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The Maniac
24-09-2005, 14:59
Check this interview out from OC Tattoo (one of Rampage's frequent hangouts):

OC Tattoo: How's it going Rampage?

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson: Man, it's straight, it's straight, it's great, you know what I'm saying? I'm training hard preparing for this fight I got coming up on October 23rd. You all better have y'all seats glued to the TV, watching the black man get down.

OC: I'm sure you know a lot of people are saying that you're not the elite fighter anymore in the Light Heavyweight division because of your two recent losses in two...- or three fights. It's unfair to judge you from those three fights. People who realize who realize how tough the schedule you had in the last three years - like Randleman, Bustamante, Liddell, Silva, Arona, Rua brothers - in my opinion, I believe that you have the toughest schedule in the weight division. What do you say about that?

Jackson: *laughs* I say I lost two of my last four fights! When you think about it, you know. Yeah, you know, people just say whatever they want to say, you know, I'm saying people talk all this crap, but how many times have they fought in Pride, know what I'm saying? How many times have they got up early in the morning, went in the ring, and went to train two times a day - know what I'm saying - day in and day out fighting with injuries... I don't care what people say, you know. And some fighters, you know, it's good that way. You know, I lost a fight; we all lose. Look at Chuck Liddell. He lost to me, he lost to Randy, he lost to Jeremy Horn, but look, he came back and now he's champion, know what I'm saying?. It ain't what you did, it's what you go do. And I'm going to go train hard - even though you're as good as your last fight, sometimes - I'm trying to train hard and make a comeback. I'm in the process of... hopefully I can get me some good training partners, and I'll come back in and do my thing. 'Cause I'm going to do my thing, baby. And when I do my thing, my thing will be done, then what will folks be saying then? When I'm coming back and I'm whoppin' up on folks, what will folks be saying then? They doubted me when I fought Igor Vovchanchyn, they doubted me when I fought Kevin Randleman - know what I'm saying - folks always doubting me, and stuff like that, and they always want to have something bad to say about me, so... I ain't worried about it. My true fans, they stay loyal, I love you all, and stuff like that... but to the haters, or folks that talk bad stuff about me, man... y'all don't pay my bills.

OC: How's your training schedule? Who do you train with? So is Team Punishment back? How is Tito?

Jackson: Well, my training schedule is pretty hard. I train two times a day, six days a week. Saturday I train once, and Sunday, I train in the house of the Lord; I'm training with the Lord, if you feel me, I go to church. I ain't on no team, you know what I'm saying? Much respect to all the people out there who have teams; right now, I just don't have a team, 'cause I really don't have a strong crew of training partners that much. Jason Miller came down to train with me - Jason "Mayhem" Miller - me and him have been working out. Antonio McKey (sp?), he got his own gym in Lakewood, if you're ever in that area; it's called the Body Shop. He's been working with me. Jeremy Williams is a pro boxer - he was on the Contender show - I've been messing around with him. Tito [Ortiz] comes every now and then to help me out, and Randy Couture has been coming down and helping me; even putting his foot in my backside, and stuff like that. I got a few other people that come down and help me out, so, if somebody knows me, and they live in the Orange County area and you all want to help me train, come on down man, let's do it. Let's blow up, help the black man get better.

OC: How do you feel about fighting this Japanese guy? How do you see yourself winning this fight: by slam, or by punches?

Jackson: Man, you know I don't have a crystal ball, I just got the balls it takes to get into the ring and fight, so I can't tell you how I'm going to win this fight. Hopefully I'll win this fight by the referee pulling me the hell up off somebody; that's what I like. I don't like submitting people - I'll take it if it comes - but I like for the referee just to pull me up off... I don't even like for the people to tap out. I like for the referee to say, "Man what the hell wrong with you," and pull me up off the guy, and stuff like that. I even take the corner man throwing in the towel. I like that type of stuff. Don't get my wrong, I ain't above submissions, but hopefully I'll put this guy to sleep, know what I'm saying? When you get knocked out, it don't hurt that bad. I don't like hurting people, but it's part of my job to go out there and win - either hurt or get hurt. So, it's either his butt or mine; hopefully, it'll be his butt. You know, I wouldn't mind putting him to sleep so he'll be snoring in the ring.

OC: We all know you have two fights left on your contract. Let's say Pride doesn't resign you - which would be a stupid move on Pride's behalf - would you be interested in the UFC?

Jackson: Here's the thing... right here. I heard Chuck Liddell - after the Joe Rogan interviewed him, saying "get Rampage in the cage". The worst thing that happened to me after that is that my phone got flooded with phone calls. I was at a Muay Thai show when one of my friends... was fighting.

*farting noise in the background*

*Rampage laughs* Man, my brother just farted something awful! Man, now we gotta buy a new warehouse... we're in the warehouse with our clothes, so I'm sorry guys... when you buy the clothes, and it smells kind of like butt sauce - I'm just joking, we've got everything wrapped up in plastic so they're protected, thank the Lord. *laughter ensues* And my brother is gonna need to get a colon cleansing, 'cause you know his fart is instant. He farted and it was instant funk! Now what was I saying?

OC Tattoo: If you were interested in the UFC.

Jackson: Oh, ok. So, what I was saying was Chuck Liddell called me out, and everybody started calling my phone; that's the worst thing about that. Know what I'm saying? Why would you go and call my phone? Everybody was calling my phone... but so what if Chuck called me out? Look here, if Pride - I think me and Pride are seeing things eye to eye, and if everything goes right, then me and Pride go right. I don't like the yellow cards - who do? Which fighters in Pride likes the yellow cards? If we can work out a deal where I think I'm treated fair, and we can get past those yellow cards, you know, Pride's my home. I'm a Pride fighter. UFC - know what I'm saying - I like the cage, I like to get down in the cage and stuff like that. Who knows? Only God knows the future, know what I'm saying? We'll see what the business is. We'll see.

OC Tattoo: So you're in two movies, correct?

Jackson: Incorrect, I'm in three movies.

OC Tattoo: Oh, you're in three movies.

*from background: "Yeah, what the hell wrong with you? Where you get your information from?"*


OC Tattoo: So when's it coming out?

Jackson: Alright, the movie I did in Japan - maybe it's already out. Don't ask me the name of the movie because it's a Japanese name, and I don't know. I just know I got my butt kicked in the movie. Come to think about it, every movie that I did, I done get my butt kicked or shot. *laughs* You know what I'm saying? What the hell? Every movie I've done - ok, I did three movies. Two out of three movies, I was a black Yakuza, and those two movies had no connection with each other. What, do I just look like a black Yazuka or something?

OC Tattoo: So what character are you in Bad Guys?

Jackson: In Bad Guys, I'm a black Yakuza! I'm a black guy who thinks I'm Yakuza. I ain't gonna tell y'all the movie, but in Bad Guys, I actually had two roles. I was a twin; I was two people - twin brothers. Bad Guys - I don't know exactly when it's coming out, because they havn't really told me much yet because I'm not that smart of a guy, so I'd probably forget it in the first place. I guess you can go to BadGuysTheMovie.com and figure out when it's coming out. Then I was in this movie called Confessions Of A Pitfighter. In that movie, I think I was a Mexican guy, because my name was Matador (?). So, I think I was Mexican, but I didn't speak Spanish. I hope I did good; I kicked some butt, but then I got my butt kicked, too. Any movie, I either got shot, or a foot up my butt.

OC Tattoo: For those that don't know yet, can you inform them about your official website?

Jackson: Oh, my official website is RampageMMA.com, but I'm hooked up with OCTattoo.com. If folks are too ignorant to understand that, then they shouldn't be on the Internet in the first place! *laughs* You know, people are so skeptical about everything. People are skeptical about Jesus Christ being the Son of God. Common sense. God is the one who created Heaven and Earth, and if he wants to, he can make his Son be Him, and come to Earth.

OC Tattoo: I know this is a stupid question, but a lot of people are interested in your merchandise. Where can you get them?

Jackson: My merchandise? You can go to OCTattoo.com; you can go there and get you a tattoo, or get you some clothes, which ever one you like. Know what I'm saying? It don't make me no different. Or you can go to RampageMMA.com, click on Merchandise, and it will take you to OCTattoo.com! *laughter* Know what I'm saying? Whichever is easier for you; I don't care how you get there, just get there and support the black man so we can come up as a sport. This sport has the best fans I've ever seen. I love the fans of this sport, but you all have to be cool to sit around watching folks getting hit in the head for a living. When people get hit in the head for a living, we're already a different type of breed, and when you watch people get hit in the head for a living, you're cool with me. You know, we go hand in hand. A fan is a friend, friend is a fan.

OC Tattoo: On behalf of OC Tattoo, we'd like to thank you for doing this exclusive interview with us. Good luck on your next fight, and we hope to see you continue your career in Pride. God bless.

Jackson: Hey, I really appreciate that. OC Tattoo is the bomb. They hooked me up with my bad tattoo, man. Don't be hating on me, 'cause my tattoo is the bomb. It's original, ain't nobody else got one. If somebody has it now, then they're copying of me, and I already know folks be copying off of me, because I'm same type of guy! *chuckles* I'm just joking, but look here. All my Christian fans out there, say a prayer for me. I'll let you know that I fight for you guys, I love y'all, I put her down for y'all, and so what if I win or lose? I still get paid. *chuckle*

Jackson: *thanks somebody - I can't transcribe it now* God bless, stay strong, support the black man all night long, all day long, and all the long, and everything will be strong, so the black man will bring it home, know what I'm saying? I'm doing my thing, baby. I'm doing my thing.

OC Tattoo: You want to say something for your fans on RampageMMA[.com]?

Jackson: Oh, my fans on RampageMMA[.com]. Look here. Sorry, sometimes it takes me a while to respond to what you all be saying, 'cause I don't really know how to use that thing. I don't know how to - I typed something on there, and I read some of the stuff y'all were saying, but I don't really know how to use it. Trust me, I'm training real hard, but trust me, I am going to learn how to get on there and type to you all at least once a week or something like that. If you ask me a question, or something like that, then don't expect me to answer it right away. Just keep coming there, 'cause your question will get answered. God willing, I'm going to be bringing back the fan phone soon, so be looking out for that.

24-09-2005, 17:26
Rampage is de bom 8)