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15-08-2009, 14:33
"A lot of strong fighters from throughout the world came to fight today, but some of them were so pathetic that they aren't worth talking about. They might have been nervous, but there were fighters who would not be competitive at all in K-1. But out of them, Daniel Ghita was so strong that he could threaten Badr Hari. I think Ghita is a fighter that can break new generation fighters like Badr and Errol Zimmerman. He looked like he could be competitive against Aerts and Schilt. Even his aura is reminiscent of a Japanese samurai or Ronin. He's still young, but he makes me excited about this year's GP.
Today's promotion was really helped by the two Japanese fighters in Kyotaro and Nishijima. Kyotaro's potential is greater than Satake and Musashi. Jan Soukup was strong too, just as I expected from a runner-up in a Kyokushin world tournament. His effort is what made it such a great match. Soukup was stronger than the fighters in the tournament too. He has the potential to become greater than Glaube.
As for Nishijima, fans who come to the arena wants courage from watching martial arts, so I think it's important that professional fighters inspire courage and energy. There wasn't anyone in the tournament like that, but Nishijima had that ability. I talked with him after the fight, but he said that he was "really regretting that he lost". If it's possible, I would like for him to experience more K-1 matches. Peter Aerts is really a guy who knows how to fight. He was in extremely great shape, and his motivation is high so he's one of the favorites to take the GP.
Yuki, who fought in the semi-finals after rising from the reserves, really gave an effort despite the fact that his leg was broken. The final 16 fighters are now mostly decided, so I would like to decide the wildcards so that we can decide the matchups. If possible, I would like to decide half of them by next week and all of them by the end of the month.
(When will Nishijima's next match be?) If Nishijima beat Aerts, I was thinking of putting him in the Final 16, but he lost and that leg won't recover in time for Seoul, so it'll be NYE at the very latest. Maybe I'll match him against le Banner or Ray Sefo next. But he won't be winning any fights in K-1 with that style. I can understand his feelings, but I was surprised he didn't fall faster since he didn't check a single lowkick. A normal fighter would fall after three kicks from Aerts. If it's possible, I want him to learn how to fight K-1.
Also, Kyotaro was very good. He's the only Japanese fighter remaining in the GP, but he will probably advance to the Final 8 as well. It's so rare to see a Japanese fighter advance so far without struggling. This was his first fight since Kyotaro got serious, but I'm still distracted by that ponytail. He's still a bit light. It's ok if he's doing it naturally like Nagashima, but it's not good to try to do that just to get attention. I think he would become more popular if he acts naturally. Also, I have no idea what happened to Musashi, but I want him to do well as well.
I want to get the fan-vote up soon and decide the cards as quickly as possible. I can choose 4 or 3 fighters via wildcard, but I want to get one Japanese fighter in there. Also, unless they get in by fan vote, I doubt I'll put in any fighters who are popular but have done nothing this year. And even if he's chosen by fan vote, someone like Laschenko won't get in. He said he'll be running 10 kilos everyday after his loss, but he really needs to do something like that. He's unworthy the way he is now. I was counting on Rico and Laschenko today, but they let me down."

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15-08-2009, 15:59
Dat zijn best wat pittige woorden.

15-08-2009, 16:05
Dat is inderdaad niet misselijk. Ach je weet wel waar je aan toe bent natuurlijk ;)

15-08-2009, 18:18
Oke dus van de 4 wildcards gaat er 1 sowieso naar een Japanner.
En de andere 3 worden gekozen door de fans, ben erg benieuwd. :)

15-08-2009, 18:38
HAhah hij heeft zelfs wat te zeggen over Maeda's look. Harde woorden. Wel snap ik niet dat hij bijna niks goeds te zegen heeft over de vechters in het toernooi. Alleen over Ghita. Niks over Melvin... terwijl hij toch goed vocht.