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The Maniac
25-09-2005, 12:07
1 Paulo Filho wins from Ryuta Sakurai Submission (Armbar) 3:49 1rd
2 Akihiro Gono wins from Daniel Acacio Decision (Unaminous) 5:00 2rd
3 Dan Henderson wins over Ryo Chonan KO (Punch) 0:22 1rd
4 Ikuhisa Minowa wins over Phil Baroni Decision (Unaminous) 5:00 2rd
5 Bustamante wins over Masonori Suda submission (arm scissors)


WINNER: Dokonjonosuke Mishima (R1 4-5 minutes leg submission -> stoppage) over Krazy Horse Bennet

WINNER: Hayato "Mach" Sakurai (late R1 KO/TKO punch -> stoppage) over Jens Pulver

WINNER: Joachim Hansen (Judges' decision after 2R split dec)over Yves Edwards

WINNER: Takanori Gomi (middle 1R 6-7 minutes - choke sleeper -> referee stoppage)over Kawajiri

Winner: Luiz Azeredo (1R under 20 seconds by punch for KO) over Kotani

Middleweights semifinal

WINNER: Dan Henderson (late 1R - punch in corner for the KO/TKO punch) over Akihiro Gono

other semifinal match
WINNER: Murilo Bustamante (late 1R brutal kick to the face -> stoppage)over Ikushisu Minowa more of exhaustion than a KO.

Hayato "Mach" Sakurai wins over Joachim Hansen unanimous dec 2 rounds

Takanori Gomi wins over Azeredo unanimous dec 2 rounds

25-09-2005, 12:22
Dan Henderson wins over Ryo Chonan KO (Punch) 0:22 1rd

zo dat is snel :D

The Maniac
25-09-2005, 12:31
Finale MW

Hendo vs Busta rematch

Hendo heeft alleen maar KO's gescoord

Hendo vs Chonan

Chonan goes for a left hook hendo circles and lands a big crisp left Chonan goes down and referee jumps in KO win for Hendo

Hendo vs GONO
Restatred standing Gono lands a low kick. Hendo stalking, Gono lands another low kick, checks hendos' low kick. Hendo clinches, misses uppercut, Gono pushes off, Hendo with a flurry, mostly blocked. Gono answers with a 1-2. Gono misses a cross to the body, Hendo misses with lowkicik. Gono with knee, Hendo knocks him down with a right and jumps on him! Pounding on Gono, Gono gets guard, Heno stands, jumps back down, tries to get sidemount, but Gono has half guard. Hendo in half sidemount, elbowing to the body.
Not much going on, ref calls for action. Hendo trying to pass the half guard, gets it, but gono gets him right back in guard. Hendo has guillotine from top but can't get past Gono's guard. Hendo gives it up and hits him with a shoulder to the chin. Hendo baes, stands up and ref makes Gono stand.

It's "The American Athlete" versus "The Japanese Big Mouth." Round one starts with Henderson going for a right kick. Gono goes for a right kick and Henderson takes him down. Henderson is on top and Gono seems to be hurting. A yellow card was issued. Both men are standing up now, taking their time and feeling each other out. Henderson is targeting Gono with some shots. He really seems to be in control. Two minutes passed. Henderson manages to get Gono down and is on top of him on the mat. Henderson is in side position. Henderson is on top and has a neck lock cranked while Gono is applying the guard. Both men are now standing after a brief period of time. 5 minutes left. Henderson goes for another shot and gets a clinch on Gono in the white turnbuckle corner. The fights are moved back to the center of the ring. Stand-up action. Four minutes left. Gono goes for a left kick. Gono goes for a left punch but Henderson catches him and has him clinched against the turnbuckle. A break occurs, and both men have a clinch on each other. Both fall down and Henderson tries to regain first to get his own clinch against the ropes. Three minutes left. Henderson lands a straight left. Gono walks into Dan's power and Dan is going after him with a big punch. The fight is over.

The Maniac
25-09-2005, 12:38
Busta scoort een KO en een Submission win dus ze zijn beide best vers

Busta vs Suda

Round one starts with Suda going for a takedown, Bustamante staying balanced, and both standing up again. Bustamante gets Suda down on the ground. Suda tries to get up and Bustamante is going for a clinch. Bustamante takes Suda down, Suda tries to fight and manages to get the fight back standing up. Two minutes passed. Bustamante tags Suda with a right, but Suda manages to get Bustamante on his back and is in side position. Bustamante is trying to wrap up for a submission (body submission or arm submission, he's twisting like a pretzel). Three minutes passed. Suda's head is dragging over the ropes. Suda is clutching on his left arm because Bustamante just submitted him beautifully. Excellent win.

WINNER: Murillo Bustamante (R1 3-4 minutes by arm scissors -> submission/stoppage)

Welterweights 2nd round - Ikuhisa Minowa vs. Murilo Bustamante

This time, Minowa comes out in the red wifebeater shirt. He looks very different from his previous image. Round one starts and Minowa is in full wacky character. Minowa goes for the takedown and Bustamante ends up on top position. One minute passed. Bustamante right now is trying for some strikes to the ribs. Bustamante stands over Minowa and Minowa is fighting defensively. Two minutes passed. Minowa is trying to wrap his legs around Bustamante's left leg. Bustamante seems to be focusing on Minowa's left arm, but not much happening there. Minowa is struggling to get out of the current position he is in. Bustamante is trying to work for side position and is going after Minowa's right arm. Bustamante is in complete control so far. Four minutes passed. Bustamante is trying to make sure that Minowa doesn't get up. However, the referee stands both men up and it's stand-up action. Bustamante goes for a takedown and instead it's Minowa who caughts Bustamante with a tight front neck lock. Five minutes passed. Bustamanate is trying to fight out of it. He escapes, and now remains in top position. The fighters are re-positioned to the center of the ring. Bustamante remains on top and won't let go of position. Bustamante is trying to get some offense here and manages to get on Minowa's back... slightly. Bustamante is trying to work for a submission, perhaps a choke sleeper or a side-crank hold. Minowa fights it off and Bustamante is back on top in normal position. Minowa shows his back to Bustamante and Bustamante tries to take advantage. Instead, both men end up on their feet and it's stand-up action. Minowa went for a left punch and Bustamante got Minowa in a clinch against the ropes. Minowa goes for a straight right, and Bustamante takes him down as payback. One minute left, with Bustamante in side position. Bustamante stands over Minowa with 30 seconds left. Bustamante goes for some strikes and sets up for a kick. Bustamante wins! The referee and doctors go check on Minowa who looks exhausted.

WINNER: Murilo Bustamante (late 1R brutal kick to the face -> stoppage)

The Maniac
25-09-2005, 12:43
LIGHTweights semi final

Hayato "Mach" Sakurai vs. Joachim Hansen

Round one starts with Hansen going for a sneaky right punch and then a clinch on Sakurai. Hansen ends up on top position on Sakurai on the mat. Sakurai seems willing to take the fight on the mat. The fighters are re-positioned in the center of the ring. Hansen is trying to go on the attack here, going for whatever leverge he can get. He settles for some punches to Sakurai's ribs. Hansen stands up on Sakurai and kicks him hard. Here comes the thunder, and Hansen goes for a right knee on Sakurai. Sakurai catches Hansen and drives him to the red turnbuckle. Both men are going for a clinch. Two minutes passed. Sakurai goes for a couple of knees. Sakurai tags Hansen with a knee and Sakurai on top of Hansen on the mat, then Hansen quickly reverses and gets top position. Fast-paced action so far. Three minutes passed. Hansen remains on top and then stands up while Sakurai is on his back. Hansen tried for a strike, but settles back into top position. Hansen gets back up and goes for a strike. Hansen has his arms around Sakurai's neck. He lets go. Hansen stands back up and goes for a big shot on Sakurai. Five minutes passed. Hansen continues to work to get position on Sakurai, but Sakurai has him scouted well and for the first time gets top position on Hansen. Sakurai stands up over Hansen. Four minutes left. Hansen applies the guard. Sakurai maintains top position for an extended amount of time. The fighters are stood up and re-positioned to the center of the ring. Sakurai looks tired. Sakurai stands up and now both men are standing with two minutes left in the round. Hansen goes for a shot on Sakurai and then takes him down. Hansen was in side position. The fighters are re-positioned back to the center of the ring. Hansen has his right arm around Sakurai's neck. Hansen gets up and tries for a kick and a strike. Both men are back standing up. Sakurai is not backing down from Hansen on the stand-up. One minute remaining. 30 seconds left. Hansen is trying to pick his spots. Hansen goes for a clinch and Sakurai promptly puts him down to end round one. An interesting first round.

Round two starts with Hansen going for a clinch, but no luck. Hansen goes for a shot and Sakurai goes for a clinch to get the takedown. Sakurai is in side position. He is now standing over Hansen, and now it's the north-south position. Four minutes left. Both men escape that predictament and it's back to stand-up. Hansen goes for a neck clinch and Sakurai takes him down again. Sakurai stands up. Three minutes left. Hansen goes for a clinch and takes down Sakurai, setting himself up in side position. The fighters are re-positioned to the center of the ring. Hansen stands over Sakurai and is trying for some strikes, but settles back down on top. Sakurai is applying the guard, but having trouble doing so. Two minutes left. Hansen stands over Sakurai and Sakurai tries to trip up Hansen with his legs. Both men are back up standing. Hansen goes for a right and Sakurai takes advantage of the miss to get the takedown. Sakurai is trying for some offense, but Hansen manages to reverse and get top position on the mat. Sakurai is very tired. Hansen gets caught on a strike and Sakurai is standing over him. End of round two. A bloody Sakurai and Hansen exchange pleasantries after the fight.

WINNER: Hayato "Mach" Sakurai (Judges' decision after 2R)

mach wins ud yes Hayato wins
hansen nods in agreement. tough fight

The Maniac
25-09-2005, 13:02
Takanori Gomi vs. Luiz Azeredo

Azeredo has very funny facial expressions, especially during staredowns. Round one starts and Azeredo is on the move. Azeredo goes for a knee. Gomi goes for a clinch. He finally gives up on it. One minute passed. Gomi remains patient, while Azeredo is very frisky. Azeredo manages the first takedown and Gomi is on his back. Gomi has the guard applied. That is not stopping Azeredo from trying to get some strikes. Two minutes passed. Both men are stood back up. A feeling out process between both men here. Four minutes passed. Azeredo goes for a left knee. Azeredo goes for Gomi's left leg and and Gomi gets out of it. Azeredo was backed up into the corner. Five minutes passed. Gomi tries to tag Azeredo with a right. A second right. Azeredo manages to get the takedown on Gomi. Gomi has a very weak guard attempt. SUrprisingly, Azeredo has maintained top positioned with Gomi on the ground and stopped Gomi from being on the offense. The fighters are stood back up. There is a little bit of blood, but not a lot. Three minutes left. Azeredo goes for a left punch. Gomi is trying to pick his spots but respects Azeredo's stand-up ability. Gomi goes for a straight left. He goes for a right punch. Two minutes left. Azeredo goes for a left kick. Gomi is starting to assert his pace in the fight. Gomi tags Azeredo with a right. Good action between both men so far. Gomi gets Azeredo down on the mat and is on top of him. 30 seconds left. Azeredo is trying to apply the guard, but it doesn't work long-term. End of round one, with Gomi having a bloody nose to show for his efforts.

The Maniac
25-09-2005, 13:19
Round two starts with Gomi hitting Azeredo with a big right punch. Excellent shot. Azeredo tags Gomi with his own shot. Both men are leaving space in between each other. Azeredo goes for a punch and leans in towards Gomi. Gomi remains standing upright in posture. Three minutes left. Gomi tries for a strike but Azeredo is not backing down one bit. Azeredo shows a right knee. Gomi manages to get Azeredo down and is on top of him on the mat. Two minutes left. Azeredo has the guard applied on Gomi. Gomi is really trying to get some effort on offense here, but Azeredo has good ring positon (near the ropes). Azeredo tries to reverse position. one minute left. Stand-up fight again. 30 seconds left. More activity is needed. Azeredo is making sure not to get too close into Gomi's space. End of round two. Azeredo looked very happy and pumped. However, Gomi got his hand raised in victory.

The Maniac
25-09-2005, 13:20
Yep win for GOMI 2rd dec

25-09-2005, 13:20
beter, gomi gaat winnen