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02-07-2009, 22:58
John Wayne Parr speaks on his fight with Buakaw
My Fight with Buakaw.

Sorry for taking so long to get back on here since my fight, was a crazy couple of days holidaying in Jamaica and finally back home in Australia.
Been reading everyone’s thoughts about my fight with some people thinking I won and others thinking I lost, personally I thought I lost. The first two rounds Buakaw's timing with he's teep was perfect and wouldn’t let me get on the inside every time I flinched to attack. Round three I picked up the work rate a little and felt I had a better round and could have maybe done enough to take it or a draw. Round 4 was my best round as I could see Buakaw in front of my starting to tire so knew I had a chance. When I went back to the corner end of the 5th I knew I had to do everything in the round if I wanted to steal it. 5th I felt I landed some good shots but Buakaw kept throwing that hard right middle kick, I was blocking it well but wasn’t returning letting him be the busier fighter. In the end I think Buakaw won 1, 2 clear, 3 me or a draw, 4th me, 5th Buakaw or draw.
Couple people said I been worrying about putting too much weight on before my fight and looked bloated? For the past month I was on a diet, I was walking around 76 and after weigh-in only went back up to 78kg. Training in Jamaica before the fight I felt really fit but on the ring felt a little tired, not sure if it was the heat or time difference but 100% didn’t feel myself. Walking out to different music felt weird and not having many people cheering when you walk out also felt strange when you’re so used to Evolution.
End of the day Buakaw is awesome, he has great stamina, a really good chin and knows what to do to score points. I went in with the wrong plan thinking Buakaws chin was suspect and a big punch was going to get me across the line but it never came.
Besides losing my fight, myself, my family and team (Thor, Phil, Sake) had one of the best fight trips ever in my fight career. I got to meet some great people involved in the sport and so happy to be part of such a great promotion, even if it did have some teething problems.
I would just like to thank everyone that enjoyed the fights and the show and thank you for supporting Muay Thai and helping it get to the next level.
Big Thank you to Clifton Brown and his wife Jodie, mate you’re a legend for how you kept your cool under the circumstances you did with all the hiccups while trying to lose weight, amazing.
Sorry again for letting down everyone that supported me but I will be back. I know what I did wrong and will try to make sure if the chance to fight the top dogs Buakaw or Yod again I go in with a different mind frame.
Would love to write about the rest of the show but I have jet leg and its 3am. Maybe after my eyes uncross can write about the other fights.
Last thing, on the way home got to meet Lennox Lewis at the Jamaican airport. He is one big dude and very nice guy to take the time to chat even though he was having lunch with his kids. Here is a pic with Thor, Lennox and Dr Phil at Wendys Jamaica airport.

This is reprint of JWP post on sherdog

03-07-2009, 08:44
Thanks Marcel! Had het artikel ook al gelezen op het forum van K-1fans. Geweldige vechter en een topambassadeur voor de sport. Op volle regels nog steeds levensgevaarlijk.

03-07-2009, 10:08
Wat een topper, echt een goede en sportieve vechter.

03-07-2009, 10:40
Mooi stuk, en ook zeker netjes hoe hij de eer aan zichzelf houdt. Geen excuses of wat dan ook.

03-07-2009, 12:00
Idd, John Wayne Parr hoort voor mij nu al thuis in het rijtje Dekkers, Simson, Dany Bill en andere buitenlanders die op Thaise regels legendarisch zijn.

03-07-2009, 12:50
Idd, John Wayne Parr hoort voor mij nu al thuis in het rijtje Dekkers, Simson, Dany Bill en andere buitenlanders die op Thaise regels legendarisch zijn.

En Veselic natuurlijk. was met z'n ellebogen levens gevaarlijk. Volgens mij de enigste Nederlander die sakhmonkol verslagen heeft.

03-07-2009, 13:05
Perry Ubeda volgens mij ook een keer, maar toen werd na de 5e ronde ineens gezegd dat ze nog twee rondes moesten vechten. Toen had Perry geen zin meer en is naar huis gegaan, met als gevolg dat hij de partij toch verloor op papier.