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18-01-2008, 17:04
Plus a ton of smack talk between Kimbo and Tank during the EliteXC Conference Call (http://combat-hooligans.com/2008/01/17/showtimeelitexc-conference-call-quotes-kimbo-tank-gary-shaw/).

KIMBO: What's up?
SHAW: Tell them whatever you want.
KIMBO: That's it.
SHAW: That's it. I hope you heard that, Tank. He said that's it for you and the reporters. So, Tank, take it away.
TANK: I'll tell you what's up. Kimbo's going to be on his back. This fight is going to last about as long as his interview opening did. `What's up' is about how long it's going to take for him to end up on his back knocked out.
KIMBO: Did you have a 6?pack or 12?pack before you said something?
TANK: I don't drink beer. I can afford vodka.
KIMBO: OK, even better
SHAW: Tank, do you honestly believe you're going to knock Kimbo out?
TANK: I don't see it going any other way. I can do anything I want to him, but what fun is that? I like to knock people out.
SHAW: Do you think it's a short fight or do you think it's going to take a couple of rounds?
TANK: Doesn't matter. I can go 15 minutes holding my breath standing on my head. So it could be the 14th minute or the first minute, whenever he runs into one.
SHAW: How do you feel about fighting in Kimbo's hometown?
TANK: I kind of like that. I don't like beating up people in my hometown. I like to go to their hometown, so they can see what they're all about.
KIMBO: You better wear a pad with that cup, because I'm going to have you (blanking) blood, homie.
TANK: That sounds good. That's what it's all about.
QUESTION: Kimbo, what's it feel like to be fighting in your hometown in a sanctioned fight in front of what figures to be a sellout crowd on a SHOWTIME telecast that begins at 10 p.m.?
KIMBO: It's going to be different for me. I'm cool with it and I'm comfortable with it. I'm comfortable at the crib, so I'm looking forward to it.
QUESTION: Tank, how did you get your nickname?
TANK: When I was stomping around in the streets, they didn't have anything such as an MMA or cage fighting or anything like that. I showed up at the steps of the Ultimate Fighting and said, `Hey, I want to fight.' And they said you have to be a black belt or something like that. I said I just got out of jail for beating somebody up, in fact, a cop's son. Isn't this supposed to be about fighting? And they said, yeah, but you've got to have some kind of a black belt or something. And I said that's not what I'm about. I'm about fighting in the streets. They called me a couple days later and said we came up with this thing called Tank Abbott. It's from the "Every Which Way But Loose'' movie from Clint Eastwood. There is a guy in there, who's a street fighting legend by the name of Tank Murdock, and Clint went and fought him. But that's where the Tank came from. I've been stomping the streets for a long time. I tell you one thing, if Kimbo was back in my era, stomping around Orange County, Calif., he would have been long gone a long time ago.
KIMBO: So you didn't earn your name, your name was given to you out of grace?
TANK: Everybody gets their name given to them. I guess it's earned if you're a street fighting legend and you're a Tank. I guess somebody does give it to you.
QUESTION: Tank, you fought some of the best people in the world in their prime. What level of fighter do you think Kimbo is?
TANK: I will give him his props. Kimbo goes out there, he's tough, he's got (guts) and he's got heart. Those are things you can't teach. But I've been swinging around wrestling rooms for over 30 years and I've been in boxing gyms for over 20, and I've been in the street a lot longer than that. You can never tell. All you can say is that Kimbo is a tough man as far as his heart and his (guts) and his mind, but I don't know how polished he is. So I can't give you an answer on that one.
QUESTION: Kimbo, do you want to comment on that? You're newer to mixed martial arts as an organized sport, even though you have the street fighting background so why do you think you're ready to take on somebody like Tank who has been around and been in with the best for so long?
KIMBO: I'll take on anybody. Everybody says I'm the new kid on the block or whatever. But it's the era. Being street certified mixed with MMA, Tae Kwon Do, Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing and wrestling. You combine that and you're going to have a type of fighter like myself. I'm not one?dimensional. Whatever anybody wants to do, I'm down to do. You want to take it to the ground, let's take it to the ground. You want to stand up, let's stand up. I'm down for that. That's my thing, that's what I'm about. That's how I live. That's my life. I don't even see Tank. I'm seeing through him.
TANK: See, that's the kind of thing I'm talking about. Those are the kind of things you can't learn. That's not technique, that's why I can't wait to step in the ring with him.
QUESTION: Tank, do you expect this fight to go out of the first round?
TANK: I don't have any expectations; I don't know about Kimbo.
QUESTION: Kimbo, any expectations in how long you think this is going to go?
KIMBO: No, I don't have any either.
QUESTION: Is there any possibility, has it entered your mind, that Abbott has simply too much experience for you?
KIMBO: I kind of look at it like a chick that does porn. Just because she did 100 porn scenes, that doesn't mean I'm going to be afraid to [be with] her. I'm going to still get that [girl]. That's how I look at it.
QUESTION: Tank, you fought twice in 2007, once in 2006 and twice in 2005: When you're not fighting, what do you do?
TANK: My hobby is drinking. I like to have as much fun as I can. When I'm training, I train. But I like to have fun also. I like to hang out at the bars and write the book that I'm doing.
QUESTION: You're doing a book right now?
TANK: I've already got it written. It's about 676 pages. I'm pecking away on it, putting it on a computer. It's got some good stuff in it. It's about my days when I was stomping in the streets about 12, 13, 14 years ago when the whole MMA scene came about.
QUESTION: Tank, was your era on the streets so much tougher than Kimbo's?
TANK: Because there was no referee and there were no people walking around watching it. When you entered into a fight you assumed the risk to die. You didn't have to worry about somebody as a referee stepping in and saving it. Like I said, I've got well over 200 street fights under my belt.
QUESTION: Your response to that, Kimbo?
KIMBO: I was smelling chicken and looking at the food. I wasn't paying Tank any attention.
QUESTION: Gary, Gina Carano was originally supposed to be on the card. She dropped off. Can you tell us what happened as far as her participation in this show?
SHAW: Sure, we wanted her to be on the show. She was training for American Gladiators, and at this point she wasn't ready to compete on this date.
QUESTION: Is there any concern on your end as far as her other activities interfering with her fight career? Is that something you've talked to her about?
SHAW: No, we have a long-term contract with Gina. It was a great opportunity for her to be on "American Gladiators'' and be "Crush,'' and I think it will help her career. As soon as they're done with all the meetings they have to do, all the PR appearances -- she was just on "The Today Show" two days ago -- she'll be ready to fight. She wasn't ready in February. Hopefully, she'll be ready for our big March 29 card in San Jose.
QUESTION: Gary, a question (regarding) the back and forth you've had with Dana White, the conversation you had and then he had with Yahoo Sports. Have you had a chance to read that commentary from Dana, and do you have any other reaction to him?
SHAW: Look, no, truthfully I haven't read it. Though a lot of people have called me (about it). All I'm saying is, and I've said it all along, there is a differentiator. If you fight for the UFC, you can't be bigger than Dana White and the UFC. If you fight for EliteXC, as a fighter, you're bigger than Gary Shaw. It's about the fighter. It's not about me. Whether it's Kimbo, who was signed to us, or any other fighter, I believe we represent some of the greatest fighters in the world. I believe that Antonio "Big Foot" Silva could knock out any heavyweight in the UFC. Now, I'm not disparaging the UFC. They have some great fighters and great fights. They have a good brand. They do a good job marketing their brand, but they don't own MMA. They don't own the space. They have a brand. You know what, if you hold up the belt there, all you are is the club champion. Until Dana White is willing to fight his fighters against other brands, all they are club champions. I extend the challenge and always have - it's like Kimbo, you want to fight him? Call us up, you can come in the cage and fight him. You want to fight Jake Shields, fight Jake Shields. We're proud of the people we represent. Robbie Lawler, I could go down the whole roster. But for Dana White to try to convince the fans that he owns all of the best fighters in the world? To say that this is just a starting point for fighters and then they're going to go to UFC? He is full of (poop). Let him fight our fighters. I'll tell you what, let's do some fights winner-take-all. Let's put up a million dollars purse. Let's pick a weight. Let's really get it on for the fans. When he's ready to do that, then give me a call.
QUESTION: Kimbo, your last fight out you finished it so quickly we didn't get to see a whole lot. Are you looking forward to showing everybody your ground skills and what you've been working on?
KIMBO: Yes, I'm dying for that. I'm dying to get the opportunity to show off a little stuff. I've got a lot of tools in my arsenal now. I'm not afraid to use them. I'm getting to the point where it's second nature. I'm just excited to be where I am, to get to bang-up Tank and make a good future and a good name for myself.
QUESTION: Kimbo, what does it mean to have your second fight in EliteXC take place in your backyard where the fans are going to be going crazy for you?
KIMBO: It's exciting. But I'm not letting it get to me because I've got a bigger fish to fry.
QUESTION: Kimbo, how has the transition been going from street fighting to MMA, coupled with your rising popularity, gone for you?
KIMBO: It's really hard. It's more skilled fighters and better fighters. I'm proving myself now, because people feel like the guys that I fought were pretty much nobody's. But you never know what another guy has. You never know what type of skill the next man has. If a guy's willing to fight you, that says a lot. He's sure about himself. You can't take that from anybody. Like every fight, the best man's going to win. Whoever trains the hardest and wants it more is going to win. That's what it's about for me.
QUESTION: Kimbo, where did you get your nickname?
KIMBO: Kimbo has been my name since I was a kid. That's my child given name. Slice was an internet given name from my very first fight. And Slice was a given name I earned from the streets.
TANK: So they gave that to you?
KIMBO: It was earned.

18-01-2008, 17:05
QUESTION: Gary, why did EliteXC decide to go to Florida for this event? Was it specifically because of Kimbo being from there? Could Florida be a frequent stop for you guys?
SHAW: Great question. Let me try to tell you why I went to Florida: K-I-M-B-O. I believe that Kimbo's going to be a giant, giant star -- although I know Tank Abbott feels differently and feels that he's going to be the one with the success. I thought Florida was a natural place. We looked at several different locations in Florida. I wanted to stay near where Kimbo's home and home base is. The University of Miami has a great arena. It's the right size. I think Florida is a hot bed for MMA from Tampa, St. Petersburg all the way down. I just thought it was the right venue at the right time. SHOWTIME agreed it was the right venue at the right time, and that's how we wound up there. If we draw well enough, we'll be back. We expect a sellout crowd. We're looking at the American Airlines Arena as well for another fight. We've also looked at the Hard Rock and the St. Pete Times Forum. Florida is a place that EliteXC is going to hang their hat, absolutely.

QUESTION: Kimbo, you said that you're looking through Tank. Does that mean you're looking forward to your next match after him?
KIMBO: Yeah, pretty much. I'm preparing for whatever. I've trained for Tank a long time, preparing for his style. I know just the type of fighter he is: aggressive, hitting hard and just coming at you. I've trained well for that. I'm pretty much prepared to take Tank out. I'm going to change my name from Kimbo to Blackhawk because only a Blackhawk chopper can destroy a Tank.
QUESTION: If you're looking past Tank, is Sean Gannon possibly one of the guys you're looking at?
KIMBO: Who? Sean Gannon? Is that even an option?
SHAW: Anything you want to do is an option.
KIMBO: I'm down for that. I want to do that bare knuckle. That fight's owed to me. I want that more than anything.
SHAW: Yes, it is a possibility. One thing that I like about this fight, it went from just an MMA fight to being personal. The reason this fight got made so quickly is Kimbo said that `I want Tank. I trained for a pay-per-view fight, I want that fight back.' If Sean is the one that Kimbo wants and there is a score to be settled -- then we'll go out as a company that represents Kimbo and we'll do everything in our power to make that fight. But you know my career in boxing. I think Kimbo knows this better than anybody, and I'm sure Tank knows this as an ultimate professional. You better take care of business on Feb. 16.
QUESTION: Is Tank signed beyond this fight?
SHAW: Yes, we have options on Tank.
QUESTION: Tank, didn't you call Kimbo out after his fight in Atlantic City?
TANK: I don't know if you'd call that a fight. But, yeah, that's what it's all about. Like I said, he's a street warrior, I'm a street warrior. It's a matter of time before we meet up. I was ready to meet up right then and there. But as it is, we're going to meet up with SHOWTIME and EliteXC in Miami on Feb. 16.
QUESTION: How much had you heard of Kimbo before the fight in Atlantic City with Ray Mercer?
TANK: Not that much. I think his name came up a couple of times. I checked him out on the internet for maybe something that lasted 20 seconds, and then I went to the bar.
QUESTION: Have you been impressed with anything you've seen from Kimbo in either of his two fights?
TANK: I haven't really seen his last fight. The fight with Mercer, I mean, not really.
QUESTION: You've both been in lots of street fights, some for money. How did you manage that? Who kept that under control for people to get paid after it was done?
KIMBO: I'll pass on that.
TANK: One time I had this guy who wanted to fight, and he was crying about the money. I said we can fight in a warehouse. He said who is going to hold the money, this is going to turn into a circus. I said, `you show me your money, I'll show you mine. You put it in the front pocket, after I knock you out, I'll take it.' He didn't show up.
QUESTION: Kimbo, you're in a movie called "Blood and Bone.'' Can you tell us anything about it?
KIMBO: What do you want to know?
QUESTION: What is your role in it? How was the experience?
KIMBO: It was cool. The experience was OK. I got my SAG card.
QUESTION: Gary, Tank and Kimbo were supposed to happen last year in Atlantic City, and it fell through and disappointed a lot of people. Last weekend, we had Rico Rodriguez versus Mike Howell that was signed and not delivered. Is it an interest of yours, and will you potentially pick up this fight of interest?
SHAW: I don't know if it's a fight that we pick up. But we currently have Rico Rodriguez. He is signed to our brand. He's a fighter that we would definitely use. He's on our radar, for sure. It's unfortunate that card went under. People don't realize how many cards fail in the MMA world due to different things. I'm proud that every EliteXC card that we've ever said we'd put on we do put on. But, yes, there were fighters on that card we'd be very interested in. Maybe some who were in this office yesterday.
QUESTION: Other than the UFC, you're the only other promoter in MMA history to have Tank Abbott and Ken Shamrock under the same promotional banner at the same time. Their rivalry dates back years and it is well publicized. You like to have `personal' fights for your shows. Are you planning a fight between the two of them?
SHAW: If it's personal, it will go. As long as there are real personal rivalries and real fights, and we can give the SHOWTIME audience real fights. You know, Tank, I have a lot of respect for you; taking on Ken and Kimbo in the same call.
TANK: It's safe from a phone distance, right? Sounds like most of the guys in the MMA will. But I'll step up.
SHAW: We know you'll step up and that's why you're going on SHOWTIME against Kimbo. The same reason I put you in against Ken and also put Kimbo in against Ken.
TANK: Sounds good.
SHAW: Maybe eventually you and Kimbo can face Frank and Ken in a tag team match.
TANK: Now you're talking.
SHAW: There you go.
QUESTION: Tank, not to take away from your fight with Kimbo, but you and Ken had a lot of heat in the past. Has it cooled off? Is this guy still your nemesis? Do you still want this one?
TANK: Ken is the antithesis of me. You run around and show your legs and act like you're a superstar, when all you are is a clown. I like to go out and fight and I really don't care. I don't need everything to be right or wrong or just perfect. I don't need to walk around like I'm a superstar. I'm just myself when I cruise around. I don't need to make waves. He's the kind of guy that would go into a restaurant and say, `Do you know who I am? Go tell the person that I'm here.' I just hide in the back and don't care.
QUESTION: Tank, can you speak about Kimbo's internet legacy?
TANK: Believe it or not, I don't have a computer. Actually, I got one for my book, but I'm not hooked up to the internet. So I really don't follow that stuff. Most of the people on the internet are a bunch of bozos that want to talk a bunch of smack. Probably if you could reach through the internet lines, you'd find a 16-year-old kid that hasn't been able to shave and he's telling you, hey, I can beat you up.
QUESTION: With Tank you're facing a guy, a legendary pioneer in the sport of MMA, original UFC bad boy. What does the fight with him mean to you?
KIMBO: It means a whole lot to me. Unlike him, I've been watching Tank since I was a shorty. It sparked my interest from growing up banging from that time. So to fight a guy like him means a lot to me. That's why I can't lose and I won't lose. Losing is not an option, especially to Tank. Beating Tank means a whole lot to me, and I'm looking forward to this fight. I just think Feb. 16 is a tad bit too long. But I've got to be patient. I've waited this long, you know, it's all good.
TANK: Sounds like (when) Cabbage (Correira said) I (was going) to pass the torch off to him. Only thing I'm passing off to Kimbo is a knockout.
KIMBO: I ain't Cabbage, I'm Kimbo.
TANK: Who are you?
SHAW: Maybe you guys want to fight tonight?
KIMBO: I'm down for that.
QUESTION: This year, EliteXC has announced three shows so far and a lot more planned. Can you tell us what your philosophy is and your view is in positioning EliteXC?
SHAW: I know we'll be profitable because my mother and father are backing me. But on a serious note, EliteXC is all about the fighter. It's a fighter-friendly company. We care about the safety and welfare of every fighter that we represent. We have, probably, the biggest mixed martial arts library in the world today. We have several brands around the country. We have a huge internet play that is an important part of the company that works for the fighters and works for the fans. We have a contract with SHOWTIME where we'll have roughly 14 fights on SHOWTIME, and millions of eyes this year. We have King of the Cage, a brand in the United States, probably doing more fights than any other brand in the United States. We'll do over 40 fights. And Cage Rage in England, and Icon and Rumble World, and Spirit MC, which will allow us, like on our Jan. 25 fight card, to bring Paul Daley from England and put him on SHOWTIME in the U.S.
It will give us an opportunity to bring Kimbo this year over to England to fight in front of all those fans, and for them to get to see, feel, smell and touch him and see how real he is. We have a lot of opportunities. We're growing every day. We're really excited. We think we bring the best fights. I believe we put on exciting events for the fans. We're event friendly in the arena. We're on TV and get the eyeballs that watch our fights. A lot of people said a lot of nasty things last year about us and never thought we were going to really get off the ground. But this rocket ship launched. The one thing we promised was we'd give the fans real fights. One thing I'm really proud of is that I represent real fighters that will fight anybody in the world. It's not `well, I don't want to fight him. Give me two fights, three fights before I fight him.' The fighters we represent just want to fight. For that, I'm proud of the people that we represent. The eyeballs on SHOWTIME that have watched our fights have seen great fights, exciting fights. Nick Diaz against KJ (Noons), KJ against "Krazy Horse'' (Charles Bennett), Kimbo's quick demolition in the last show, the coming of age of Gina Carano. We haven't even shown Robbie Lawler that much. There is so much. "Big Foot'' Silva, I keep saying, I believe he's the single best heavyweight in the world today. The fans are going to get to see all these fighters, not to mention all the other fighters that we have coming. They're beginning to be exposed to new and young fighters. So thank you for your question.

18-01-2008, 17:05
QUESTION: When you raise the issue of being fighter friendly, do you think things like the UFC's lawsuit against Randy Couture is going to hurt them? And do you also see the need to bring MMA contracts in line with what is required in boxing by the Muhammad Ali Act?
SHAW: Let me comment. First of all, I won't comment on other people's lawsuits. So the Randy Couture-UFC lawsuit, that is something they'll have to battle out in the media and in the court room. When I say we're fighter friendly, you can ask any fighter that's either won or lost in one of our shows, and they'll tell you what it is like to fight for EliteXC. How we take care of them, how we care about them before the fight, during the fight, after the fight. This is a fighter-friendly company.
As far as contracts go, I don't discuss contracts. But we're basically in line with the Muhammad Ali law. We don't sign anybody for 20-year contracts. We don't have any slaves, no indentured servitude here. Fighters fight for us because they want to fight for us because we treat them well. I invite you, and any reporter to certainly go to any fighter that's fought for us and ask how we fight them. We treat them like the world champions that we believe all fighters are.
QUESTION: Tank, what weight are you at now and who are you training with for Kimbo?
TANK: I fluctuate between 261 and 67.
QUESTION: What camp or group are you training with now?
TANK: I just got my old friends that I've known for a long time and bang around with them. It's not really a camp or a team or anything. It's just buddies I've been banging with for a long time.
QUESTION: Gary, is a Ken Shamrock versus Kimbo a match in the future?
SHAW: Kimbo has a fight Feb. 16. Ken Shamrock's got a fight March 8. So why don't you ask me that question on March 9.
QUESTION: What weight is Ken going to be fighting at the Cage Rage event?
SHAW: I don't know. Right now I'm told by one of the fight team members it's unspecified. But if you email me, I'll be more than happy to give you the contract weight.
QUESTION: When are your plans to have Nick Diaz fight again for EliteXC?
SHAW: I think he's fighting on the April 26 card we're planning in Hawaii.
QUESTION: Is there any opponent decided yet?
SHAW: No, not really. But eventually we want to give him another shot at KJ Noons. He gave KJ Noons a shot. But not right back.
He's had surgery on his eye to repair all that scar tissue, and I think that Nick needed a rest. He's doing the right thing for Nick right now. And we've encouraged him to rest as well. I keep talking about Antonio Silva, and he's going to be fighting Gary Turner from England on Feb. 16. That should be a real exciting fight. Gary fights for the Cage Rage brand. At first we said maybe you don't want to take this type of fight. He said, `no, I want the fight.' He emailed us, and asked for the fight. Those are the type of fights we like to put on. We have Yves Edwards from Texas. He's fighting Edison Berto, who is the brother of professional boxer Andre Berto. That should be another great fight as will James Thompson against Brett Rogers and Scott Smith against Kyle Noke. As you know Kyle Noke, who was the bodyguard for the "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, is signed with us. He had a great win in his last fight, and he'll be back. Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't talk about "Krazy Horse.'' He is going to be opening the show. You've got two real street guys. In this one you have three. You have "Krazy Horse,'' Tank and Kimbo. And hence the name Street Certified. The real name of this whole fight is "Cage Tested, Street Certified," so we're excited. (In the future), you're going to see a new young star that we think we have in Eric Bradley, who was a wrestler in college, a great wrestler in Pennsylvania and a Golden Gloves boxer. That's a new name we're bringing along that I think the fans are really going to be excited about. He is a good looking kid with an exciting style.
QUESTION: Tank, is there anything you can tell us about your book? Is it an autobiography? What is in the 600-plus pages?
TANK: My book leads up to the 18 months where I went to jail for beating up a cop's son. Then I got out of jail and fought in the UFC. It is kind of a real-life Rocky story.
QUESTION: Has the final chapter been written yet?
TANK: It's only 18. It ended 12 years ago, so that means there's more.
QUESTION: Gary, you mentioned Gary Turner, heavyweight contender over at Cage Rage, fighting Antonio Silva, who is currently recognized as the heavyweight champion of Cage Rage. Will that be a title fight?
SHAW: Yes. Yes, it will be. Let me just comment on title fights, non-title fights. I'm a fan of fighting, as long as two guys get in and fight, that's good enough for me. All my friends are champions.
KIMBO: I'm just staying tuned. Be ready to check me out on Feb. 16.
QUESTION: Kimbo, after your last fight when you resumed training, was it a continuation of what you had been working on? Are you continuing to learn different things? We know you want to showcase all the skills you say you possess. How did it play out right after that last fight as far as training?
KIMBO: We picked up where we left off and added more new stuff into my arsenal.
TANK: I'm looking forward to this Feb. 16 fight. Like I said earlier Kimbo's got (guts), heart and the street mentality. I can't wait to lay my ears back and get down with him. It's going to be fun for me. It's going to be a long night for Kimbo and a short one for me. But I can't wait. I wake up every morning and start laughing because I wish it was already Feb. 16. It's not often you get to get in the cage and fight a guy that's got the street warrior to him, and I kind of look forward to that.

18-01-2008, 17:59
Leuke uitspraken van Kimbo, Tank en Shaw! Ben benieuwd wat het wordt 16 februari.

18-01-2008, 18:43

KIMBO: I kind of look at it like a chick that does porn. Just because she did 100 porn scenes, that doesn't mean I'm going to be afraid to [be with] her. I'm going to still get that [girl]. That's how I look at it.

I'm going to change my name from Kimbo to Blackhawk because only a Blackhawk chopper can destroy a Tank.

18-01-2008, 18:44
Deze is geweldig :D

KIMBO: Did you have a 6-pack or 12-pack before you said something?
TANK: I don't drink beer. I can afford vodka.