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SENGOKU - 03/05/2008:
'Old PRIDE Staff is Handling the Production!'
Submitted by:Shu Hirata
Posted on : 1/7/2008

Naoya Kinoshiata, the head of World Victory Road held a press conference on January 7th at their office in Shinjuku Tokyo and revealed that the same staff that ran PRIDE is handling their event operations and production. "The old PRIDE staff will act as the main constituent. For the fans who are worrying about what kind show SENGOKU is going to be, please do not worry." When one reporter asked, if this meant we will see Lenny Hardt as the MC or Daisuke Sato making the introduction video? Kinoshita's reply was, "It’s going to be very close to the Yarennoka! show."

Now does this mean SENGOKU is joining the "Kakutougi Grand Coalition" which now seems to be controlled by FEG? Kinoshita was affirmative, "Presupposition is that each one of us has to be able to operate solid shows, but we do like to incorporate very fast." He also talked about their plan of opening a dojo to cultivate fighters. In terms of fighters for the March 5th show, "With most fighters that everyone would feel 'Would be good for the show', we are in negotiations with them." So what about Takanori Gomi? "It’s a delicate issue but as a fan, I would like to book him." Then what about Kazuo Misaki? Kinoshita told the reporters, "I am interested in him. That is a good question." Then at the end Kinoshita talked about the national TV coverage, "There was an offer but this time we cancelled it. Its not confirmed yet but at a later date, the show should be on air in some CS stations."

Now what does this exactly mean? When he said "Old PRIDE staff" does this actually means not former employees of DSE? What Kinoshita is saying is that he is contracting the same companies that did PRIDE production and event operations. However without national TV coverage, most likely, World Victory Road needed an assist from the "Kakutougi Grand Coalition." Is this in terms of events production to booking fighters to all other aspects; especially in the very closed, tight, Japanese Kakutougi community?

The show is only two months away but at this point, only a few Japanese fighters and two non-Japanese fighters are announced for the show. And of them, Evengelista "Cyborg" Santos is fighting Gegard Moussashi in Canada less than 30 days before this show. Needless to say, World Victory Road must be fully aware that they really need to pick up the pace in order for them to leave an impact in the market. This means more announcements should follow.

World Victory Road Presents "SENGOKU"
Wednesday March 5th, 2007
At Yoyogi No. 1 Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan
Doors Open - 17:00
Fight Starts - 18:30

Confirmed Fighters:
Hidehiko Yoshida (Yoshida Dojo), Sanae Kikuta (GRABAKA), Makoto
Takimoto (Yoshida Dojo), Ryo Kawamura (Pancrase-ism), Siyar
Bahadurzad (Golden Glory), Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos (Chute Boxe Academy)

Ticket Prices:
VIP - 100,000 yen
RRS - 30,000 yen
SENGOKU (S) Seat - 17,000 yen
S - 17,000 yen
A - 7,000 yen
*All seats are reserved seats

bron: http://www.adcombat.com/Article.asp?Article_ID=14621

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Mooi mooi mooi.. bring it on :)

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Mooie partij, Siyar vs Evangelista :)

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Mooie partij, Siyar vs Evangelista :)

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