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Vargas-Mosley: Hard to predict a winner, easy to imagine a loser
By Ronan Keenan (February 23, 2006)
Summer 2000. It was one of the hottest periods in years. Temperatures peaked at all time highs. It wasn’t only thermometers that were reaching boiling point. The careers of Shane Mosley and Fernando Vargas were sizzling as these two ‘New Generation’ fighters blazed their way to the top of the boxing world. Mosley and Vargas were part of a group of hot young fighters than were progressively changing the face of the sport. Along with Floyd Mayweather and Zab Judah, this band of youthful warriors was expected to dominate pound-for-pound lists for years to come. These fighters were part of a new breed of ‘boxer-punchers’ – they would use their superb boxing skills and athleticism to dominate opponents before knocking them cold with violent combinations.

Vargas had just come off a convincing win over the exceptionally dangerous Ike Quartey. The Californian seemed to be developing into the complete package as he controlled the fight in a surprisingly assertive manner on his way to handing the Ghanaian his first clear-cut defeat. Furthermore, he had gathered a large and highly passionate following, thus becoming one of the most popular fighters in the US.

Meanwhile, ‘Sugar’ Shane had just reached the top of the boxing world. He was recognized as the best fighter on the planet after his stunning victory over the ‘Golden Boy’ Oscar De La Hoya. Observers were salivating at this performance and were tripping over themselves to vociferously praise the new king. Even legendary trainer Eddie Futch went as far as comparing Mosley to Ray Robinson. Acclaim doesn’t get any higher.

Vargas and Mosley were both at the top of their games, both leading boxing into the new century. At the same time, there was a clear contrast between the two. Vargas was brash, powerful and had a killer streak that was unlike anything boxing had seen in years. Conversely, Mosley was the sweet boxer who would blind opponents with his matchless blend of speed and power. Vargas was angry and confrontational. Mosley was Tiger Woods with boxing gloves. Imagine a fight between the two! A battle for the ages no doubt. Finally the time has arrived. The worlds of Vargas and Mosley will come together in a dream clash this Saturday. The only snag is that I’m writing this article in February 2006.

Neither man has beaten a world class fighter in years. Vargas’ last noteworthy victory was that same aforementioned points win over Quartey. ‘El Feroz’ has performed admirably against legends like De La Hoya and Felix Trinidad, but ultimately he was brutally knocked out on both occasions. He did pick up a couple of titles along the way, but only against faded contenders such as Shibata Flores and Javier Castillejo. Mosley has been somewhat more successful in recent times with a debatable points victory over De La Hoya coming in 2003. Then again, his last significant victory before that was his previous win over the ‘Golden Boy’ which will be six years ago this June.

To say both men need the victory is a waste of breath. At this stage nobody even needs to say it. Nonetheless, it is still a fight that has experts split down the middle. It’s more or less an even money fight. However, this isn’t like your usual superfight, in which it’s hard to imagine either legend losing. Instead, it’s difficult to picture either of these fighters winning. Even the victories that both men have collected in recent years have felt more like losses. After each of his four wins since the 2002 De La Hoya loss, most observers, along with Vargas himself, have vehemently criticized his performances. The boxing world wants to see the return of ‘Ferocious’ Fernando – a bloodthirsty phenomenon who viciously went after his prey. Instead, he has appeared reluctant to go in for the ‘kill’ against seemingly overmatched opponents.

Mosley, 41-4 (35), too has failed to dazzle since his dethroning by Vernon Forrest four years ago. He too seems to have discarded the qualities that once made him special. His blistering hand speed and furious combinations have been replaced by an apparent stiffness than seems to be restraining the re-emergence of the old ‘Sugar’ Shane. Few would have predicted that either of these warriors would be so desperately in need of a big win to stay in the limelight. Ultimately, the big mystery is how did Mosley and Vargas end up in their respective ominous positions? Is it due to both fighters having simply faded and become shadows of their former selves?

The common conjecture is that Vargas, 26-2 (22), left a considerable piece of himself in the Mandalay Bay ring after his savage loss to Trinidad in December 2000. Since then he has appeared slow and overly mechanical, while many observers have questioned his punch resistance after he was kayoed by the genetically smaller De La Hoya. There were also the steroid scandals that both fighters had been part of in recent years. Vargas’ positive test in 2002 and Mosley’s alleged involvement with BALCO have somewhat smeared their characters. Moreover, have steroids had an adverse impact on both of their bodies?

Chris Mitchell, who boxed Mosley in the amateurs and sparred with Vargas, believes that Mosley’s body has changed for the worse in recent times. ?When I boxed Mosley he was all about speed. He just blinded you with punches, it was impossible to see them coming. The reason he stopped so many guys out was because he hit them so often. It’s wasn’t due to natural power. Now he’s too muscular and he just tries to knock guys out. Instead, he should be trying to land as many punches as he can. He should be about speed, not power,? asserted Mitchell.

It is possible that as Mosley, 34, moved up in weight classes he tried to compensate for his lack of power and size with an increase in bulk. Unfortunately, too much time spent pumping iron may have cost him the speed and agility than once made him special. Vargas is recognized for being a big light-middleweight and in theory that should give him an advantage over the former lightweight champion. “Fernando is a huge 154 pound fighter,? said Mitchell. “He doesn’t have the speed of Mosley, but every punch carries serious power. He knows how to impose his size and authority, but he can box when he wants to.?

The fact that Vargas has never relied heavily on speed suggests that he could be nearer to his prime than Mosley, who at his peak was almost exclusively dependent on his speed of hand. However, over the years Vargas has had serious problems with his body. He was forced into a 15-month period of inactivity due to a persistent back injury, thus giving rise to claims that his latest sluggish performances have been a result of his 27-year-old frame crumbling under the strain of the fight game.

Then again, could it be that neither Vargas nor Mosley are the diminished fighters they appear to be? It is plausible that their lackluster outings have been down to a lack of motivational fire rather than a lack of reflexes. When they meet, there will be the biggest incentive of them all – both men will be fighting to save their careers. On Saturday, two proud warriors will be re-entering the big time, but neither wants it to be a once-off. Be prepared to see two of the most talented fighters of the last decade push their bodies to the limit when they collide in the ring. There is no comeback for the loser.

Expect Vargas to utilize his superior technical ability with an underrated jab and have similar success as Mosley’s conquerors Forrest and Winky Wright did. This should be enough to pound out the victory over a partially sweet Mosley who, despite having plenty of muscle, won’t have the size to turn back the clock.

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Ik ga voor Mosley. Moet wel een vette pot worden.

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Ze hebben een weddenschap afgesloten, Vargas en Mosley van $ 100 000, over wie wie er K.O. gaat. Hahha dit gaat leuk worden..

24-02-2006, 16:06
zoiezo geef ik mosley weinig kans op een k.o

ik ga voor mosley op punten

24-02-2006, 16:46
ik ben benieuwd, ik denk ook mosley op distance

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http://us.news3.yimg.com/us.i2.yimg.com/p/ap/20060224/capt.8f6c95d7457442539b5ac5740cee9af9.vargas_mosle y_boxing_nvjh107.jpg


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mosley toch wel op punten hoor, ik vind em iets beter dan vergas

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Hahaha... die foto... hij heeft toch niet weer gebruikt hè :lol:

Ik ga ook voor Mosley, en ik hoop op KO.

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Is dat die vargas die bij meang ho trainde ? toen mohammed ouali hem KO geslagen (gebroken kaak) in 1996

26-02-2006, 15:06
Ja dat is hem :mrgreen:

27-02-2006, 10:38
Is dat die vargas die bij meang ho trainde ? toen mohammed ouali hem KO geslagen (gebroken kaak) in 1996

:shock: :shock: :shock:

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Hebben jullie het oog van Vargas gezien, na de partij??

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jaah hij had zijn luik echt superdicht zitten, en maar brullen dat die door kon gaan!

27-02-2006, 14:39
Hebben jullie het oog van Vargas gezien, na de partij??
Alleen z'n rechter. Z'n linker kon ik niet meer vinden :lol: . Damn, wat zag dat eruit.

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jaah hij had zijn luik echt superdicht zitten, en maar brullen dat die door kon gaan!

Ik vind het typisch zo'n bokser die zich niet neer kan leggen bij een verlies partij en bij het einde van een carriere op topniveau. Dat is, denk ik, niet eens zo'n slechte eigenschap voor een topsporter, maar als bokser eindig je dan 'punchdrunk' in kansloze partijtjes in een achterafzaaltje.

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heb de partij gister ook gezien, doet me denken aan die plek op jerome's bek, die kon dr ook wat van!

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Damn son spannend......ben benieuwd

28-02-2006, 14:35
ja dat is toch niet echt gezond te noemen he! :D

Vraag me echt af hoe lang dat blijft zitten! :P

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Vargas heeft moeite met zijn verlies omdat hij voor aanvang van een dergelijke partij veel "show"maakt. nu weer met mosley en die $ 100.000,- , in het verleden met oscar de la hoya , zgn is oscar geen echte mexicaan.

Na die wedstrijd vond vargas dat hij teveel kopstoten heeft gekregen.

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was een toppartij ! Mosley die heel slim bokste, veel combinaties en op snelheid. Vargas is het kwijt als je hem vergelijkt met vroeger...
Mosley raakte Vargas gelijk in het begin een paar keer goed met een rechtse en het oog begon gelijk te zwellen en volgens mij niet door een kopstoot zoals Vargas beweerde...sowieso een slechte verliezer die Vargas, altijd de tough mexican street kid uithangen en zijn tegenstanders beledigen maar daarna nooit een handje of een paar woorden van respect naar zijn tegenstander....