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08-06-2009, 18:35
Interview Ronaldo Jacaré

Ronaldo Jacaré .... 29th of May 2009 .... By Guilherme Cruz http://www.tatame.com/imagensup/5243/1243621865.m.jpg (http://www.tatame.com/imagensup/5243/1243621865.g.jpg)
Dream 9, which happened May 24, ended in a dramatic way. In the main event of the night, Ronaldo Jacaré and Jason Miller fought the middleweight belt, but, with just over two minutes of fight, Jason set an illegal soccer kick in the Brazilian, which caused a big cut in the face of the Brazilian, ending the fight with a No Contest. Back in Brazil, Jacaré is revolted with his opponent's posture. "Nobody knew he was that crazy with the ability to do that... He offended me. I wanted to fight, he wanted to offend", says the black belt, who has already defeated Jason in 2008 and is waiting for a possible third meeting. Check below an exclusive interview with Jacaré, who claimed the decision of the judges, of not declassify the American, and the trainings with Paulo Filho, to his return at the Dream 10 against Melvin Manhoef.

What did you think of this whole controversy in the fight?
Nobody knew he was a crazy man with the ability to do that...

Just before the end of the fight, you started a discussion. What happened?
He offended me. I wanted to fight, he wanted to offend... He said that I hit my head on his and opened his face, but what opened his face was the first punch I gave.

After the fight, he gave an interview talking trash to the fans who cheer for the Brazilians...
He has this habit, at the time of the interview he grows, but at the time of the fight he cried, apologized to his coach, then came toward my cornea saying I was an idiot, and also apologized. He is proving that isn't a person of only one face, he is a two-faced. After the fight gave 'No Contest' he cried, apologized to the coaches, and that everyone saw, but I don't know if everyone saw him getting in my cornea calling me an idiot and apologizing too. Otherwise everything is alright, I'm not very worried about him. I had a "damage", but it was superficial. It was big, but superficial.

Do you think the fight could have continued even with the cut?
Man, it was bleeding a lot, it wasn't possible to continue fighting. At the time I didn't mind, I wanted to fight, didn't care if there was blood, if it was red or blue, I wanted to fight. But watching the video I saw that I wasn't able to continue, it was bleeding a lot.

And what do you want now? Do you want the third fight with him?
Dude, I already beat him once, was winning this one... For me, if I have to fight, I fight, if I don't, whatever. The problem is his, has already lost once and at the second made this shit.

Did you agree with the judges, who gave 'No Contest'?
That was absurd, I don't even have what to say about this...

The Dream 10 is scheduled for July 20. Do you think you will have time to recover to this event?
I don't know what they'll do... Honestly, I don't know, they didn't say anything. I trained three months to this clown come and do what he did, now I won't fight in July, not for a while. I'll take a rest and wait.

What did you think of the event itself?
The event was good, was excellent, it was beautiful. The balance was very positive in relation to the show, to the public.

And what is the expectation for the next edition, which have Shaolin facing Aoki and Filho fighting Manhoef?
Getting these beasts together the show can't be anything but beautiful, especially Dream, which knows how to do the show.

You are helping Paulo to return to the rings... How do you think will be his fight against Manhoef?
Paulão is that: after he puts down, there's no way that Melvin can get out. Paulão is getting stronger every day, is growing gradually, is heavy, in a weight he likes to fight, is good for him, it won't have much problem with weight. Paulão submits or ends beating Melvin and he doesn't take the pressure.

You and Paulão came from the Jiu-Jitsu to the MMA. How are you seeing this exchange of experiences with him?
It is good for both of us, because he is an experienced guy and I'm an openweight world champion man, so we're helping each other a lot. When I started to train he was already black belt, I always liked to see him fight and is a pleasure for me and I'm sure is a pleasure for him, everyone is happy.

source: website TATAME
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