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De La Hoya Destroys Mayorga in Return

By Sammy Rozenberg

After it was all said and done, one thing was certain when the smoke cleared - Oscar De La Hoya (38-4, 30 KOs) is still the biggest draw in boxing. The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada was buzzing all week with anticipation for Oscar's return after a 20-month layoff. The stars were out, hundreds of fighters were in attendance and thousands of fans bought tickets.

After months of trash talking by Ricardo Mayorga (28-6-1, 23KOs) and near brawls at press conferences, De La Hoya made his return to the ring against one of the wildest fighters in the game to capture his ninth world title in six different weight divisions. Some of the critics thought he was off for too long, he was too old, Mayorga was too strong, but Oscar De La Hoya proved all of them wrong.

It was a marvelous return as De La Hoya picked up his best victory since he knocked out Fernando Vargas in 2002.

The first round began with a bang as Mayorga was talking trash before the start of the first round, the two men did not touch gloves and the fight was on. It was a minute into the first round when De La Hoya erased any doubt about his punching power when a picture perfect left hook dropped Mayorga down to the mat. The scourge of Nicaragua was able to beat the count, but he was never the same fighter for the remainder of the bout as he became a defensive fighter.

In the third round, Mayorga had his best round as he landed an uppercut that pushed back the head of De La Hoya and managed to land several hard punches. When the fourth round began, De La Hoya went right back to work with combinations and right hands that barely ever missed their mark as Mayorga was a very stationary target.

The beginning of the sixth round was the begging of the end for Mayorga, who was blasted with a left hook that was followed by a barrage of punches that sent him back down to the canvas. Mayorga beat the count, but was visibly hurt as De La Hoya jumped on him with numerous unanswered punches on Mayorga while trapping him against the ropes. As Mayorga was about to collapse to the canvas for his third trip, referee Jay Nady had to jump in and rip De La Hoya off Mayorga to call a halt to the bout.

De La Hoya won the respect of Mayorga, who gave him accolades after the bout.

With the victory, De La Hoya captured the WBC 154 pound title, the ninth world title of his career in his sixth weight division. The plan now is for Oscar De La Hoya to face Floyd Mayweather, Jr., the recognized pound for pound fighter in the sport. The bout is rumored to take place in September, which will mark the final bout of De La Hoya's career. While most insiders felt the two would meet at 147 pounds, it appears more likely that the two men will met at an agreed upon weight between welterweight and junior middleweight.

The bout with Mayweather is not set in stone as De La Hoya's trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr., said that he would do everything in his power to discourage De La Hoya from fighting his son.

The only two scenarios that would generate the most money for Oscar is if Winky Wright defeats Jermain Taylor in June or Fernando Vargas defeats his promotional partner Shane Mosley in July. The problem with making a fight with Vargas or Wright is meeting the target date in September. Whether or not Vargas or Wright win and want the fight with De La Hoya, it may be difficult for them to properly train in order to make the September date. The other problem is giving the promoters enough time to properly promote the pay-per-view, the last of De La Hoya's career.

"I will sit down with my trainer, Floyd Mayweather, with my wife, with my team and see what my next move will be," De La Hoya said.

07-05-2006, 09:15
Oscar De La Hoya: I Am Satisfied!
May 7, 2006
By Mike Sloan

It seems as though a year-and-a-half off from participating in a real boxing match means nothing to Oscar De La Hoya; just ask Ricardo Mayorga. De La Hoya silenced most critics by severely brutalizing and eventually stopping Mayorga in their hotly-anticipated showdown tonight inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena. De La Hoya scored an emphatic sixth round stoppage of “El Matador,? a beating so intense that Mayorga decided to skip the post-fight press conference altogether.

After a rather lengthy delay until De La Hoya finally arrived at the dais to address the hundreds of media personnel, a victorious and gleeful Golden Boy candidly spoke about his triumph over his fierce nemesis and hinted at his future inside the ring.

“I felt great tonight,? De La Hoya said. “I felt as though I was in the best shape of my life. We put in a lot of work in the gym for this fight and it paid off. I was so motivated for this fight and I wanted to prove to him and to everybody else that I was not going to back down from Ricardo Mayorga.?

When asked if he thought Mayorga was going to be taken out in the first round, Oscar was realistic.

“I knew I hit him with a perfect left hook,? he said. “But Mayorga has a lot of heart and I know he wasn’t about to quit. I knew I was going to knock him out, though. I just had to bide my time and pick him apart. He is so wild, so awkward, but my defense paid off and I was able to capitalize.?

There was a ton of pre-fight hoopla surrounding this fight and Mayorga was able to get under De La Hoya’s skin on numerous occasions. Mayorga had taunted De La Hoya’s manhood by calling him all sorts of profane names, ridiculed his family and his Mexican heritage. Mayorga also spoke badly about De La Hoya’s wife, a move that sent Oscar over the edge.

“I am very satisfied with this win,? he said. “I told him that I was going to make him pay for what he said and I did. He’s a tough guy and we were able to talk after the fight. He apologized for what he said about me, my heritage and my family and I forgave him.?

“This was one of the best of my career,? Oscar said about how high the win ranks for him personally. “I haven’t been this satisfied with a win in a long time. I never wanted to knock someone out so bad like this. It is so satisfying.?

Many members of the boxing media and most of the fans are clamoring for a De La Hoya showdown with the likes of either Floyd Mayweather, Jr. or Antonio Margarito. De La Hoya didn’t exactly say who he’d like to face, although rumors have been flying around the press conference that a date with Mayweather is tentatively set for September 16.

“I don’t know where we’ll go next,? he admitted. “I don’t plan on fighting much longer, maybe one more major fight. Who knows? Mayweather is probably the best fighter in the world, but we’ll see what happens. Margarito is great, too, but we aren’t making any decisions until we can all sit down and see what to do next. I only want the best fight available.?

07-05-2006, 09:18
De La Hoya Beats an Apology Out of Mayorga; The Golden Boy Stops The Wild Man in Six
By Doug Fischer (May 7, 2006)
LAS VEGAS, May 6 – Coming into tonight’s fight Ricardo Mayorga won the war of words during the press tour with a combination of vulgar insults and macho theatrics, however once the bell for the WBC 154-pound title bout rang, it was Oscar De La Hoya who dominated with a combination of punches, punishing the Nicaraguan bully with right hands and left hooks for six brutal rounds.

De La Hoya improved to 38-4 (30) and won his ninth world title by dropping Mayorga twice en route to a one-sided pummeling that referee Jay Nady stopped one minute and 25 seconds into the sixth round. The beating was even worse than the one Felix Trinidad administered to Mayorga in 2004. It was brutal enough to humble the former welterweight champ who called De La Hoya every sexist and homophobic slur from the Big Book of Macho Insults for the past two months.

“You’re a great champion, a great fighter,? Mayorga, now 28-6-1 (23), told De La Hoya when the new title holder visited him as he sat dejected in his corner shortly after the bout was stopped. “I apologize for everything I said to you.?

“I forgive you,? De La Hoya replied.

He wasn’t so benevolent during the fight. De La Hoya scowled at Mayorga after dropping him with a lead right-left hook combination one minute into the first round, and continued to tee off on the cigarette smoking bad boy for the rest of the round.

De La Hoya continued to use Mayorga’s head as a speed bag in the second round, consistently landing sharper straighter punches before his rival could even get off with his wild haymakers. Although Mayorga managed to land a few right hands to the body and head, De La Hoya kept his composure.

In the third round, perhaps Mayorga’s best, the two foes took turns hurting each other with uppercuts. De La Hoya nailed Mayorga with a left uppercut; and later in the round Mayorga rocked De La Hoya with a sweeping right uppercut. However, De La Hoya charged Mayorga with one-two combinations at the bell to take the round.

In rounds four and five, De La Hoya and Mayorga traded heavy leather but it was the multi-division champ who landed more consistently. Just when it appeared that De La Hoya might begin to tire from the fast pace of the fight and Mayorga might work himself into his erratic rhythm, the Golden Boy broke through at the start of the sixth round.

After hurting Mayorga with body shots, De La Hoya drove his rival into his corner where he landed a 10-punch salvo that forced Mayorga to his knees. Mayorga got up at Nady’s count of “eight? but De La Hoya immediately jumped in his chest and got off with non-stop punches that Mayorga tried to roll with but absorbed enough to convince the referee to end the violence.

The victory, which took place in front of more than 13,000 at the MGM Grand’s Garden Arena, was one of De La Hoya’s most satisfying and impressive wins in terms of his offense. Fans have not seen him get off with accurate right hands and uppercuts in conjunction with his powerful left jab and hook since his lightweight days.

“It was a really tough fight,? De La Hoya said. “The way he was talking about my wife and my son Gabriel motivated me to go right at him.

“No matter what, I was going to stand up to him and show him that I was going to fight. I had to show the bully that I wouldn’t back down.?

De La Hoya now has a farewell fight to consider. At the start of the year he said that he would fight for the last time in September of this year. Potential opponents that he has mentioned include four-division title holder Floyd Mayweather Jr., the son of his head trainer, Winky Wright, who fights Jermain Taylor next month for the middleweight title, and Felix Trinidad, who has been rumored to be considering coming out of retirement.

“I have to talk to my people about where we want to go,? De La Hoya said. “Regarding Mayweather, I have to talk to my trainer because I respect Mayweather Sr. I have to sit down and talk with him and look at every scenario and decide what makes the most sense.?

In the co-featured bout of the evening, former IBF 154-pound titlist Kassim Ouma got up from a first-round knockdown to out-work Marco Antonio Rubio en route to a grueling 12-round split decision victory for the mandatory position in the WBC’s junior middleweight rankings.

Ouma, who won by scores of 117-110 and 116-111, with a dissenting vote for Rubio (114-113), was seriously rocked by right hands in the first two rounds but had his Mexican foe backing up with a series of left hands by end of the second round.

From the third round through the sixth, Ouma, who improved to 24-2-1 (15), beat Rubio to the punch and backed him up with sheer volume of punches. Rubio, who dropped to 32-3-1 (29), had his moments with hard counter punches in the middle rounds but often waited too long to land those shots.

Going into the late rounds, both fighters sported bruising and swelling around their eyes. Ouma’s right eye was nearly swollen shut. The bout became a busy back-and-forth contest that both men felt they did enough to earn the decision after the 12th round.

“He got me in the first round with a punch I didn’t see,? Ouma said, “he’s got a lot of power, more than I thought, but I knew if I kept punching and kept fighting that I would be alright and that I would win, and I think I definitely won.?

Rubio acknowledged that it was a tough fight, but as can be expected, felt he should have got the nod.

“It was the hardest fight of my career but I thought I pulled it out,? said Rubio.

In a special 10-round junior lightweight bout, former WBO 122-pound titlist Joan Guzman won a lopsided unanimous decision over former IBF lightweight titlist Javier Jauregui. Guzman, who won by scores of 100-90 (twice) and 99-91, improved to 25-0 (17). Jauregui, who pressed the action in almost every round but found his Dominican foe nearly impossible to hit clean, dropped to 51-13-1 (35).

Guzman began the bout looking absolutely brilliant. The former amateur star was fast and fluid, landing hard four- and five-punch combinations at will while avoiding most (if not all) of Jauregui’s punches with subtle head and upper body movement. Over the next three rounds Guzman bothered his rugged Mexican foe with an educated jab, smooth footwork and well-timed combinations. However, Jauregui is a tough nut and hard fighter to discourage. The Guadalajara native continued to press Guzman behind a hard right hand (and even harder head butt) until he was able to finally land some telling blows in the middle rounds when his opponent began to tire.

Down the stretch, Guzman did as much taunting and showboating as he did punching, but his combinations were no longer furious, they were merely flashy; still, the Dominican Republic native landed more punches than Jauregui, who never stopped trying to cut the ring off on his elusive and crafty foe but wasn’t able to land more than one shot at a time.

With the victory, Guzman has likely earned another televised appearance hopefully against a top fighter in either the featherweight or junior lightweight divisions.

In the opening bout of the HBO Pay-Per-View broadcast, lightweight prospect Jorge Paez Jr. improved to 9-0 (8) by pounding out a unanimous six-round decision over capable but outgunned Lowell Brownfield of Omaha. Paez, the son of the popular former IBF featherweight champ, landed the harder punches through the somewhat competitive scrap. Brownfield drops to 7-1 (2).

On the non-televised undercard, 2004 U.S. Olympian Rock Allen improved to 7-0 (5) with a unanimous six-round decision over tough Juan Hernandez of Los Angeles. The junior welterweight prospect out of Philadelphia pummeled Hernandez, now 2-2, with both hands in every round but could not hurt his rugged but limited opponent.

Junior featherweight prospect Jonathan Oquendo stayed undefeated with a hard-fought six-round unanimous decision over former amateur standout Torrence Daniels. Oquendo had some trouble with Daniels crafty style but the Puerto Rican was the aggressor and the harder puncher throughout the competitive bout. Oquendo improves to 9-0 (5); Daniels, of Colorado Springs, drops to 5-2-1 (2).

In the opening bout of the card, undefeated featherweight prospect Aaron Garcia was shocked by Saul Ochoa, who knocked the former amateur standout out in the third round of a scheduled six rounder. Garcia, of Vista, California, falls to 7-1 (2); Ochoa, of Phoenix, improves to 4-2-1 (2).

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Here are the Punch Stats from tonight's Oscar De La Hoya vs Ricardo Mayorga.

Oscar won by KO in Round 6.

Punch Stats
58 of 333, 17%

De La Hoya
116 of 264, 44%

6 of 136, 4%

De La Hoya
48 of 108, 44%

Power Shots
52 of 197, 26%

De La Hoya
68 of 156, 44%.

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Superb De la Hoya stops Mayorga
De La Hoya turned back the clock with classic display

Oscar de la Hoya produced one of the greatest performances of his career to stop Ricardo Mayorga and take the WBC light middleweight crown in LAs Vegas. De la Hoya, who has been out of the ring since 2004, stopped Mayorga in the sixth round after a blistering assault. Mayorga had insulted De La Hoya in the build-up and paid the price as his opponent launched into him with awesome power from the opening seconds.

De La Hoya said: "That has to be ranked up there in my top five fights ever." De La Hoya had Mayorga on the floor after just 30 seconds with two scything left hooks. The Nicaraguan held on and fought back in the second round with an excellent overhand right. But he was throwing too many loose punches and left himself open to more punishment. De La Hoya needed no second invitation and proceeded to give Mayorga a lesson in ring craft.

"I stood my ground, and that showed the bully - hey - you're not pushing me back" Oscar De La Hoya

A series of thudding body shots opened up Mayorga's defences before a left-right combination left him on his knees. Mayorga climbed back to his feet but was a broken man, and De La Hoya finished him off with another flurry of hooks. Mayorga's ill-advised claims pre-fight that he wanted to stop De La Hoya's heart or detach his retina - among other things - served only to motivate his illustrious opponent.

The new champion said afterwards: "The message was that I was going to stand up to the bully. He motivated me so much by talking about my life. He was going to talk bad about me and that motivated me. This guy was perfect because he was throwing wild punches. I stood my ground, and that showed the bully - hey - you're not pushing me back."

De La Hoya now aims to move on to a farewell fight in September - possibly against undefeated ring superstar Floyd Mayweather, before returning to the promoting business. He said: "I'll sit down with my people and my wife and work out which fight can get me the most glory."

07-05-2006, 20:02
Ik heb 'm ondertussen gezien. Het was een hele mooie partij waarin De la Hoya gewoon een demonstratie gaf. Mayorga had eigenlijk geen enkele kans. Fantastisch om te zien, vooral omdat Mayorga vooraf zo'n grote bek had :lol: .

Nu op naar Mayweather jr. vs De la Hoya. Ik hoop echt dat die partij er komen gaat.

08-05-2006, 00:21
WAT EEN HEEEERLIJKE POT, ik heb hem NET afgekeken, die hit percentages ook aan het einde, shockend hoe hij dus domineerde...

ik heb genoten van die pot, zo mooi! Hij is nu aan het uploaden want de kwaliteit was wel goed... hoop dat die lukt!

299 mb versie vanacht geupload is gelukt staat in multi..

Jay Hoov
08-05-2006, 09:03
Gister gekeken, gruwelijk!
Toch had ik niet verw8 dat DeLaHoye zoo zou domineren, VET!

08-05-2006, 10:42
Gisteravond gekeken, wow wat een topper die Oscar.....Mayorga werd echt vernederd.........

08-05-2006, 21:34
net gezien pas, onwijs gaaf. Ik had hem bijna voor het kijken gespoiled voor mijzelf.... deze ochtend stond er namelijk een artikel over in de metro gelof ik