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04-04-2009, 22:21
Japan’s Fighting & Entertainment Group (FEG) held the weigh-ins today for their DREAM 8 event which is set to go down early Sunday morning, April 5, from the Nippon Gaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan.

An encore presentation of the event will air stateside via HDNet on April 10.
In his first trip to Japan since the demise of PRIDE, Murilo “Ninja” Rua will make his debut for DREAM against DEEP veteran and last-minute replacement Riki Fukuda (13-4).

Rua’s participation was almost drawn to a halt when original opponent Dong Sik Yoon (4-6) got injured just days before the event. However, promoters scrambled for an opponent and found one in Fukuda, though he could not make the middleweight limit on such short notice.

As a result, Rua vs. Fukuda will be contested at a catchweight of 196 lbs.
DREAM 8 will feature Shinya Aoki, Hayato Sakurai and six other combatants in the first round of the DREAM 2009 Welterweight Grand Prix which is expected to meet it’s conclusion in July.

Here are the official weigh-in results for DREAM 8 (converted from kilograms):

Main card:
Heavyweight: Sergei Kharitonov (256 lbs) vs. Jeff Monson (242 lbs)
Catchweight 196lbs: Riki Fukuda (195.7 lbs) vs. Murilo Rua (194 lbs)
Catchweight 194lbs: Ikuhisa Minowa (190 lbs) vs. Katsuyori Shibata (191.8 lbs)
Catchweight 189lbs: Andrews Nakahara (187 lbs) vs. Shungo Oyama (188.9 lbs)
Lightweight: Vitor Ribeiro (153 lbs) vs. Katsuhiko Nagata (154.3 lbs)

Welterweight Grand Prix (168lbs limit):
Shinya Aoki (162 lbs) vs. Hayato Sakurai (167.3)
Andre Galvao (167.5 lbs) vs. John Alessio (167.5 lbs)
Yuya Shirai (166 lbs) vs. Jason High (167.3 lbs)
Marius Zaromskis (166.4 lbs) vs. Seichi Ikemoto (166.4 lbs)

Featherweight Grand Prix (139lbs limit):
Hideo Tokoro (137.5 lbs) vs. Daiki Hata (138.8 lbs)
Be sure to check back tomorrow morning for our complete recap. In the meantime, get up to speed on all things DREAM by clicking here (http://mmamania.com/category/dream).

04-04-2009, 22:24
Mooi! Om 9 uur zitten we weer klaar :)

04-04-2009, 23:00
Aoki vecht 3x per maand lijkt het wel

05-04-2009, 00:07
Bij Monson lijkt dat niet alleen ;)

Mr 1 Leg
05-04-2009, 08:16
echt een top gala.:thup:

05-04-2009, 08:39
kharitonov weegt meer dan monson

jan sensei kyokushin
05-04-2009, 08:53
Osu ik kijk nu naar reclame micha :)en herhalingen EN een goede morgen alle anderen mixfightters

05-04-2009, 09:13
Osu ik kijk nu naar reclame micha :)en herhalingen EN een goede morgen alle anderen mixfightters

bakje koffie en let de games begin;)

06-04-2009, 16:09
Shinya Aoki (162 lbs) vs. Hayato Sakurai (167.3) is net alweer spoiled voor mij verdomme!

Staat er verdomme op k1 website de uitslag in een artikel titel op main page, verdomme!

zucht ach ja ....