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The Persian Killer
11-04-2008, 12:25

During this past Friday's episode of "Inside MMA," hosts Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten weighed in on the MMAjunkie.com Poll of the Week.

Last week's poll focused on the use of elbows, knees to the head of a downed opponent, and soccer kicks in MMA competition. Among the three choices, MMAjunkie.com readers (who were allowed to vote for more than one choice) gave elbows the biggest endorsement (83%), followed by knees (63%) and soccer kicks (35%).

The results sparked a lively debate between Rutten and panelist Ricco Rodriguez.

"I'll take the elbows out; add the knees and the soccer kicks," said Rutten. "I'm all for that."

Rodriguez then made a bold proclamation: had he been able to use elbow strikes during his August 2003 PRIDE fight with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, he would have won.

Rutten, though, questions whether you could really call it a victory.

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Dat Suave zei dat hij Minotauro KO had geelleboogd als dat toegestaan zou zijn is dus gelul, de man heeft een kop van beton.