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13-10-2005, 09:53
Ladies and Gentleman - we have a Champion!
By Larsenator

Larsenator: Hi Aalviar. Good to talk to you again – how are you?

Jose Reis cut Lima with a sharp knee in Lima's first fight!
The champ: I am good and very happy thank you.
The tournament win is a confirmation of the winning streak I have been having since joining Team Super Pro one year ago.

Larsenator: Yeah you are the champion now and I think you surprised a lot of people. At first you were supposed to have fought in the reserve fight and suddenly you were in the actual tournament. Did this sudden change result in a change in your preparations?

The champ: No not really. We spent about 90% of the time in the preparations refining my own skills and only a little bit specifically on my opponents.
At first I was in the reserve fight but this was due to the fact that at this time I only had two fights in SuperLeague – not because I was not competent enough.

Larsenator: Yeah you are training at the infamous Friends Gym also known as the Dutch Super Pro Camp. Can you please tell us something about this camp?

The Machine outgunning the Lion King.
The champ: The guys and girls in the gym are a super motivated group with at least 10 A-class fighters including Gregory “ChiKO? Swerts. And then of course there is the very famous fighter and very good team mate Albert Kraus too. I have learned a lot from training with him but to be honest with you guys before I started training with him I knew he could box but I thought that I could handle him right?! But let me tell you something man: This little devil is REALLY strong and if he used his whole range of skills in the ring he would surprise a lot of people and be even stronger than what he has shown to this date.

Larsenator: OK. Sounds like a good team. What does a normal week of training actually look like for you?

The champ: On Monday I go running in the morning and then it is traditional Muaythai training in the evening. On Tuesdays I train Muaythai techniques and strategy in the afternoon and sparring later on in the night. On Wednesdays it is out running again and Muaythai in the evening. I repeat Tuesday’s program on Thursdays. Friday morning I take out my bicycle and go for a long ride and then it is back in the gym for some Muaythai training in the evening. Saturday morning is running time again and then I rest for the rest of the weekend.

Will Hladky deliver?
Larsenator: Wouw. So is your whole life fighting or do you have somebody special in your life?

The champ: Actually I am a family man. I am married to Caroline and I love her very much. I definitely want to have children and raise them together with her one day.

Larsenator: Yeah being a family man is definitely a solid foundation for a fighter.

A lot of people only know you from SuperLeague but you have actually been fighting for years and have fought some of the best there is. Could you please take us through your career from early days and up till now?

The champ: I have had a lot of fights. My biggest wins are against Diender, Saban, and Pique plus I’ve had some really strange decisions in my career: One was against Gago Drago and then I had another one against Andy Souwer who is now the current K-1 World Max champion. In both these fights I actually won the first four rounds and lost the last one in both. And in both these fights the judges ruled it a draw….

Larsenator: Alright. Well now you have a fight lined up against Thomas Hladky in Vienna, Austria. He was recently asked what he thinks of the new SuperLeague Middleweight champion and he replied: “I can beat him!? What do you think about that statement and overall what do you think about him as a fighter?

The first EVER SuperLeague Tournament Champion Aalviar "the Machine" Lima!
The champ: I respect every fighter but anybody can say that they can beat me. Whether they can actually do it is something way different man. I can tell you this: I will be very sharp and focused in this fight. I am the champion now and I am not going to ruin this winning streak that I am on.

Larsenator: How are you going to win this fight?

The champ: Well, I will win this fight with the style of Aalviar Lima…!

Larsenator: And do you have other fights lined up in the near future?

The champ: Yes I actually have a fight lined up in December against the Thai fighter Pajunsuk.

Larsenator: That is going to be a real war. Who do you actually consider being the best pound for pound Muaythai fighter in the world today Aalviar?

The champ: My small and annoying team mate who gives me a lot of headaches (LOL): Albert “the Hurricane? Kraus.

Larsenator: One day when you quit fighting what will you do then – any plans yet?

The champ: I am just beginning man – it is way too early to talk about that.

Larsenator: OK but what can we expect to see from Aalviar Lima as a fighter in the near future then?

The champ: I want to fight everybody at around 73 kg and I want to show together with my trainer Dennis Krauweel that I can stay on top / at my peak for the next few years.
Maybe I will switch over to MMA but we’ll see about that when the time comes.

Larsenator: Alright champ.
Listen, I have to tell you this: When I saw you fighting in Istanbul I instantly thought of a nickname for you: “The Machine?. You fought like you were not human – going forward all the time and it looked like you were never hurt like normal people – LOL. If it was up to me we would nickname you “The Machine. What do you think of that?

The champ: I am very honoured to hear that. It is not for me to decide – if you feel that this nick is good for me and that I actually live up to that then it is cool with me.

Larsenator: LOL, alright mate. Aalviar thank you so much for your time and see you in Vienna.

The champ: Absolutely and I hope that I can show you guys much more of my qualities as a fighter and for me this is only the beginning. Together with my trainer and my team mates we will show the world our qualities.


13-10-2005, 16:21
Leuk interview!

13-10-2005, 19:20
Toffe vechter ook. Ik kende hem nog niet, maar Dennis Krauweel als trainer en Kraus als sparring partner verklaart een hoop. Ga hem wel zien in Almere. Hoop dat ie ook voor de Arena geboekt wordt enne gelijkspel tegen Drago en Souwer hoeft je je nog steeds niet voor te schamen!