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Il Loco
10-02-2009, 19:54
Phil Baroni, the “New York Bad Ass” himself, has posted a message on the Underground forums at MixedMartialArts.com (http://mixedmartialarts.com/) stating that he is set to compete at a tentatively scheduled Strikeforce event in Seattle this May.
An exact or opponent has been confirmed as of yet with contracts also not having been finalized.

“The fight is at welterweight an will take place May in Seattle,” Baroni informed the UG. “I’ve started my training camp at Extreme Couture in Las Vegas… I’m very happy to be fighting in Strikeforce for (Founder and CEO) Scott Coker again. Having done business with Scott Coker in the past, I could not be any happier that he has the CBS (and) Showtime TV deal… Honest promoters are hard to come (by) an I’m glad to be fighting for one of the few out there.”

Baroni has rejuvenated his career since dropping down to welterweight and is currently riding a three fight win streak. This will not be Baroni’s first foray under the Strikeforce banner as he had a highly publicized fight against Frank Shamrock in June of 2007 that was co-promoted by EliteXC and Strikeforce. Shamrock won the vacant Strikeforce middleweight title following a second round submission.

Baroni went on to lose two more fights at middleweight including losing via first round TKO to Joey Villasenor on EliteXC’s debut show on CBS in May of 2008. Since dropping down to 170, Baroni has wins over Olaf Alfonso, Ron Verdadero and Scott Jansen while fighting for various promotions.
The San Jose-based Strikeforce produced eight shows in 2008 but have since signed with Showtime to produce 16 live televised events per year. That announcement came on the heels of the acquisition of several big name stars who had fought under the ProElite umbrella.

If the rumored May event is finalized, it would mark Strikeforce’s second trip to Washington state after having promoted a show at the Tacoma Dome in February of 2008. The event, billed as “Strikeforce at the Dome” and televised by HDNet, was headlined by former University of Washington football standout Bob Sapp.

bron; http://fiveouncesofpain.com/2009/02/10/phil-baroni-says-hes-booked-for-strikeforce-event-in-may/

10-02-2009, 20:50
Baroni op 170 is gewoon een beest. Zie hem graag vechten, nooit saai.

10-02-2009, 21:40
Baroni is a Bad Ass

10-02-2009, 22:00
vind het wel mooi dat er nu steeds meer vechters teruggaan naar hun "normale" gewicht

10-02-2009, 22:10
Ik vind zijn bijnaam geweldig!

De man van 14K
10-02-2009, 22:26

10-02-2009, 22:47
tnx voor de highlight rosso

nooit een saai gevecht met Baroni ,win or lose.
en wat een kracht in die stoten,laat staan op 77 kilo.

deze is blijft ook leuk
YouTube - Phil Baroni - The NYBA (By Genghis Con) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiaxnEpolbY&feature=related)

11-02-2009, 09:36
Baroni op 170 is gewoon een beest. Zie hem graag vechten, nooit saai.

Idd dit had hij veel eerder moeten doen.

Maar als dat zo was hadden we nooit die zwaar brute k.o op Dave Menne gezien:thup:

11-02-2009, 09:58

Hij is helemaal geen Bad Ass. een knuffel beertje...... ;)

11-02-2009, 10:53
Baroni is een shithead....ik lag in een deuk toen tie klappen kreeg van Shamrock en rolde bijna van de bank toen tie 'm wegkneep....

11-02-2009, 11:09
damn 170 lbs..... dan mag ie nog wel wat af gaan vallen. denk dat ie in Dublin ver boven de 100 kilo zat

11-02-2009, 11:12
Ik vind Baroni ook altijd vermakelijk om te zien, zowel het vechten als de pre-fight trashtalk. Helaas heeft de 'Best Eva' wat tegenvallers gehad in zn carriere, maar op welterweight lijkt hij zn draai weer gevonden te hebben.

Il Loco
11-02-2009, 11:26
The fight is at welterweight an will take place May in Seattle. Ive started my training camp at Extreme Couture in Las Vegas. Im 205 now an yes I will use Stevia to help me get back down to 170lbs. Coleman has turned me on to Stevia. I used it while training for my last 3 fights. Coleman used it to make 205 an he could not even train for the fight. I think fighting at 170 and on stevia I will be the first STRIKE FORCE welterweight champion

Phil Baroni's bericht op;

Bedoelt hij nou die verboden suiker variant?:confused:

Yes I quit smoking (the patch works), Hose could very well be my opponent, an I drink 2 gallons of stevia with water a day. Coleman drank 4 he could not train an had nothing else to do all day but piss. 2 seems to works good for me.

Zelfs Joe Rogan reageert met een vraag wat de positieve bijwerkingen zijn van Stevia.

Lol Baroni geeft zelf al de uitleg;

Stevia is the shit playa
Im working out a deal to get it to the people.
Im not trying to make a profit.
Just spread the wealth so to speak.
Its amazing, its all natural an its oh so sweet.
Look the shit really works.
Yes there is a special way to use it
There is also a way to increase its effects
Scott Coker is on now on stevia wait until you see him.
Frank Shamrock is a secret stevia user as is I hear Shane Mosley
Dana White is not on steroids, guess what he is on, STEVIA!!!
It tricks the body to synthesize protein increasing muscle mass and increases the bodys ability to burn fat by raising thyroid production and keeping the body in a state of thermo genesis.
Those are the just some of the facts baby

Haha echt een dikke troll van een paar vechters al dat gezeik over Stevia als ik het zo eens doorlees.