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Golden Glory detonates at Dynamite NYE show 31st of December 2008 Tokyo Japan

The year 2008 is the year of the new generation not only for K-1 but especially the young new talent from the Golden Glory gymís.
Nieky Holzken won all his bouts by way of KO, Errol Zimmerman and Gokhan Saki both got a third place at the K-1 World GP in Yokohama after defeating all their opponents in 2008.
Dennis Stojnic got a contract with the UFC, Michael Andrade won the Kickboxing Tournament in Turkey and David Kira won the 70kg 8 men tournament in Germany.
Alistair Overeem defeated a big Korean by way of KO and then he submitted Mark Hunt, to then punish Cro Cop in a dream fight, which ended in a no contest. Then Alistair won his fight against Gary Goodridge in Holland, with a submission.
Semmy Schilt defeated his heavyweight title belt by knocking out Mark Hunt with a back kick.
The only real disappointment came by a point decision loss for Semmy in Korea in his fight against Peter Aerts for the qualification match to reach the final 8.
Semmy became a father of a healthy son and Leko and Chalid are both successfully working on their recovery from injuries.
Kharitonov recovered from injuries and defeated a big American wrestler in Dreams.

Fight Agreement between managements

It is time for the dynamite show and Semmy Schilt is fighting against Mighty Mo in a MMA fight, this was the first confirmed fight.
The second fight was more difficult to negotiate as FEG ask Alistair Overeem to fight Badr Hari on K-1 rules. Bad boy Hari challenged Alistair at the Mirko Cro Cop fight where the fight became a no contest. Badr grabbed the microphone and called all MMA fighters pussies and challenged Alistair to fight on k-1 rules.
We never really considered accepting the challenge if it was not for Badr Hariís actions during the final of the k-1 WGP, where he started to apply ďpussyĒ techniques on downed opponent Remy Bonjasky.
We then got in contact with Badrís management and his trainer and discussed the possibilities of having a two fight deal between Alistair and Badr. One fight would be done under MMA rules and the other under K-1 rules. As Semmy was fighting an MMA match as a 3 x k-1 champion we thought it would be appropriate to start the first match under K-1 rules as Alistair is an MMA fighter. The management of Badr Hari and his trainer agreed.
At the Dynamite press conference Bas Boon gave an interview to the press how the fight was finalized.
It was also said that all GG fighters would fight different styles even if they were not prepared, like Errol Zimmerman vs Minowaman, which was added to the fight card at the last moment.

The Icing on the cake

The fight between Minowaman and Errol did not take long but was full of action, while standing Errol landed some good shots and a hard body kick.
Minowaman took the fight to the ground were he tries to force an ankle hold, while trying to do this Errol is pounding Minowamanís head. Errol has to tap out, but when Minowman stands up it is only his corner which prevents him from falling down, apparently the punches from Errol caused damage and Minowaman was groggy which he later admitted in his interview.
The second GG fight of the night was Semmy Schilt against Might Mo on MMA rules.
Semmy starts with some punches and two front kicks and lands on his back after a clinch situation with Mighty Mo. Mighty Mo passing the guard and trying to land some huge bombs to Semmyís head. Schilt is familiar on the ground and moves quick for a heavyweight. After about 5 minutes Schilt kicks upward from his back and hits the face of Mo twice, who is wobbled.
Mighty Mo comes back in the guard from Schilt who goes for the Triangle choke.

Semmy wins by submission.

Then the fight everybody has been waiting for: Badr Hari vs Alistair Overeem K-1 rules
The fully packed Saitama Super Arena is filled with an electric atmosphere when both fighters enter the ring.
Alistair Overeem got some good advice from younger Errol who fought against Badr less then a month ago. Also master trainer Cor Hemmers warned Alistair, if he goes down and comes back up again, keep your hands high and start with an inside low kick, that was the assignment for Alistair when he started the fight with Badr.
Badr did not touch gloves and it only was going to make things worse for himself. Alistair attacked immediately and showed he had no fear and came to fight. Not to long within one minute into the first round Alistair throws a left knee hitting Hariís chin and follows with a left hook. Hari gets the 8 count but gets up again a familiar situation. Alistair did his homework kept his defence and started with the inside lowkick as he was told before the fight. Then he finished the fight with style by landing a huge left hook to the fragile chin of Badr Hari who getís knocked out.
Twenty five thousand Japanese fans are on their chairs and cheering for Alistair.
Alistair grabs the microphone and tells the audience that this happens to fighters who have no respect for other MMA or K-1 fighters! Alistairís performance and words made him instantly the MVP (most valuable player) of the night.
Badr Hari had a great year with some impressive wins and is a hell of a fighter. Was it was smart to challenge Alistair and trash talk MMA fighters? I guess not.
Hari got suspended for which was never done before in k-1 history for his DQ against Remy Bonjasky in the finals of the WGP.
However people seem to forget that Badr had three knock downs in December 6th and fought a war with Alistairís Golden Glory team mate Errol Zimmerman.
Was it smart from his management to let him fight on NYE against Alistair k-1 rule or not? We know that answer!
Badr himself said in an interview after the fight, he wanted a rematch but only under K-1 rules and he never agreed to fight MMA.
The management did agree with the two term fight deal and also Badr knew this as he was asking about this in the plane when all of them were flying to Japan.
After the fight with Alistair, Errol said to Badr: now you have a big lip as I did when I fought you, Errol got KOíd by Badr, he had some huge fat lips after the fight. Hari smiled and answered: yours were way bigger then mine! After the fight also Badr and Alistair spoke and Badr showed sportsmanship there!
Alistair challenged Remy Bonjasky and to fight him under K-1 rules maybe later in the year 2009, this makes sense as He is the current heavy weight champion of K-1.

From everybody at Golden Glory we wish you a prosperous 2009!

Photoís by © FEG / bas boon


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