View Full Version : "Lil Mirko"

15-07-2006, 22:09
Can anybody tell me if "Lil mirko" Zelg Galesic trains out of Mikes Gym, I have seen a few pictures of him on the American sites with Melvin Maenhoff. Are they team mates?

15-07-2006, 22:12
nope he is not training with us....

he trains with trojan gym .. and maybe he visited us 1 time or he liked to get on the photo with melvin... like most of the people :P

15-07-2006, 22:37
Ahhh I see.

I saw "lil Mirko" in a Mikes Gym t shirt in a photo with Melvin "the monster" Maenhoff. Where is Mikes Gym, and can anybody come and train there or do you have to be invited?

15-07-2006, 22:52
i think he gots a tshirt from melvin or some... yeah.. its no problem to come and train with us... just come and train :)

check www.mikesgym.tk or www.mikesgym.nl

and u find the adress... and u can also check www.melvinmanhoef.com