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19-09-2005, 14:33
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"Tatame: Now that the event has passed... if the grand prix final would have been between you and Shogun, would it have been a real fight?

Wanderlei: Now that the grand prix has finished i can speak. If both of us would have reached the final, we would have accomplished our goal. everyone at chuteboxe agreed that in this situation, the title should be for me. i said many times that i thought Shogun should keep the title in such a case, and now im even more sure Shogun deserves the title. He had scored the knockout over Quinton Jackson, and had a great showing against minotauro, and now the knockouts over alistair and arona.

tatame: at the end of the fight, arona yelled something at you...

wanderlei: he showed very little respect towards me, he screamed something at me, id like to think he was just acting out of emotion. one thing is certain, a fight is a fight, and life will give me one more shot.

tatame: which fight was more difficult, alistair or arona?

shogun: it is hard to know, both are strong athletes and they both have very different games. still i would have to say alistair gave me a tougher fight, but minotouro was the most difficult fight of the tournament.

tatame: now that you are the champion of the gp, are you looking to challenge wanderlei for his middleweight belt?

shogun: certainly not, wanderlei is the number one middleweight fighter, and the belt should be with him. i am going to help him defend it, not lose it. wanderlei is the king.

tatame: the rivalry between chuteboxe and brazilian top team is currently the biggest rivalry in mma. at the end of your match there were some words with paulo. what happened?

wanderlei: he is the one that launched the rivalry; we are always competitive and come to show our game. [i didnt understand this: "qui a pouco vai estar 200 e 130 e aquilo, nao vamos estar desempregados nunca" i think it goes something like: "ill always be 200 to 130, we will never be separated", i know it doesnt make sense, sorry]

shogun: the fight started and he tried to provoke us by saying they had already won one fight and that tonight the score would be two to zero. after i won the fight with arona i told him we had beat them four times in pride. then i turned my back and i didnt realize what was happening...

tatame: talking with rudimar, he commented that before arona was the one looking to fight wanderlei, but that now things are different. is it now you who is looking for a rematch?

wanderlei: no. the rematch will probably happen, its the next natural step. depending on outcomes, this could lead to two or three more fights with him. the truth is, i am not interested in fighting someone who is only trying not to lose, im interested in fighting someone who wants to provide a beautiful spectacle, like me. but the match will happen, whether i want it or not...

tatame: you beat arona, who scored victories over your brother and wanderlei; does this make the title a little more special?

shogun: certainly, our team has a name to defend, and first and foremost i fight for my team. this gave me an additional claw of energy. [sounds weird, but that must be a brazilian expression] i am a new athlete, and even newer in pride. nobody believed in my potential, or my teams potential. im happy i was able to find my claw and make a difference [again with the claw]

tatame: you and arona seem to of respected each other too much during your matches...

wanderlei: there was some respect... but i did not go into the ring fearing a loss, or even a take down. i was trying to be patient. in an event of this level, sometimes, you have to think the risks you take thoroughly; this was one of those fights. but i thank god for each one of my fights, i have seen my mistakes, and have learned how not to commit them in the future. i have learned that the respect i gave him was not necessary. now when i analyze the fight im sure that if i had been more aggressive i would have knocked him out. my team always looks to win by knockout

tatame: what motivated you the most, going into the final match?

shogun: we all wanted to see the final be with two chuteboxe fighters. after wanderlei lost to arona, i was very angry. i concentrated a lot, and i was free to impose my strategy. i was going for the knockout. my team always looks to finish by knockout.

tatame: how are you facing this loss?

wanderlei: by training a lot. i have to do more resistance training, a little more jiu jitsu. i have to practice my sprawls and takedown defense; i will always continue to evolve as a fighter.

tatame: who is shogun now?

wanderlei: he can kick a ball so hard; ronaldinho gaucho probably wants him on his team. [for those of you who dont know, ronaldinho is a famous soccer player] he is this years face. i am very happy to have him on my team. he is a person who fights and accomplishes what he wants, he has a good head. he doesnt let success go to his head, he comes from a great family, his brother is also a champion. shogun is the face of dedication, an example of discipline. to be honest, i am as happy for him, as i would be if i would have won the grand prix.

tatame: what is next for chuteboxe now?

wanderlei: i thanks god for everything. i am the champion, and shogun is also a champion now. acacio and azeredo are next in line. our academy forms champions. im grateful we have the teachers we have, and team that we have. rafael, the master(rudimar), cristiano marcelo, and nino, are all guiding us, and have us covered on all fronts."

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cool interview thnx

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