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27-10-2007, 01:03
Interview matt hughes

MMANews.com: What have you been up lately?

Matt Hughes: Just starting my training a little a bit and just finished up working on the farm.

MMANews.com: Have you been training at your new school?

Matt Hughes: No, it hasnít opened up yet. Weíll do a soft opening for me while Iím getting ready for the fight in November and then we will do the grand-opening in the New Year.

MMANews.com: Who have you started your training with?

Matt Hughes: Well Iíve been training at home with just a few guys. We just have been running and lifting to try and get in shape. Of course I have my boxing coach and Iíve just been hitting the pads and stuff. There is no team to speak of yet but next week Iím going to Iowa.

MMANews.com: Have you been training with Marc [Fiore] or Robbie [Lawler]?

Matt Hughes: Robbie hasnít been down yet but I have been training with Marc and a few other guys around here.

MMANews.com: What differences have their been in comparison to this season of TUF and when you coached TUF Season 2?

Matt Hughes: Well, this season it was great because I was able to bring my own assistant coaches.

MMANews.com: What differences have you noticed in your team this season compared to last?

Matt Hughes: I really liked my team this season. It was a group of guys that really performed well together and trusted each other. I was really happy with the team I had and my coaches. The bad thing was that my opposing coach was not my buddy Rich Franklin and that was one of the biggest things I noticed. I did not get to have any fun with the opposing coach because it was Matt Serra. He doesnít like me that much.


MMANews.com: Any idea why he doesnít like you?

Matt Hughes: Naw, no idea.

MMANews.com: Does that bother you?

Matt Hughes: No, I canít say it really bothers me. I donít know why heís like that but I canít say it bothers me.

MMANews.com: Are you looking forward to fighting in him December?

Matt Hughes: Yes I am. Itís easy to prepare for a guy like him. Itís easy to get motivated.

MMANews.com: I guess the things he says about you help.

Matt Hughes: Exactly.

MMANews.com: Will you be working BJJ to try and counter Mattís ground game?

Matt Hughes: Oh, of course. I love working on my BJJ. I think our Jiu-Jitsu is comparable. I mean he has never shown any real great submissions. Even Karo Parisyan had him in an armbar. So Iím not even worried about his submission skills to be honest or his skills to put a submission on me.

MMANews.com: Now Matt KOíd Georges St. Pierre to win the title, does his striking or power worry you at all?

Matt Hughes: I wouldnít say his striking worries me but yeah he must have some power in those hands and that worries me - but not so much his striking or technique. He must have power but he is pretty ugly technically speaking.

MMANews.com: Now a few moments ago we talked about you and Rich on TUF 2. What were your thoughts on his fight with Anderson Silva this past Saturday?

Matt Hughes: Heís my buddy and it was hard to sit there and watch my buddy not do as well as I had hoped he would but Anderson is a good guy and what I liked about that fight was that both fighters went out and gave it there all and both fighters were respectful at the end and Iím kind of big on that. The crowd was excited and everyone was happy to see both fighters doing their best out there. It was Richís home-town and Iím sure everyone would have liked to see Rich be the winner but I liked it because they were both respectful at the end.

MMANews.com: Now in the past you mentioned that you may move up in weight to fight Anderson if Rich were to lose this fight. Is that still a possibility?

Matt Hughes: It is still a possibility but right now I have Matt Serra on my mind.

27-10-2007, 01:07
stoer! ik hoop dat hij probeert anderson te pakken te nemen.

27-10-2007, 01:09
thanks :)

el bastardo
27-10-2007, 01:13
Tnx (Y)

The Bulldog
27-10-2007, 01:17
Anderson sloopt hem op de manier die hij kiest...

op de grond met zijn ground en pound zet hij Anderson echt niet vast...no way...