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24-03-2008, 03:29
Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2008
March 28th, 29th and 30th 2008, in Carson, California, CA.
Held annually in the United States since 1995, the Pan Championship represented the first step towards the internationalization of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a sport. Back then, in the first event, a group of almost 250 athletes took part in the pioneering and historical enterprise. A lot has changed since then. The tournament has grown tremendously and has achieved recognition as the biggest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition in North America and as one of the most important events in the world.
Currently the Pan attract athletes from all corners of the planet and it grows a bit more every year. In the latest edition of the tournament, held in the city of Carson, California, 1700 competitors signed up. This incredible number set a new record for the event.
The Pan Championship is held by the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation, a governing body directly connected to the Brazilian Condeferation (CBJJ). In order to fulfill its role in the expansion of BJJ, the Pan have been held in many different regions of the USA, boosting the practice of the sport in important centers such as Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando and even Honolulu, in Hawaii.

Remco van Baardewijk A.K.A "Ratinho" (Team Agua) doet hier aan mee als enige nederlander volgens mij en volgens deze lijst (nummer 1017)http://www.ibjjf.org/listapan08.htm
Of zijn er nog meer hollanders en/of belgen die kant op dat iemand weet.

In ieder geval wens ik Remco veel success!!!!!

24-03-2008, 16:17
ik zet m'n geld op hem! Dit is zijn jaar!

remco pardoel
24-03-2008, 19:13
succes man!!

24-03-2008, 19:30
remco, veel succes.

Hoop dat je een roadtrip movie/fotos hebt gemaakt ;)

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Pan-Ams 2008: home of GMA

Members gathered to compete

The 2008 Pan-American championship once again will gather the Jiu-jitsu community in California. For three days, fighters will enjoy the pleasure of doing what they love. From juvenile to senior, from white to black belts, all of them will have the opportunity to show what they know.

In a celebration like that, it is only natural for GRACIE Magazine Association Members to play a huge part in it. From March the 28th to the 30th, professors and students will display their skills.

Jacare, Gurgel and the Alliance team preparing in Atlanta

Romero Jacare, member in Atlanta, Georgia, is training over 70 athletes and intends to dominate the competitions. Also from the Alliance team, black belt Jon Bjorksten will represent Allen Mohler’s school in Texas. Luigi Mondelli, from Best Way JJ, in Connecticut, is another member that will put his gi and march west to compete in the Senior 1 black belt category.

Marcus Vinicius, head coach of the Berverly Hills Jiu-Jitsu, also organized a training camp and even received athletes from other schools before the Pan. Fourteen BHJJC athletes will take part in the competition.

Rodrigo Medeiros, member in San Diego, didn’t lose the opportunity to put his team to proof.The BJJ Revolution Team will have over 60 athletes on the mats of the Dominguez Hill University, including Demetrius Ramos, GMA member in Arizona.

GB San Clemente team getting ready

From Boston, member Joao Amaral will lead a numerous team from his Brazilian Top Team Boston school. Amaral will be present at the black belt master category.

GMA members in California, Joao Cunha and Marco Nascimento will lead their Clube Pitbull JJ team. Cunha will fight at the master category and Nascimento is scheduled to roll among the senior 1 guys.

With seven athletes Easton BJJ will the GMA in Colorado at the Pan-Ams.

The Gracie Barra family has branches all over the world and the vast majority is member of GMA. From Santa Ana, Ulpiano Malachias will try the adult black belt gold. Rafael Ellwanger, comes from GB Northshore, in Louisiana, for the master black belt.

New space for Almeida team before the Pan

Another Gracie Barra affiliate comes from Ted Stikel’s Alaska school. Four athletes will represent the GMA member.

Back to Boston, Roberto Maia will be sending four students to compete. From Holly Springs, in Georgia, Alexandre Santos will lead his team in California. Black belt Eduardo de Lima, from GB Tampa, will be fighting at the senior 1 category. Jeff Meszaros is the man from GB Vancouver, under GMA member Tim Shears.

Wellinton Megaton Dias, once again, will represent the GMA in Arizona at the adult black belt category. In the same category, Raul Castillo will defend the Half Moon Bay academy. Shawn Willians, from Hollywood BJJ, is not competing but he is sending a big team to compete.

From Virginia, Leo Dalla will be competing at the black belt master category. Back in Texas, the Marra Senki team will compete under black belt Luis Sergio Correa.

Limao: seminars in Australia and then Pan-Ams

In the senior 2 category, black belt Luis Heredia will set the example for his Maui JJ team. Another big team to make its mark at the Pan-Ams is Paragon BJJ, under Ricardo “Franjinha”Miller, who will be himself competing at the Senior 1 category.

From Ohio, Robin Giesler will be defending his Relson Gracie school at the black belt master category.

Rafael Lovato Jr needs no introduction. Current super-heavyweight world champion, Lovato will be representing his Oklahoma school.

With all that people in action in Dominguez Hills, next weekend will be a busy one for GMA. Check back here to see the results.

Source: http://www.graciemag.com/news/173/ARTICLE/9944/2008-03-24.html

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Hé Remco,

Ook namens de rest van de jongens uit Amsterdam veel succes!


Marc S

26-03-2008, 00:05
veel suc6!