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13-07-2009, 09:12
Na lange tijd gaat het dan eindelijk gebeuren, the Asia Contender II gaat van start en Marco Pique zal over twee weken afreizen naar Malysie. Marco's optreden op het Champions of Champions II gala heeft een verpletterende indruk achtergelaten op de producers van de serie en na heel wat pech (tot twee keer toe finalist Dutch K1 MAX, gewonnen van toppers als Main en Mes aldaar en de ongelukkige partijen tegen Holzken en Askerov) is het hem zeer gegund om nu in een grote internationele productie te gaan schitteren. Marco sloeg op Jamaica één van de eerdere deelnemers Sean Wright binnen een minuut eruit. De AC II zal ook in Amerika worden uitgezonden en het prijzengeld voor de winnaar zal naar 200.000 US Dollar worden verhoogd!


The Contender Asia 2 commences filming in Malaysia with weekly fight nights set to be hottest ticket in town – you will stay tuned!
Sixteen of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world will commence their journey to be THE Contender in the second season of The Contender Asia. Filming for the groundbreaking reality series begins in Malaysia next month at the purpose-built The Contender House with the electric fight nights being held at an adjoining arena, witnessed by an audience of over 350 including VIP guests and media.

The fighters who come from 14 different nations represent the cream of the crop in Muay Thai’s middleweight division. The fighters will move into The Contender House at the start of month and in accordance with the format of the show, will be divided into two groups. Each week’s filming will follow the fighters and their personal dramas as they live and work with each other, leading up to a tense elimination face-off in the ring. Fighters will be eliminated on a weekly basis until the ultimate finale fight night, when only one man will be left standing, The Contender.

Riaz Mehta, President and Founder, Imagine OmniMedia says, “I am proud to be producing Contender Asia in Malaysia and am grateful for the support from the Malaysian Government for this series.”

The Contender Asia 2 will be hosted by beloved local celebrity Marion Caunter and Stephan Fox, the International Co-ordinator and Vice-President of the World Muay Thai Council. Several international and regional stars will also be making special appearances in the show throughout the season. The Contender Asia 2 is scheduled to
debut on AXN (Astro Channel 701) this October.


"In the name of the World Muaythai Council, it gives me great pleasure to congratulate Malaysia on winning the bid for Contender Asia season two. Malaysia is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries in the world in which people live together in harmony and peace"

"Through Contender Asia, the world will learn and see more about Malaysia as a beautiful tourist destination. Contender Asia has broken many records. It is Asia’s largest television production and was the first Asian

television show that aired during prime time in Australia, Asia, Europe and America. It is more than just a television show. It is the journey of the human spirit. Week by week, the audience watches the athletes from
home and follows their dreams and hopes to become the Contender Champion and to compete for their countries, families and themselves. The viewers will learn and feel that Contender is like every day live. Nothing comes easily and obstacles in the way must be used as stepping stones – if you put in your mind and heart the dreams
will follow….

"The audience will feel the sting of defeat – if you fall down, you get up and move on. Regardless of what happens, life will reveal. This is the heart and soul of Contender. The world is eagerly waiting for season two.

The qualification rounds in Australia, Thailand, France, England, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Canada, Brasil, and South Africa were all hugely successful and televised on Sky, Fox and Eurosport. The Malaysian ambassadors awarded keys to Malaysia to the champions of these events. The entire country of Malaysia should be proud as
over 500 million people around the globe will see the beauty, culture, and traditions of a country called Malaysia, Truly Asia"

Bronnen: Stephan Fox & Charissa Chan

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succes daar ouwe!!

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Dat is goed nieuws!

Zeer verdiend voor Marco. Vindt hem een van de meest aantrekkelijke vechters in de ring om naar de kijken altijd.

Zeker weten dat Marco daar hoge ogen gaat gooien.

13-07-2009, 10:04
Ja tis Marco echt gegund, hij heeft veel pech gehad in zijn carriere.

13-07-2009, 10:10
Het is hem echt gegund!

De Sniper had allang moeten schitteren in de K1 MAX...

Dit is wel heel vet voor hem!

De man van 14K
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zeker, goede knokker die het in zich heeft daar te winnen