 5-0(3), looked extremely sharp and strong stopping Christopher Holt, 12-5(8), in the third round of this middleweight contest. Ward entered the ring to a rousing, almost deafening chorus of cheers for the local crowd.

The bout began with Ward using his jab and feints to set up his left hook which he landed sharply during the opening round. Both fighters would visit the canvas during the round by pushes and slips during what was a very tactical round.

Ward would go to work early during round two using the left hook that he had set up in round one that landed with a jarring effect on the chin of Holt who was forced to clinch. To his credit, Holt made an honest attempt to take the fight to the inside but Ward was too quick on his feet as he would jab and step aside or tie up Holt on the inside.

Both fighters came out looking to establish themselves at the beginning of round three by standing and firing hooks at center ring. Two blazing left hooks from the 2004 Olympian gold medal winner rocked Holt as he was quickly assaulted again by a series of five punches. A left jab followed by a piercing right dropped Holt for a count of seven where he is quickly assaulted again by two left hooks to the body and another right to the temple that dropped him to one knee for an eight count. Sensing the end was near, Ward quickly switched his attacks back to the body of Holt who was clearly still hurt and produced another knockdown just before the bell.

The ringside doctor had seen enough as he called a halt to the bout between the rounds three and four awarding Oakland's Andre Ward the winner by tko in three.

"It felt great, I couldn't have wrote it any better. My game is to hit and not be hit. (I'm going) straight to the top." Exclaimed Ward afterwards.

Andre Dirrell, 5-0(4), put on a clinic over Mexico's Juan Camacho, 3-1(3). This super middleweight bout was scheduled for four rounds but Dirrell ended things early with two knockdowns in the second round, forcing Camacho to not reach his feet before referee Ray Balewicz reached the count of ten. Time of the stoppage was 2:42 of round two.

The 2004 Olympic captain Devan Vargas improved his record to 4-0(3) over David Johnson by going the distance in a four rounder. Vargas, 229lbs., fought at a measured pace of this heavyweight bout while looking for the knockout but settled for a unanimous decision.

Mexico's Juan de Dios Navarro Ramirez made his debut successful with a four round majority decision over awkward Arron Robinson 1-1-1(1). Navarro was clearly bothered by the constant holding of Robinson throughout this welterweight contest.

Junior welterweight Lorenzo Reynolds improved to 7-0(3) over veteran Sean Holley, 8-15-1(2), scoring a unanimous decison over four rounds.

August 18, 2005.

20-08-2005, 11:43
Audley pleased with KO performance


For the first time in a long time Audley Harrison looked like a future heavyweight title-holder last night when he forced tough journeyman Robert Wiggins to quit after four one-sided rounds in California.

And 'A Force' says he will build on this good showing in his next fight, which he promises will be against a world class opponent.

The 2000 Olympic Gold Medallist said: "I feel great and ready to conquer the division. Robert Wiggins came to fight and he has been the distance with top contenders so I am very pleased to be the first person to stop him legitimately inside the distance.

"I felt really comfortable tonight and was able to use my boxing skills to come out early and establish my jab and take it right to him." said Harrison. "My left hand was working for me all night and I felt it was only a matter of time before it was going to do the damage it did."

Harrison will take a short break to marry his fiancée Raychel Feder in Jamaica next week before he continues to climb the heavyweight ladder.

"I'll take on all comers because I know I am the best the division has to offer," said Harrison. "It won't be long until I am on sitting on the mountain top."

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