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Top 10 Most Exciting MMA Fighters of 2007

10. Forrest Griffin

The Events

1. Submission victory over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 76: Knockout on 9/22/07

2. Decision victory over Hector Ramirez at UFC 72: Victory on 6/16/07

Forrest Griffin is one of those guys that just bring hype without even trying. He’s funny as all get out and knows how to play to the crowd. He also so happens to be tough as nails and a fighter that looks more adept nearly every time we see him in the Octagon.

Oh yeah, and he managed to stop Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in 2007, a man that nearly everyone believed was the best 205 pounder in the game.

9. Chuck Liddell

The Events

1. Decision victory over Wanderlei Silva at UFC 79: Nemesis on 12/29/07

2. Decision loss to Keith Jardine at UFC 76: Knockout on 9/22/07

3. TKO loss to Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 71: Liddell vs. Jackson on 5/26/07

You could put Chuck Liddell on this list almost every year if you like knockouts. After all, whether he actually comes through with one or not, the potential is always there and that leaves you on the edge of your seat. Still, 2007 was not one of Liddell’s best.

Namely, he lost two fights, one to Keith Jardine via decision and the other to Quinton “Rampage” Jackson by way of TKO.

Still, he participated in two of the biggest fights of the year against Wanderlei Silva (talk about hype) and Jackson. Further, that fight against Silva was exciting enough to garner attention on its own.

8. Nick Diaz

The Events

1.TKO loss to K.J. Noons at EliteXC: Renegade on 11/10/07

2. Decision victory over Mike Aina at EliteXC: Uprising on 9/15/07

3. Submission victory over Takanori Gomi at PRIDE 33 on 2/24/07 (later overturned)

Here’s the thing about Nick Diaz: he’s a fighter through and through. Diaz is nearly impossible to truly knock out; we’re talking near legendary toughness. Further, his submission skills are outstanding, so he’s always one second away from stopping his opponent. Finally, his stand up style—somewhat slow moving and deliberate, even if effective—lends to getting hit, which makes some of his encounters look like a Rocky movie.

Besides, that fight against Takanori Gomi from earlier in the year is one of the best ever, period. The one against Mike Aina wasn’t bad either.

Yes, there was the incident that got his victory over Takanori Gomi overturned. Still, did that make the fight any less exciting?

7. Urijah Faber

The Events

1. Submission victory over Jeff Curran at WEC 31: Faber vs. Curran on 12/12/07

2. Submission victory over Chance Farrar at WEC 28: WrekCage on 6/3/07

3. Submission victory over Dominic Cruz at WEC 26: Las Vegas on 3/24/07

4. Submission (due to strikes) victory over Joe Pearson at WEC 25: Las Vegas on 1/20/07

Every time WEC Featherweight Champion Urijah Faber walked into a cage in 2007, the following happened.

He stopped an opponent.

Simply put, Faber is an amazing blend of cardio, power, and skills. He was so dominant in 2007 winning three of four fights in the first round that it was hard not to get stoked when he walked into the cage.

Thus, Faber’s 2007 MMA dominance got him on this list. After all, fans love a good stoppage, no?

6. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

The Events

1. Decision victory over Dan Henderson at UFC 75: Champion vs. Champion on 9/8/07

2. TKO victory over Chuck Liddell at UFC 71: Liddell vs. Jackson on 5/26/07

3. KO victory over Marvin Eastman at UFC 67: All or Nothing on 2/3/07

Rampage always howls when readying for battle. That makes him exciting enough. But anytime you come out victorious against Chuck Liddell and Dan Henderson in the same year you’re going to make every most exciting fighter list.

In fact, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson probably deserves the Fighter of the Year Award for 2007. Though that by itself doesn’t get you on this list, it sure doesn’t hurt.

Neither does knocking out Chuck Liddell, for that matter.

5. Randy Couture

The Events

1. TKO victory over Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 74: Respect on 8/25/07

2. Decision victory over Tim Sylvia at UFC 68: Uprising on 3/3/07

It’s not really his fighting style. It’s about the results.

Said another way, when Randy “The Natural” Couture enters the Octagon anything can happen. The impossible can be made possible, and his historic win over Tim Sylvia served as a reminder of this. Couture’s victory over Gabriel Gonzaga, a man that had just got done destroying Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, was much the same.

Randy Couture can achieve almost anything. And because of his historic win over Tim Sylvia, Couture simply could not be left out.

4. Tyson Griffin

The Events

1. Decision victory over Thiago Tavares at UFC 76: Knockout on 9/22/07

2. Decision victory over Clay Guida at UFC 72: Victory on 6/16/07

3. Decision loss to Frank Edgar at UFC 67: All or Nothing on 2/3/07

Tyson Griffin has all the skills: He can do jiu jitsu; he can wrestle; and he can throw down on his feet. Further, in fights against Frank Edgar, Clay Guida, and Thiago Tavares in 2007, he put all of those great skills to use. By the way, all of these fights were top 10 of the year worthy.

Tyson Griffin is a force to be reckoned with in the UFC Lightweight Division. Further, he’s another one of those guys that just brings it to the table every time.

And that’s what made him one of the most exciting fighters of 2007.

3. Roger Huerta

The Events

1. Submission victory over Clay Guida at the TUF 6 Finale on 12/8/07

2. TKO victory over Albert Crane at UFC 74: Respect on 8/25/07

3. TKO victory over Douglas Evans at the TUF 5 Finale on 6/23/07

4. Decision victory over Leonard Garcia at UFC 69: Shootout on 4/7/07

5. TKO victory over John Halverson at UFC 67: All or Nothing on 2/3/07

Ever since landing on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Roger Huerta has become somewhat of a controversial figure to hardcore MMA fans. Many believe that he got on that cover without paying his dues.

Even so, it’s hard to say that still with a straight face. Huerta fought five times for the UFC, winning all five in 2007. Further, he took part in several great fights against Alberto Crane, Leonard Garcia (a top 10 kind of bout), and Clay Guida.

That win over Clay Guida was the stuff. In fact, it was one of the top two fights in MMA this year. Thus, even those that aren’t on the Roger Huerta bandwagon have to say this about him.

When he steps into the Octagon, fans get their money’s worth.

2. Anderson Silva

The Events

1. TKO victory over Rich Franklin at UFC 77: Hostile Territory

2. TKO victory over Nathan Marquardt at UFC 73: Stacked on 7/7/07

3. Submission victory over Travis Lutter at UFC 67: All or Nothing on 2/3/07

You can see why Anderson Silva was given the nickname, The Spider. He’s long and when he gets his web around you on the ground, as Travis Lutter found out, it’s game time. Further, he’s the kind of fighter that you only get the chance to make one mistake with. Once he hits home with that punch, kick, or knee, it’s over.

In 2007, The Spider once again showed why he’s the most dangerous fighter competing in the UFC by defeating Rich Franklin for the second time, Travis Lutter in an excellent fight, and Nathan Marquardt. All top level competition that fell via stoppage.

That’s why Anderson Silva is one of the most exciting fighters in MMA today. You can’t blink or you might miss it.

1. Clay Guida

The Events

1. Submission loss to Roger Huerta at the TUF 6 Finale on 12/8/07

2. Decision victory over Marcus Aurelio at UFC 74: Respect on 8/25/07

3. Decision loss to Tyson Griffin at UFC 72: Victory on 6/16/07

4. Decision loss to Din Thomas at Fight Night 8 on 1/25/07

Clay Guida is a wild man in the Octagon. First, he always comes to fight in shape, which leads to non- stop action on his part. Next, he’s got the full repertoire of skills; so, it’s not as if his opponent can merely stand with him and eek out a decision necessarily or take him down and lay on him. Finally, the look: Long hair, etc., just fit the role.

As for how he got the number one spot on this list, all one has to do is look at the fights he put on in 2007. His bout against Tyson Griffin was one of the most exciting of 2007 and produced a controversial decision. His fight against Thiago Tavares was another great one that ended in a controversial decision. Further, Guida’s bout against Roger Huerta—unfortunately a submission loss for him—is one that will go down as one of the best ever.

One thing is for sure: When Clay Guida enters the Octagon, you’re about to get your money’s worth. When wondering how someone that lost three fights could be considered the most exciting fighter of 2007, think of this: Are the best fights the ones where someone gets dominated or the ones that are back and forth barnburners? If back and forth barnburners is your answer, then Guida may be the guy for you.

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