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02-05-2008, 00:30
:thup: YouTube - Bas Rutten in GTA IV (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJlqtj5YYLo)

02-05-2008, 01:03
Ghehehe... Geweldig!

Bas rulezz...

02-05-2008, 08:56
This day of misery has only just begun..... bang bang bang hahhaha

02-05-2008, 14:35
lol the mens room

02-05-2008, 14:39
haha geweldig

02-05-2008, 15:45
man man man hier zitten zoveel super goeie soundbits in... niet normaal meer wat grappig.

"Who wants to knife fight me!!"
Ja man ja!! Bas roeleerd

02-05-2008, 16:16
Schitterend :D

-edit- hier zie je het beter


02-05-2008, 16:55
Bas Rutten Talks GTA 4, Kimbo Slice, His Inside MMA Ranking, and much more!

This is part one of a two part interview. Check back tomorrow as we should have it ready for you then.

MMAyou.com: Yo Bassito! You ready for the world’s greatest interview?

Rutten: You’re so fucking on the fucking minute man, I love you!

MMAyou.com: Haha, thanks dog, I love you too. You ready to get started?

Rutten: Ready, ready!

MMAyou.com: Alright cool. Well, how are you doing?

Rutten: I’m doing fucking phenomenal.

NMMAyou.com: Nice! What’s new with you?

Rutten: As you probably saw, Grand Theft Auto 4 finally came out. And I’m really stoked because I had to shut my mouth for one and a half years or longer. I did that a long time ago.

MMAyou.com: Oh wow, okay. I thought it was just recently.

Rutten: No, and I did all the, but people don’t know yet, is that I did all the fighting also in it. So every fighting that you see that‘s done by me. I did it together with Amir Perets. I brought Amir Perets.

MMAyou.com: (laughing) That poor guy.

Rutten: Five days, eight hours a day we were in those crazy suits.

MMAyou.com: (laughing) Nice, (Bas laughs) he was probably beat to shit by the time you finished with him.

Rutten: Oh man, it was beautiful. It was so much fun.

MMAyou.com: Were the people at GTA freaking out?

Rutten: Oh, let me tell you (Bas laughs). I ask them “how violent do you want it?” They say, “give it all you got”. I say, “cool!”. So they go up you know and I started, and they load it into the computers and two hours they came back down and they say “okay, you can stop now”. (both of us start laughing)

MMAyou.com: Is there any chance of us seeing you, I hope you say yes to this, is there any chance of us seeing you in your own spin-off game?

Rutten: No, not yet. God knows what people… I mean the reaction of the TV show in the game is phenomenal. I have sooooooo many people calling me and apparently it is very well received.

It was funny because we had to shoot it a couple of times they were fucking laughing so hard that I had to do re-shoots all day because you heard laughing in the background.

MMAyou.com: Was that you just improving or was some of that scripted?

Rutten: Yeah, somebody scripted that. They used just a lot from my street fighting DVDs I think.

MMAyou.com: Yeah, I noticed that.

Rutten: Yeah, the crazy stuff they put in, it’s all scripted. There’s a little improv but it’s about twenty percent maybe.

MMAyou.com: You’re training Kimbo Slice, I have to ask you, what is with all the Kimbo Slice hate?

Rutten: Why, the hate?

MMAyou.com: Yeah, why the hate? What do you think it is that is causing that?

Rutten: Because they can’t stand it that he’s the number one spot. It’s jealousy! Give me any other reason that it could be. Because he doesn’t do anything wrong. If he would be an asshole to fans, or if he wouldn’t train hard, or if he would be bad to fighters, if he would do any of that I would say, “you know, you’re right”. But this guy does everything right. He trains SO HARD two times a day. He treats all the fans with respect,. He talks good about the other fighters until this whole Chuck Liddell thing happened but Chuck started it right? He just fired back.

You gotta understand that all the fighters all day long they hear is “What about this Kimbo? What about this Kimbo?”. They’re getting sick of Kimbo. But you have to understand it works both ways. Kimbo hears all day long how Chuck talks bad about him, how bad fighters talk about him, and suddenly it got a little bit too much for him in front of the camera and he starts coming back at them.

MMAyou.com: It’s a normal thing. I agree with it.

Rutten: Yeah, it’s a normal thing. He doesn’t do anything wrong, he does everything right at this moment. He trains hard, he does everything right. He‘s never thugged, he’s never been to jail so there’s no reason to hate him other then that you’re jealous because you know, let’s face it, the guy fought three fights and he’s the most known fighter there is.

MMAyou.com: Yeah, that’s nuts.

Rutten: Yeah, and it is. More people know him then they know Fedor.

MMAyou.com: Yeah, I agree with that. Even my little brother who casually follows MMA knows all about Kimbo and just random people know exactly who he is.

Rutten: It’s insane. If we walk on the street, we get stopped by kids, by older people.

He totals his car in front of a church in the street by my gym is. The people from the church they run out and he thought they were going to be angry. And they say, “Oh my God, it’s Kimbo Slice!. We were watching you on Youtube before we went to church”. It’s the craziest shit!

MMAyou.com: How long do you think it is until he cracks the top ten in MMA?

Rutten: You know, we just gotta see what it brings. All the people, when they want to hate some people, and I said this also on the Inside MMA show, hate us, the trainers and the management. Because if I tell Kimbo “next week you’re going to fight Mike Tyson”, he’ll fight Mike Tyson. He really doesn’t care. He’ll fight anybody I put him up against. We are just building a fighter here and I just want him to get used to the (inaudible).

We don’t want to throw him in front of the lights. They didn’t do that with Mike Tyson. They didn’t do that with any other great fighter. You build him, let him get used to all the stress and the commotion around him, and once he’s totally relaxed, and it looks really good right now, then we’re gonna fight top guys.

So I think within three fights he’s gonna fight top ten guys.

MMAyou.com: That was actually my next question. Do you think it’s unfair that people are expecting so much from him so early in his MMA career? He’s only had what, three fights right?

Rutten: He’s got sooooooooo much attention. Now he’s got the cover of ESPN magazine right? He’s got so much attention and I can totally understand the people, they go like “Jesus, this guy. He looks like a thug and he’s the wrong image”. He’s not the wrong image because every interview he’s very respectful to everybody. He’s very respectful to his coaches to the fans and to the other fighters. So I think he’s a good guy.

Like a Mike Tyson, they always thought that was okay, but what they forgot was that this guy was on a SPREE from doing illegal things and that was okay. But Kimbo doesn’t do anything illegal and it’s not okay.

MMAyou.com: You were recently ranked number four on Inside MMA’s Top Ten Greatest Mixed Martial Artists. I personally would have had you ranked number one or two. What do you have to say to the people that say you were ranked too high?

Rutten: I can totally understand that because I fought in Pancrase and it was open hands and shin guards. You gotta understand, I came from Thai Boxing, I would have loved to close my fists. Those rules in Japan, they were literally made for the Japanese guys. The Japanese guys were good on the ground and not on the feet. Good on the ground, no gloves, means better for rear naked chokes and submissions. Shoes and shin protection means better for leglocks and they knew a lot of leglocks. Also, protection on your shin is of course less impact for them when you stand. And on the feet of course when you open hand strike it is also less impact for them. So it was tailor made for the Japanese fighters.

When I left Pancrase I think within three months it was close fist and the shin protection was gone. So I think that I can totally understand where they come from, because it was a total different game. But…. You know yes, it is bad to say that about yourself, but you cannot deny my record. You cannot deny the different kind of submissions. If you look at my record, I have fifty percent. From the twenty-eight wins, three went to decision. The rest are all by knockout or submission and every submission is pretty much different. It’s an armbar, triangle-choke, reverse armbar, leg-lock, inverted heel-hook, knee-bar. I mean you name it, I’ve pulled the submission off in a fight.

And it’s the same with the knockout. It’s all different knockouts. So I think that I’m a very well-rounded fighter. I told you, and I am telling you, I was really happy to be at the four list because of this, what I’m just saying, because it just was not real MMA as we know it today. So, I can totally understand the people.

MMAyou.com: Also something that I wanted to say that a lot of new fans might not notice is the number of guys that you fought that were world-champions or went on to become world-champions. You’re record is literally like a who’s who of MMA at that time period.

Rutten: It was. At that time I fought the best guys out there. I made Maurice Smith take me down. He was the reigning champion in Thai-boxing. In that time he was the UFC heavyweight champion. Frank Shamrock, UFC champion. Guy Mezger was the former UFC champion. Takahashi beat Wallid Ishmael. I beat all these guys.

I’m very happy with it but I can understand the people.

MMAyou.com: Are you training right now?

Rutten: If you see me you’re going to freak out. I got suddenly, I have an eight pack instead of a six pack.

MMAyou.com: Nice, so you’re back in shape? You’re always in shape sure but…

Rutten: Yeah, it’s just crazy. I started training with Kimbo and like this morning we do my workouts but I bring it to an extend. I do it with ten pounds each ankle weight. And then I do also jump soles, I put jump soles on. Heavy gloves, mark begins, and then we do five or seven rounds of that and then we start training.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of this interview with El Guapo as he discusses if he will ever return to MMA, a Bas vs. Ken fight Part 3, why his fight with Rickson Gracie never happened and much more!

In the meantime we would like to ask our readers to check out Bas Rutten MMA System (http://www.basrutten.tv) and their forum as Bas actually responds to his fans personally.

02-05-2008, 17:12
ik heb het spel.

echt geweldig. Heeft Bas toch weer mooi voor elkaar gekregen.

02-05-2008, 17:48
hahahha geweldig gedaan, die motoriek ook van Bas, echt cool, kan niet wachten tot die game op de pc uitkomt

02-05-2008, 17:51
Ik speel het nu ook al vanaf dinsdag :) .... tja dan maar even minder trainen hahaha

02-05-2008, 18:33
Ik meende al wat van de bewegingen te herkennen van Bas rutten.

als je slaat deelt nico toch over duidelijk een 1 t/m 4 combo uit. Ook de schop is een typische kick to the groin Rutten Style. :D

02-05-2008, 20:22
Lol heb het net even gecheckt in het spel... haha erg cool!!!

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