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Yamato Damashii
18-08-2006, 04:49
Van Sherdog.com

Pat Healy (Pictures) vs. Anthony Torres
Both fighters trade strikes early in the bout. Torres scored with a right hand that stunned Healy. Anthony shoots in for a single but he gets stuffed and has to settle for pulling guard. After a failed triangle attempt, Torres swept his opponent, took his back and secured a rear naked choke at 2:37 of the first round.


Forrest Petz (Pictures) vs. Sam Morgan (Pictures)
Petz dominated the opening period, scoring three takedowns and stunning Morgan with several punches. Near the end of the round, Petz landed a big left hand and followed up with some ground and pound. Morgan, clearly hurt, was saved by the bell.

Another dominating round for Petz. Forrest connects on a left hook that drops Morgan. Petz tries to pounce but Morgan is still game. Pets stands up from his opponent's guard and Morgan follows. Another left hand drops The Ultimate Fighter veteran. Morgan is able to survive the round once again, but it presumably down by 2 points or more.

Round three starts with a front choke attemp from Morgan, which Forrest easily escapes. Yet another left hand scores for Petz. Forrest doesn't sit in his guard long, as he stands up while Morgan is still on his back (A manuever often repeated in the bout). The fight ends on the floor, where Petz held side control for a brief period. Forrest Petz wins by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-23 and 30-27).


Kristof Midoux (Pictures) vs. Jake O'Brien (Pictures)
O'Brien scores an early takedown via ankle pick. O'Brien pushues his opponent against the fence and lands some punishing strikes. Referee McCarthy restarts the action. O'Brien with another takedown. Again the ref restarts thew action.

Midoux is taken down early in the round. O'Brien crawls his opponent to the cage and starts unleashing some brutal ground and pound. "Big" John halts the action at 52 seconds of the second period.


Jason Von Flue (Pictures) vs. Joe Riggs (Pictures)

Riggs starts the bout by lifting Von Flue into the air and slamming him down to the mat and straight into side-control. Von Flue gave Riggs his back, and fought off a rear naked choke before reversing the position and ending up in Riggs' guard. From there, "Diesel" wasted little time before finsing a trianlgle choke at and forcing the tap at 2:01 of the first stanza.


Crafton Wallace (Pictures) vs. Martin Kampmann (Pictures)
Wallace throws some head kicks to begin the action, but nothing lands solid. Wallace tries another kick, but it's caught by Kampmann. Kampmann scores a takedown into side-control. Martin now working from Wallace's back, looking for the choke, but Wallace defends as Martin gives up the choke and starts blasting away at his opponent's head. Kampmann goes back to the rear naked choke and forces a tap at 2:59 of the first round.


Jonathan Goulet (Pictures) vs. Josh Koscheck (Pictures)
Koscheck catches Goulet with a right hand to kick off the action. Josh quickly pounces and secures a guillotine choke. Goulet survives the onslaught and now is controlling from half-guard. Goulet working for a Kimura. Koscheck escapes and lands several hard elbows to the Canadian’s face. Koscheck moves to mount, then to Goulet’s back shortly after. Josh pounding on the back of his opponent’s head with heavy strikes. Referee “Big? John McCarthy calls a stop to the action at 4:10 of the first round. Very impressive performance from Koscheck.


Yuki Sasaki (Pictures) vs. Dean Lister (Pictures)
Lister goes for a takedown but Sasaki stuffs it and pushes his opponent against the cage. The referee restarts the fight due to the lack of action. Sasaki throws a few out of range punches and Lister throws a high kick that misses its mark. Lister jumps on his opponent’s back with one hook in. Lister working for the rear naked choke. Lister gives up the hook but still has Sasaki’s back in a standing position. Lister works Sasaki down and gets both hooks in. Sasaki rolls out to his feet. Lister throws Sasaki back to the canvas and applies a body triangle from the back. All Lister in the first period.

Sasaki lands an uppercut to start the second phase. Sasaki falls into Lister’s guard. The ADCC champ switches his hips high and is looking for a submission. Lister secures an arm and looks for the armbar. Lister rolls him over and switches to a triangle choke. Lister is pulling the head down and peppering the Japanese fighter with elbows. Lister now looking for an inverted armbar while still in the triangle position. Sasaki escapes to his feet after a scramble and lands several punches that stun Lister. The round ends with Lister looking tired and hurt.

Sasaki lands a straight right to Lister's abdomen. Lister looks very uncomfortable standing with the PRIDE veteran. Lister tries to pull guard but Sasaki won’t follow. Sasaki lands a left hand that rocks Dean. Lister is out of gas and fighting on pure heart. With 60 seconds remaining, Lister scores a takedown but Sasaki quickly gets back to his feet. Lister scores a suplex as the horn sounds to end the contest. The judges score the bout 30-27 x 3 for Dean Lister.


Jorge Santiago (Pictures) vs. Chris Leben (Pictures)
Santiago lands a huge straight right that stuns Leben. Chris scores a takedown, and escapes an armbar that was quickly being applied by Santiago. Leben, working from half-guard, is now bleeding from the nose. Leben stands up and jumps back into his opponent’s guard. Chris digging in some body shots from Santiago’s guard. Referee Herb Dean restarts the action at the 2-minute mark. Santiago lands a right hand and scores a trip takedown into half-guard. Round one goes to Jorge Santiago.

Leben scores a huge left hand that knocks Santiago out cold. Chris quickly jumps in and lands two more before the action is stopped. Chris Leben wins at 35 seconds of the second stanza.


Diego Sanchez (Pictures) vs. Karo Parisyan (Pictures)
Diego lands a right uppercut and scores a quick takedown. Diego quickly moves to Karo’s back with two hooks. Karo is bleeding heavily. Diego now working a body triangle from the back. Parisyan manages to rise to his feet and scores a takedown on his own. Karo now working from Diego’s guard with solid puches. Diego reverses and hops on his opponent’s back. An amazing Judo throw plants Diego on his head. Another Judo throw puts Diego on the canvas. Parisyan now finding his rage with the punches. Round one goes to Karo.

Karo lands a head kick then works a steady jab. Parisyan rocks Diego with a left and a right and follows it with a takedown into Diego’s guard. Diego spins from the bottom and nearly scores a kneebar. Now standing, both fighters trade punches in the center of the Octagon. Diego answers with a swift takedown. Sanchez working punches and elbows from Parisyan’s closed guard. Diego transitions to Parisyan’s back after a scramble as the round ends. Round two goes to Diego.

Parisyan closes the distance and gets a clinch but can't drag Sanchez to the floor. Diego lands a big uppercut that rocks Karo. Parisyan scores a takedown against the cage. Diego explodes up and trips Karo and nearly secures a rear naked choke. Sanchez on Karo's back with one hook. An exhausted Parisyan eats several visious body shots before landing another Judo thow. Diego now on top, pounding away. The fight ends with Diego in complete control. Sherdog.com scores it 29-28 for Sachez.

Official score:
Sanchez wins a closer-than-scored unanimous decision.
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Yamato Damashii
18-08-2006, 04:55
Als ik de reacties op sherdog mag geloven schijnt t een leuk evenement geweest te zijn.

Ik was toch wel verrast door de winst van Diego Sanches op Karo Parisyan. Veel staand werk van Diego en hij schijnt Karo van een tand te hebben verholpen. De MT trainingen in Nederland hebben dus hun vruchten afgeworpen.

Ook opmerkelijk dat Dean Lister niet zo makkelijk gewonnen heeft, ondanks dat hij vooraf toch wel sterk favoriet was.

18-08-2006, 08:46
oke dan!!
beter voor diego. maybe zn volgende wedstrijd nu tegen hughes? aangezien parisyan laatst voor de titel mocht gaan tegen hughes ( geblesseerd uitgevallen) toen mocht riggs tegen hughes.

maar denk dat ze toch eerst GSP voor de titel laten vechten.

ben benieuwd naar de beelden

18-08-2006, 17:44
Ik vond die Diego echt een fanstastiche partij vechten! Wat een grapplin niveau heeft die gast :shock:
Parisyan was ook heel goed met vette judo worpen maar Diego vocht net wat completer en had een betere conditie.
Ik denk dat Diego wel klaar is voor Hughes nu.
Lijkt mij iig een mooie partij waarin er zeker kansen voor hem liggen

18-08-2006, 19:33
Hier in Florida werd het live uitgezonden op Spike TV. Vette avond TUF! Eerst die wedstrijden en dan de premiere van TUF4...
Leben tegen Santiago was inderdaad grappig: Santiago swingt er een hoek uit met zijn ogen dicht, en Leben swingt een lucky punch op Santiago zijn neus (gaf tijdens het interview ook toe dat het lucky was). Precies op de button en Santiago KO.......

18-08-2006, 19:37
Vette show, partij van de avond was Diego vs Karo :P

19-08-2006, 00:19
Diego is echt zo goed zeg. Maar, hij mag wel meer gaan trappen, ik heb geen lowkick gezien en er waren hele mooie momenten voor. Hij had hem af kunnen maken voor de tijd.

19-08-2006, 02:59
prachtige pot karo vs diego... je zag wel dat karo steeds meer in begon te zakken naar mate de partij vorderde... maar goddamn wat een worpen.. jammer dat ie er weinig mee deed..

The Maniac
19-08-2006, 10:50
zo te zien heeft de training met fedor geholpen voor diego

20-08-2006, 12:28
Knap resultaat van Diego..die werkelijk als een beest te keer ging..wat een conditie zeg..3e ronde ging alles er net zo hard aan toe als de eerste ronde..heb overigens ook genoten van de worpen van Karo..echt bizar!

1 vd betere gevechten van de afgelopen tijd..no doubt...

Idd GSP als eerste (MEER dan terecht) dan misschien Diego of eerst de winnaar TUF S4....