View Full Version : Frank Shamrock dismisses idea that Anderson Silva is world's best fighter

28-03-2008, 13:18
If Anderson Silva is not the best fighter in the world who is? According to Frank Shamrock, Frank Shamrock is the best MMA fighter in the world. Frank is never shy about proclaiming his mixed martial arts prowess so this comes as no surprise. Gary Shaw of EliteXC agrees while UFC pres Dana White say that anyone who thinks Silva is not the top dog is “out of their mind.”

In an article by the Canadian Press, Shamrock is quoted as saying, “I think he’s probably one of the best guys in the UFC, but all the best fighters are not in the UFC. So hopefully he can hang onto that and make something out of it and gain some fame. But I have 100 percent confidence if I ran into him, they’d be calling me that guy.”

Are we seeing the beginning of a Silva vs. Shamrock super fight? Knowing the distaste Dana has for Frank (and any other non-Zuffa MMA organization for that matter) this might be a tough one to orchestrate but damn would it be sweet. So which would be the bigger fight right now, Fedor vs. Couture or Silva vs. Shamrock?

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28-03-2008, 16:43
LOL, jammer dat shamrock dat zegt; had eerder verwacht dat baroni zoiets zou zeggen :P

28-03-2008, 18:33
Frank is ook gewoon aardig goed natuurlijk.
Een match die ik graag zou willen zien.